Protecting Our Computers

I recently have been asked about If I had a problem with hackers?

No I  haven’t! The reason why so many people are getting hacked is because of the lack of security on their  computers…..Well I just wanted to  take a minute and  let You all know How to Avoid Hackers.

First : Make sure You Backup your files daily …..So You Do Not Lose The Work You Have Done ..Make sure You logout of sites that your on…..When You are done using them.Make sure You are using Official websites.

second: Create complex passwords , Don’t give out your passwords and change your passwords often

Third: Update software frequently

Fourth: You should have extra security such as Norton antivirus or McAfee… They are great to help with security on Your computer…

You have an encryption on Your computer… Use it ..So  if your Computer is Hacked Your information can not be read due to the encryption …

Also You have extra protection on Your computer ,For windows it is called Bitlocker and it is found in Your settings  , Just go into the settings and type in bitlocker and click on it to active it and You now will have extra protection on Your computer to help against hackers …

As The Old Saying Goes An Ounce of protection Is Worth A Pound Of Cure….

Good Luck….

American Politicians And The Working Class Public

Our Great  Country of America and the great states it contains .I would love to start with the State Of Rhode Island, The Ocean State : I have been a Rhode Islander all my life…..I have been so proud of my great little state ..We have so much to offer.From Oceans to the bay right down to the beaches and ponds in our Neighborhoods. Rhode Island has so much to offer…Especially our natural resources such as our Bay and oceans , beaches and ponds . Our waters and other great places in Rhode Island that People could and should  come to Rhode Island to visit…… To enjoy themselves while they are here . Because there is many things to do  and many, many places to go …Rhode Island is a wonderful Place to visit and live . Then we have the politicians..Who we and every state in America Have .We need to change the way these people get into office and go from one office to another. Yes I know that politics is about moving up the ladder and going from the bottom to the top and to move up through the channels of one office to another ….Which is why we continue to have the same old politics as usual …Each election Year we are given people who come from one office to another  and wanting your vote to get them in the office they are running for  ..What they don’t and won’t tell you is what  is Hell is their real agenda? ….What is it that they are trying to hide ? What it is they are really trying to do? What is it they really want to accomplish in the office they are running for? Then when they do get elected , They can’t be reachable even when they run for a small office as school committee ..They put themselves  above everyone else …. As if they were god himself  ! Which we all know that they are not ….They are no better than the  average person working 9 to 5 pm daily..the difference between them is they have never had to break a sweat to earn a penny ..These politicians usually come from well to do families with a trust fund.. or at least from some kind of well to do family …They come from  Ivy league schools and Would Not know How to do something physical like  change a tire or clean their own house ..Instead they spent their lives going to countries abroad and from one Ivy league school to another Without any actual life experiences or to have to worry about the cost of that education because their families have the money and it is nothing for them to pay for and why? Which we as working class Americans  rarely get a chance to do because , Of the money issues ( which there is student loans but they to can be costly )and the  fact that you would need a 4. 0 GPA plus to get into the school… these  rich kiddies get in with a 3.2 grade average Because they come from money…. People with Money Run the World …They keep it that way so they make more money without actually doing any of the Hard Labored Work ,That Needs To Be Done . … They get these political jobs , making laws and running things as a way to control the middle class and poor. We Working Class,Americans are left to do what they would Not  ! ……..And in return ,we are kept in the middle class end of the scale .We can not exceed the limits put on Us by the rich ..which means to control the population of the middle and poor class individuals ..On The fact that elected officials are put in the ring by the party…. So The party can control the American people…These people go after the elderly for the vote, So that they can tell them everything they want to do  to please them but when they get into office They Do Not Do  A Dam Thing ! … It is just empty promises ..So I ask How do You Like The Politicians in your state or country? Are they the same old same old ?….Making -Promises they have no intention  on filling just to get into office?  …  Then  make the same promises to get re-elected …?   Well, Let’s Look at the money that these politicians use just to run for office . They are spending millions of dollars just to get into an office .When those millions of dollars they are wasting to getting elected Could Be used For Better purposes…..Than ,When They Do  get into the office They are running for ,They choose What programs they are going to back not to mention ,What they are actually spending the State and Federal government Money on ?We, the people get stuck with the bills. They raise the taxes and then put all things to benefit the rich in place ,So when they do get out of office they have something to fall back on ….So They can continue to rake in the money for their own purpose and use …So We as American citizens need to have these politicians be more accountable  for What it is their are really doing and What they are spending the American money on and for ,…..Especially to the American People…Only Then will the American Politics of entitlement stop ….We The Working class people need to Make them accountable to and For All money that they spend while they are in office …and for what they are spending it on …Yes They say they spend this much for whatever and they show invoices for the money But ,Does Anyone other than the politicians see those invoices? Hell No…..Like In Our small state Our governor is doing road work which has it costs $8 billion dollars  Yeah Right There is no freaking way that the losey roads We have in Rhode Island could cost that much ( It is the profit of big corporation who spend the money to put these people in office to have they collect outrighteous money for a dam  Road) When we have so many other and better reasons to do with the money. Like Homeless and Why is only Now after many , many ,many years of Receiving  federal grants are they Now doing the Dam roads? Which Our city roads are a mess and need replacement.. But just don’t get it unless a Politician lives on the road that is needed to be redone. It Just Doesn’t make Sense…So it Just Doesn’t Get done …Our Government’s  Money says  ” We The People”It  Doesn’t  Say We The Rich People ,The  Constitution Says  ” We the People ” Our constitution Is for all the people  of Our Great Country It is not Just The Rich  So… We the working class and elderly need to stop the Same Old politics ..Our government has gone a muck and we need to take it back .Make them Accountable to you the working class citizen and Then and Only Then Will We all Be created equal …..Government of old ,Needs to be just that Old and done . So that Our Country can Be Great Again For Everyone …

Life And The Path You chose

In Life we all Have choices. The choice to choose whatever you want…This  is one option many people around the World ,Just don’t have….When We decide What it is to be a decent human being ?What is it you want out of your own life?What it is We as Americans Want Out of our lives ? Where do we begin ? What do you want for your children’s lives ? What do you want to do period ?Do You want a Career or just a job to pay the bills? Today there is so much  in the world to do ,Especially in America…Where We as an American have, The freedom to choose ,Whatever It is You want to do and With so many professions ,That are out there !   One may be wondering what it is they want out of their life and How to get it ?… .However As Young Adults ,Do Not know where to begin!So let’s start from the beginning. First ,We go to school …To learn,To Grow, To Begin Your lIfe as an adult. But with So,So Many choices that are out there today in the world today ….One would not know where to begin .So We as Adults and as Parents Need to get Our Child(ren) ,Ready for the Real world ….whether it is to get a job  and work your way up the ladder or go to a trade school  or Go to college and get a degree .. Then  put it to Good use to Find a career you will Love to do ..So it Makes You Want to Get out of Bed and go to Work…So That You May Do the Job you Were Hired To Do ..The Career and Path You have chosen for Yourself ….So That it would not be just another task You need to Do! But  One You Want To Do , One You Will Enjoy  Doing…..So Now It brings You to the career you have chosen and are doing …..If you believe in God and Jesus ,Or whatever religion you have Let that direct you in a Direction of meaningful and loyal way of Life …As People tend to forget where they came from… Or What was given for them to do What it is they are doing …and the cost of allowing you to do it …If you believe  in something whatever it maybe Your God , Your higher Power or whatever it is you have faith in ..Put that in your daily life and be the person you want to be ..The person you know you can be… Live with that on a daily basis and go from there. We as Parents and grandparents always want the best for our children and grandchildren..We teach our children at a very young age to love , respect and honor. . It is up to us as Parents and Grandparents to  to guide Our family into the right path of life.To let them ( our children)become the vibal member of society  we know they can be.  (Which is what every parent wants for their child( ren) )When The time comes and you are in the world as an adult and working on a daily basis and you want to know how you got to where You are ?  You can look back and say wow my parents and grandparents  did a lot for (Me )you ,So  that you can have what it is You do have …that they made You the person you are today …. So that one day you may do the same, If not better for your own child( ren) ..


Neighbor’s And The Lack of Care And Concern :

Good Morning, Good afternoon, Good Evening, Wherever You maybe at this time.   I want to talk about Neighbors … You know the  People  Who You live next door to .. People in our Neighborhood communities .Neighbor’s today have changed and have grown apart ….Our neighborhoods, have become just another place to be …Instead of the way things use to be ..Where neighbors of old ,Would come together to help their neighbor for whatever the reason…  Let’s talk about Our yards to our homes..Some people have wonderful and beautiful yards.. and Do great with the upkeep of their yards.. Especially the front of their home ..Everyone wants to have a home to be proud of and that Looks beautiful ….Today there is so many options with lawn care  that is out there ,To make lawns presentable and something nice to look at … However then you have the neighbor, Who moves into the neighborhood  and  puts in a lot of trees, bushes and flowers  into their yards  and  a little wooden picket white fence up in their front yard. Then over the years the yard becomes too much for one to do (However, They put  bushes, flowers and trees, That  are  not  compatible with each other) and make them overcome the yard .They let the yard go for whatever the reason may be   …..Which , I may say in the beginning they may looked really nice together especially with the little white picket fence  But  Then ,Forever the reason They decided to take the fence out … Which left their  bushes , plants , flowers and trees to overgrow  each other and now has extended themselves into your yard – (Which makes it look like a jungle, and a swamp…) Neighbors, Who  Do not do the upkeep Because there is so much  to  do with the cutting ,trimming and  the upkeep of care  to keep them looking nice  and to keep them at bay …Now the Neighbor’s yard has  become a swamp/jungle  like  ….Then their Yard without upkeep is not so nice to look at….These neighbors  only thinking of and for themselves…They don’t care of, for or about their neighbor…or   The neighborhood….Or the fact that the Neighbor(You) is having to do the work  Of cutting and trimming their  bushes, trees, shrubs and flowers From taking over their own yard… Neighbor’s Trees.bushes, flowers and what have you…when the person’s yard who has these flowers, bushes, and trees should do the upkeep of their Own  property but don’t and won’t ….. Let’s talk about  How people live in general .People don’t honor thy neighbor , Some don’t respect their neighbor for whatever the reason … Some don’t like their Neighbor….Doesn’t the bible say treat your Neighbor as you would treat yourself.?  They take care of themselves,But have left the yard  to languish …  They let their yards over flow into the next Yard ..leaving you to cut , rake, mow and to fix whatever they have not done themselves ,So that your yard does not become like the neighbor’s yard . Neighbors are not like the days of old ,Where people would come together and do for the neighbor especially ,If the Neighbor could not do for themselves. However in today’s world people want to be left alone and to do whatever it is they want to do or not do ….Because people think they work all week  and they don’t want to do anything on the weekend..and let’s face it who wants to work all week and then have to do yard work on a Saturday ? But, We do ……Because it is our property and it needs to be taken care of … The work of up keeping our homes is our responsibility ….. People seem to  forget that , and think if You don’t like it do something about it ….But They forget it is their property ..Legally it is their  Responsibility and if they did it regularly it would not be so bad to keep up with ,However , People go All winter into the Spring and still do not to the upkeep which leaves it  the other neighbor ( you)to do…People Don’t realize they should K.I.S.S (which means  keep it simple stupid – means to put trees ,bushes , flowers that don’t require much maintiance or care …and it won’t over grow the neighbor’s yard….)Now doesn’t that sound like a better idea ? Doesn’t that stop any problems of the yards between neighbors? Then you always have the legal route to go ..Depending on where You live ,You can Start with the City Hall or Town Hall where You Reside,, calling city hall you can have the city code enforcement come out to your home  to check on Your neighbor’s yard and show what it is that is going on with the lack of upkeep, which Most cities have a rule or ordinance that says you can cut down whatever is on your property of the neighbor’s bushes, shrubs, trees, flowers , or you can pay for a lawn service and send them the bill.Or the city can find them for not keeping up with their property , But this will cause a problem with and between you and the neighbor ( Sometimes making the problem worse  between You both )Or You could just go over to the neighbor and ask them to cut their  trees ,bushes shrubs ,flowers But  the neighbors may just get upset that you even asked  them to do the upkeep of their yards …So You may have to way your options and go from there..Remember It Is Your Home and you have the right to enjoy your property From other people’s trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers over flowing into yours…Please let’s all try to be a good neighbor and try to think of how your neighbor feels and be a decent human being and work things out .After all we have to live with one another ….

Internet and people’s actions

Good Morning, Good afternoon , Good evening ,  Wherever you may be ….. I would like to talk about the use of the internet  and about How people treat others.People are using the internet in  all  the wrong way ..Does anyone out there See the opportunities that are out there for the internet ? What and How it could be used for? I see a lot of ways in which the  internet could be used  for…….If  People  could only learn ,What it is Really meant to be used for? To  learn about How is operates or What it really could do …?Because it is a wonderful thing to have …If it is used the Right Way for the Right Reasons …. My wife and I run Savasta Enterprises .Com…Now We have been having problems with people trying to use our comment sections of Our articles,To  write in their advertisements for their own businesses …Which We all know ,Is not What  it is intended for !  Not to mention morally wrong …The Comment section  is So that You our readers/ followers can respond to Our articles with your own feedback/Input on that article we have written …Well, Because advertising  costs money…But,People would rather try to steal advertisement space, Rather than Pay a reasonable fee for that advertisement. They try to put their advertisements in website articles comments section .. So that they Do Not have to pay for that advertisement … What they don’t realize  ( or they don’t care )is that When these people do this, It takes a lot of time to delete the ads rather than publishing them  ( Because advertisement space costs money  and they really Do Not want to pay for it )and it  limits our space for other people’s comments..I always referred to computers as infernal boxes. I always thought you were letting the world into your home with these boxes. Can anyone see how these boxes can be used and abused?   ………Then I started to write articles On our site and I thought  Wow, This can be helpful and useful. The computer could and would be so much better, If everyone learnt what they are about and for .If everyone only could use it as it is meant to and for..Than there are those who use the internet for illegal purposes..( Which is morally and criminally wrong )  So I would like to ask  Everyone ,Please, Please,Please Do Not Use Our article’s comment section, For Your own advertisement purposes .( As we have said before They will not be published)……..I also have been  asked, Who writes Our content .Well My wife and I write every article that is published …We write Our articles from Our hearts, and Our actual experiences in life  and knowledge ….I want to say if we could get  people to Stop hurting people ,stop stealing, stop lying and all the other bad things that goes on on a daily basis… In the World ….Stop treating each other badly and start to care for one another . Start to feel something but disregard. Treat someone the way you want to be treated yourself.  The World would be a much better place altogether …When someone doesn’t treat you nice Well,Don’t react in anger or hurtful talk Just Tell them about it, But tell them nicely.. Like, Hey Why are you treating me like this? Or ,Why Do You do this to me ?When It is hurtful or wrong !..Or Whatever the case may be .. When You feel Someone  did something Wrong  or Not so nice,  Let them know it ..But be Nice about it even when It is hurtful because If you act out of anger or meanness they win , and they have succeeded in getting you upset , mad angry ….Their happy because they made to react in the manner that you did and Normally would Not  …We need to bring the world Back to Accountability  So We Can make The World a better place to live … Even If It Is One person At A Time – Which It needs to start somewhere SO Why Not With You?  Just Know the Old saying you get more flies with honey than vinegar…….Back to the internet people have to learn how to use it .It can be so good but people need to use it for what it was intended for. Not for using it to commit crimes or for bad and evil things but do something nice with it…Learn with it…. do something good with it …learn what it was meant to be used as … Well,When it comes down to  it I really can’t tell you what to do , I can only ask you to respect it , use it to learn with and use it for good … Thank you for reading ….



FAMILY : When a Death Hits Home ….UNCONDITIONAL LOVE .


In Today’s world of families ……I wanted to talk about family…. As any family can be difficult or a strange at times. People lose track or just outright walk away from their family for whatever the reason.Then something happens, Usually something that’s so serious  Such as a death, to bring them all together …. Then there is the get together to try to deal with whatever is going on .A Hospitalization, a family member Dying ,Or The  death itself .Something that requires a family to come together..Which is very hard at times because sometimes the bad blood between family members can make it extremely hard  ….But Regardless on How One  feels about the individual who is dying or died ( Mother, Father,Grandparent ) or the family member they just don’t like for whatever the reason etc….They should go see that person ,If  For Nothing more than to say goodbye or  just to be there for the family member they are close to ,Who is going through the ordeal of  dying family member Or for whatever reason maybe  .A death is about as serious as one can get ..Now this would be hard on any family Especially,A close knit one… But when it comes to a family Who have been drawn apart and or are from different fathers ( families) Or Whatever the reason…It makes it more difficult ….and harder to deal with ..Now  When It is you who is caring for the dying family member  and you want them to die with dignity ,love and care of a family member.It makes it harder ..Then you sit there thinking what the Heck am I doing ?You see the fact that it takes someone dying or something so serious ,Whatever the reason to bring a family together is a dam shame! People don’t realize that they have gone on with their lives , Without the family they knew growing up  with.  They created another family all of it’s own ( like  having children or getting married  or something .In which you become part of another family to to have a family of your own ..)Something to be a part of ….  Then you have given your life to a man and his family  or to your children and put a life of your own together.Then something happens and you are put back into the mix of a family who you no longer know.( Which is difficult in itself). You are put together to deal with whatever happened like a parent or family member dying .Then you sit and realized why it was you walked away from your own family because it is so bad  and full of bad memories and  you just don’t have it in You to be something you were decades ago ( Not that you would want to, But you do it for Your dying loved one.   Only to have one of them think he is superior and the boss of things. When it is you who is in charge .So  You opened up your home to them to see their  dying loved one , mind you they haven’t seen in months if not years ….Just to be treated like shit in your own home ….Well first of all you who are  doing the care for the dying one is the one person who is doing or have done the most wonderful thing by giving that dying family member the love , the dignity and the care to die with family instead of a nursing home or hospice center ,Which If You are a godly person, ,You do for the love of god for the sake of the bible as it says Honor thy mother and thy father ( And it doesn’t say if your close or if your better or whatever you think is the reason for not doing the caring is But  To  love and honor thy mother and father period. ) as we have said before We are not Bible thumpers, But  I am sure everyone has a faith, a higher power or something they believe in… Remember that the love one you are caring for needs your Love, Patience , Kindness and Attention for they will be around Not much longer .And If they die they will not be there any longer….Make sure you can live with the decisions You make in the last days, hours and minutes of the love one who is dying life , For They may be gone But never forgotten .Remember the care , love , kindness and attention you give to someone as if you would want it done to and for You in your  dying days as we all will have a cross to bear I only hope this articles can enrich you my follower/reader to follow your heart and be the person you can be by loving unconditionally to the end …. Then When Your Loved One dies  You will know you did everything Humanly possible .That You Gave your dying family member The Dignity, The Respect and  The Decency Of The  Care,The Love the Respect to let them die …with the family  they knew ………God Bless …..


Children In Today’s Generation :

I Would Appreciate It If You would Read This Whole  Article ….

Good morning,Good Afternoon, Good evening Or Wherever it is that you may be ..I wanted to talk to you today about teenagers and children in general…So let’s talk about teenagers today , These children are being more rude and out of control .I went to Walmart the other day and I  was looking for a movie when I tap a young man on his shoulder and I said excuse  son do you work here ?Well he turned around and was rude . He said I’m not your son..  and said  yes I do . So I asked him if he could help me find a movie? I was shocked because he could have said yes sir or How can I help you sir ?Something one would expect to hear But did not!  He was rude.. He pointed me  at a movie in which it was the wrong movie.It was a lack of disrespect that caught my attention .so anyways that brings me back to teenagers. Maybe he didn’t want to be there or something .Or was having a bad day or didn’t feel well ,For whatever the reason…..Then I noticed a few teenagers hiding in the back of the store ( which they were employees ) so they should have been doing something to work. Which Walmart is a job for kids to learn from  and grow . Now what I see is that these teenagers today are taking jobs and Are not doing the work .They all want to be the boss instead of an employee .Now, What bothers me is that these kids aren’t learning anything from their parents about a good work ethic. Like being on time and never calling out except for emergencies .So they can learn to work from the bottom and work their way up the ladder .As everyone has done throughout history … These teenagers today want to run the world without having the knowledge or know How to do so..Children today should stay in school , go to college and get a degree so they can choose a career that they like and enjoy   Or go to a trade school to learn how to do something Like mechanic or tractor trailer driving or CNA or something they would like to do Because Not everyone could or would want to go to college. ( Which some just don’t want to or can’t afford it or for whatever reason)So that they can choose a career to  do they job they have spent time in college to do . Then they can be at the top of the ladder in society of what it is they want to do…But In the meantime These teenagers today  should  put a good work ethic in place so anyone wanting to look at them for another job can see that they do good work  are always on time and never call out and that  They want to hire them for the job their are seeking .Instead these teenagers want to be paid top dollar and do nothing for it .Then you have the ones who do the work and apply themselves to the job at hand and grow with the company. Until they reach a position they are comfortable  in and want …However these teenagers who do this are rare and in need for many companies such as walmart, Kmart, shop and shop  and other business ..Now we get to the fact that many teenagers lack the skills that are needs and should stay in school and do what is needed so they don’t and won’t get stuck in a job that they just don’t like ,but need ! Teenagers should work the best of their ability so  they can and will have spending money and money to do things that  they want to do .Like having a car and paying for the gas for it. Which is a great way to teach them about paying bills and having responsibilities Children especially teenagers need structure and discipline. So that they may get ready for adulthood and learn responsibilities,So that they may be ready for the real world of adulthood.


Taking Care of Our Elderly, Aging Family

In Today’s world,The care for Our aging family members is on the rise.We are left to either put our family members in nursing homes ,A Hospice facility, Because many people are Not willing to care for them at home. Or can not care for them themselves..The lack of care and concern is unbelievable and can become overwhelming.Especially,When there are minimal agencies with the workers that are needed to help care for our family .Hospice care is there for the dying.When are parents get to the end of their life cycle and You have to decide whether to put them in a hospice home or to bring them home to die with Dignity and Love …Hospice will come into the home.The hospice groups are very very helpful either in the home or in a facility ( for hospice care)They have wonderful caring and kind people ( From Doctors,NP’s, Nurses,Aides, Priest , and other religious people of different religions )  who are there to help out with the care and concerns of both the family member who is dying and the family member who is doing the care)Hospice is So that they don’t die alone or it doesn’t get to Over burden on the family  member who is caring for them…Hospice is Wonderful… They set up the  end of life care to let the Person who is dying ,Be able  to dye at home with family a member(s) …Not everyone is Equipped  to care for the dying and many will put their family member in a hospice facility instead of caring for them at home …..Because It Is a very difficult thing to do and watch…A dying family member ( Whether it is your Mother. Father or Another Family Member Is Hard and draining on the one who  doing all the care…Not to mention to watch a Loved one Die…) So Please think about What you want to do,Before Your elderly parent or family member gets to the point of relying on you for their every need ..(It Is More difficult when you are not close to the family member who needs the care,Especially When There are other family members ,Who are closer to the family member, Who  is dying..But Will not take the responsibility, Because They can Not take anymore from the dying ( like there is No More Money to take because they already took it all) Or Because their Husband , Boyfriend or someone  who they are in a relationship with or lives with, Does Not want that person to live with them or for them to help the one who is caring for the dying family member …There are so many things to think  of and for with caring for a terminally ill family member…. So for anyone who is thinking about caring for a terminally ill Family member, Get Yourself mentally prepared  for it, because You will get run down mentally and physically …It can be exhausting but I find that it is the last good act you can do for anyone who is dying ..

But Remember , If you decide to take care of any terminally ill person related or not remember who you are doing for , The lord himself


Losing our way…How we all can make life a better place for everyone ..

Today So Many People Don’t Have Any Kind of  Care or Concern For Anyone… But themselves !…They are quick to blame,and Judge Anyone But themselves..They find fault with Someone, Anyone…. Just to make themselves Look and Feel Better …..Instead Of doing Something ,Because You can And Because It Is The Right Thing to Do….  We as people ,Want to see  wrong and Bad in people ..When We should think of the indifference and try to help Someone – AnyOne..As Many People and individuals from All  different Backgrounds and different Lifestyles We,( People in general ) Tend to Think Only Of  Ourselves… ….That all Anyone cares About and For Is What They can get  or Do for themselves.. Which  that in itself Is So ,So wrong …In Society Today People have lost their way…Growing up In the 60’s, 70’s ,80’s ,and Even  the 90’s Things were so different, Because We did not have  the technology ……We Have today .We Had Think  and Do for Ourselves.Today Everyone is always on a Cell Phone ,Tablet,Computer, Or Video Game ( Some kind of technology),Electronically  connecting you to something or someone …Instead of reading an actual  book or playing a game.,Going for a walk,Or just  Going to Visit Someone Face to Face, To Sit Down and Actually talk Face to Face  and having a Good time in doing so….. To Actually Do Something , Anything that Would and Could benefit you,Physically …..To Care To Share, To Love …..Today Everything is Done With A Push of a Button and You Are Connected to Just about Anyone… Everything , Is Now Accessible on Your Phone, Tablet , Computer….We have Come so Complacent That We Forgot What It is to Actual Have to Do Something for Ourselves , Without Technology ……Which Is so sad because In the days Of Old We became who we are by learning and Doing ..To  Being able  to physically do for ourselves …Which made Us who we are ……We learnt from pen and paper….We had books from paper …Not the computer  and E-books today..Life was simple Then…Now We Have So Much Electronics from Kindle , to Chromebooks, Laptops and Notebooks to Cell Phones ,and Tablets ..We forgot what it was to have to do things For Ourselves ,Instead of having everything at a  push of a button …..Now today Our Children  and grandchildren, Want All the New and Latest styles of  Electronics on the market today…..Which are very Costly mind you ….Also  The corporations who make these products are making millions on their products and  The Fact They Don’t even think of the working class and that these items are expensive …Not just in the cost of the product ,But for the electric these products consume to keep them running ….So When Do We As Human Beings Say enough is enough ? To make Our children,Grandchildren and Our families ( Not to mention ourselves )to start to Put a Little more effort ( Not to Mention A Little  care and Concern) in what we do… Not to mention the way We do it …..Will We All Become Better Human Beings …We need to teach Our Children and Grandchildren Is,What it is to Have Emotions, Empathy, Love, Care and concern for others … How to do something Just because You Can Not Because You are getting something ( Or Want Something) And What it Is To Actually Physically Do Something Other Than  Electronically ……Pick Up A Book , Have a conversation with someone face to face …and  The Turn A Page …You May Actually Love it …….

Caring for Our Dying Family …..

In Today’s world of aging family ..We are left with  having to care for Our terminally ill Family member(s).. And Being responsible for the choices for the end of life care .There are several options….We can put them in nursing homes or hospice care facilities, Or bring them home to care for them Ourselves -With Hospice to help you with the care and  guidance of medication and things you will need to be able to care for them at home .Hospice is a wonderful thing .The people who work for and with Hospice are kind , and wonderful people ..I wanted to take a moment to talk about the care of your dying family member ..If you decide to bring your loved one home to  care for them yourselves, So they may die with love , care and dignity…….To let you know that there is help Out there for You to do so…But…Please,Before you decide to do this… Please get yourself Mentally and Physically Ready….Because it can be very draining .It can run you down very quickly ..If You don’t have someone there to help you(another  family member, a friend or anyone). You may find Hospice is..They are there to  help you as well as the family member who is dying.They have Doctors, NP’s, Nurses., Cna’s,Home Health Aides, religious people of all ( Priests , pastors etc.)and others …..Who  are only a phone call away.. The People From and With Hospice Are Great and Have such wonderful people working for them…They set up everything. They get you a hospital bed, a wheelchair a side table, bandages for wounds ( like bed sores and skin tears ),diapers,ointments. Everything you need to care for your loved one..They set up the pain management and comfort measures..So the dying will be comfortable ( But remember the pain is not going to go away completely …..)We all want the best for Our Parents, Grandparents and other family members and want them comfortable so  they  May die with Dignity,Love and Care…..Also Remember the family member You are taking care of May become miserable and in pain, So they act out and  Will be miserable, Some may even Play on your sympathy… But it is their way to deal with what is happening to them. Some people have forgotten that their parents raised them and it should be the right thing to do to care for them ( And Some parents won’t let You forget that )…But Not Everyone Can handle This or even Want to do this for whatever Reason…Which is the individual’s choice..The Who is responsible for the parent’s (or person’s) care, Of What they decide To  Do..Please take time to think About what it is You feel comfortable doing and go from there …We All Love our parents and Family ( Some in different ways than others ).Some  are closer than others.. But if You are going to care for a family member Please call Hospice they are always there to answer any question and more.. You may be surprised Just How Helpful they are and understanding of what you are going through and How you feel and what you are going through…Hospice is There for you and the family member who is dying ..I Hope this is helpful….Good Luck with Your Loved One …