Caring Enough To Actually Help Someone In Need

In Today’s world,  It is  a Real shame that people take the time to read through a website but don’t actually put anything into it . People leave comments and said they enjoy the read or they found the articles useful  or helpful or that they have been through the same thing ..We have written several articles about a local family who has been through so,so  much in the last several  months and  Can really use All Of Our Help..So We are trying to show them we care and that people care too..However No one is donating,So, we thought we would ask why? This family has been through such crisis and can’t afford medical bills that have come by a emergency surgery and a tree falling on their home not to mention the lost of a family member the day before Thanksgiving…..We felt this is  such a worthy cause  and is Why we have written several articles on this  family we are trying to help …This Family has been through so so much pain and sorrow in the last few months and we are trying to raise money to help them . It is amazing to see How one woman could Endure such sorrow and pain and now a great lost…. In which she lost her brother in-law and is trying to put Together his funeral services and Hopefully with All Of Our help she will be able to do so.. We are asking you to please Open Your Hearts and Open Your wallets and help us help this family ….We have set up a donation button for Everyone … Please this is the season of giving, A season of Hope,Care and Concern…Which Touches Our Hearts… So please give to this remarkable Woman and her family and help us help them.. A death of a family member is hard enough, Let alone at Thanksgiving and Christmas ……Everyone who visits Our Website asks why we don’t Charge for Our articles Information ? Or why we don’t write an e book or something? Well we don’t charge for Our Informational Articles Because we have decided to give it from Our hearts and that We would do a Fundraisers for a needy cause and to give back to someone or something to help someone less fortunate than we are….We started Our first  Fundraiser to Help a Wonderful Woman Who has gone way Beyond family values of keeping her family together and in their family home…..Only to have the Loved Ones die.. First she lost her mother and than several months later  her brother in-law …(Wow Right?)Now  she is faced with Yet Another Funeral …It amazes Us that a woman who has gone through so much and Loves so Much…Only to lose the ones she cared for and loved the most., Yet She is still trying to care for them by making sure they have a proper Burial ….So We are trying to raise money for the cost of a funeral . As she on a limited income and can’t afford it ..She is besides herself as to Why this all has happened? ..So We Ask You All To Reach Deep Down And Help This Woman Give Her Family Member A Proper Funeral Burial   …..As We All Know The Lost Of A  Family Member Is Hard To Deal With Especially When Your Are as Close  To That member  Especially when You were the one who took care of him …SO Please,Open Your Hearts and Open Your Wallets to Show this woman and Her family a little Bit of compassion and to show even the act of a stranger may surprise you .Also During this holiday season Please keep Her in Our Prayers and Please help her know the kindness of strangers ….This may just help her deal with the lost and let her know That there is still good people out there and that people do care …
Thank You All and May You all have a wonderful Holiday ……


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