Happy New Year 2018…….

We at Savasta Enterprises Want to Wish Everyone a Happy New Year ! May The New Year Be A  Wonderful ,Fresh and Beautiful New Year With New Begins and wonderful Out comes ….

In today’s world people are always in a hurry and Don’t take a  minute to think of the next person … It seems that everyone is only thinking about themselves and what they want to or have to do ..Which is so wrong on many levels .In the New Year I hope you and everyone else around you  will stop to think about someone other than yourselves. Give someone a friendly smile… Open a door for someone who is elderly or carrying something ., Or just Because You can .. Open a car door for someone ( Especially Because most people think shivery is dead ) Show Someone a little Act of  kindness and you will have Touched their hearts on so many levels and will have a friend forever ..Not to mention You will feel better doing something for someone else. People today have become so complacent and don’t seem to have time to do anything for anyone. Let alone think about How someone else feels.. So Before the New Year, Comes in  Sit down and write a list with 10 things You Can and Will do to change How you think ,and How you can  help others in your life or even  a stranger, To make the world a better Place .. When Someone starts to think and do something for another it starts a domino affect in which people all around come together and start to do things for each other and for the greater good and it seems to have a positive effect on Everyone and Everything…Let’s see if we can start the New Year With and on a positive note and to get people to think of , for an about someone Or something else , Other than themselves …Then and only then will we as human beings start to be decent in the true meaning of the word ..When people begin to put the care and concern back into society, Will it Have a positive, and humane affect on people where they maybe, So try and see just How much one person can effect the many….. Please Have a Happy, Safe an Wonderful New Year …. Please  Drink Responsible and Don’t Drink and Drive …….



Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening Or Wherever You Have Be At This Point in Time …MERRY CHRISTMAS  TO ALL ….I WANT TO TAKE A MINUTE TO TALK ABOUT OUR PRESIDENT MR TRUMP…First I want to say I have been watching him…Has Anyone Read the paper or Watch the news ? I suggest you get a newspaper  or watch the news  or Look On the Computer Because ,Our Politicians have made  New  Bill of taxes ( Which They were all in a hurry to pass it before the holidays Which when this bill was conceived the Republicans passed out a 400 page folder of the bill and they only had 2 minutes to read it which a lot was not legible to read ,That is How The Republicans Were able to get it passed  ..  ) …. Tax Breaks for the Dam Wealthy , Again….Unless you make a Million Dollars or more ( Only If your in the higher tax bracket will these new taxes benefit you..)You Will Get Nothing From It!… If Your a Lower to  Middle class tax Payer You will get Nothing from it …Only The upper higher tax brackets will Benefit from these new Tax Bill …Only The Dam Wealthy Will Benefit From these new tax Bills …The average working class citizen will get  Nothing …Only the upper higher tax bracket people ( Donald Trump and His Wealthy  Rich Friends and People like them, and after 2025 the only people it really will be helping is Corporate America… They Are the Only Ones Benefiting from these New Tax Bills ) ..Wouldn’t You like to wake up and Do whatever you want ? I know I would …. Just Like they do ….We as Working Class Citizens need to  come together, and Stand Together and make Our voices heard… Let them know We Aren’t going to stand for this ..There is an Old Military Saying,  If You are going to War  if your going to have to fight and If you have to give your life in doing it…..Then you give them Hell before you do  ( which means give them everything you got …)…and  We Have to Rise Up  and Fight for  Something or Someone Because these Rich Bastards  aren’t going to give anything to Our Working Class people …For All that Voted for This man You All should take a long look in the mirror and ask Yourself  Are you like him?  Do you just want to be rich?  So You can feel that power over People ?Especially  the poor ?Because That is all Our new President Does…. Do You all realize this ? The Tax Bill that was just passed is not going to affect Mr Trump or any of his cronies .. However It Will Help Everyone of their Corporations they Own ….It will all affect the working class ..If you want to Be  the kinda people who want people to be afraid ….Then This country is doomed ..His Tax Bill Proves It is going to affect the poor and the low end of the middle class people ..The Bottom Line is this If We ( Poor and middle class )HELLO PEOPLE IF WE  DO NOT COME TOGETHER AND VOTE OUT THIS PRESIDENT AND THEIR CRONIES AND THE LIFE TIME POLITICIANS WHO HAVE BEEN THERE FOR DECADES AND LIFE TIME APPOINTMENT OF JUDGES ..( WHY SHOULD ANYONE HAVE A LIFE TIME OF BEING A JUDGE FOR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A YEAR AND DO NOTHING FOR IT ALL BECAUSE THEY GAVE THE RIGHT AMOUNT AMOUNT OF DONATIONS TO RIGHT THE RIGHT PERSON BYE THE RIGHT PRESIDENT AT THE RIGHT TIME AND NOW THEY HAVE A LIFETIME PUPPET ON A STRING THAT THEY CONTROL) I’M NOT A PROPHET , IT IS ONLY THIS WRITERS OPINION BUT I’M OLD ENOUGH AND BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH PRESIDENTS TO SEE THAT THEY ARE ALL THE  SAME …EXCEPT WHEN THEY ARE RUNNING FOR THE OFFICE THEY SEEK THEY WILL PROMISE THE WORLD AND THEN WHEN THEY ARE ELECTED , WHERE ARE THEY ? I AN TELL YOU WHERE THEY ARE  …. THE GOLD COURSE …. Well If you don’t want your grand children’s children to pay off Donald Trumps Tax Bill, Then You All Need to come together…Because This tax bill bye 2025 ,  will  have added  new a Trillion dollar debt …I thought we were suppose to be getting out of debt Mr President and his cronies ( The other Politicians ) Wants to keep Our Country Hostage ( Which they have done for Centuries … Which vex’s this writer ..So Have a nice Christmas and think about this , Do We really Want to Do This again ?…..  There’s another Old saying from Thomas Jefferson He  said  I Quote ” FROM TIME TO TIME THE TREE OF LIBERTY MUST BE BLEED WITH THE BLOOD OF TYRANTS AND PATRIOTS ALIKE” …..RIGHT NOW IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES… BUT NO ONE IS INTERESTED IN BEING A PATRIOT …….With that I bid you a fair well , and A Very Merry Christmas…

Christmas And The True Meaning……… Happy Holidays …

Christmas and the true meaning of christmas .                                                                     Christmas is christs birthday .It is a day to be truly grateful to be alive . Christ was born in bethlehem . It gave us a day to remember. To know the true meaning of christmas is to have christ touch your heart. To Do for the least of us is to do for christ . Christmas isn’t about greed or about what you want  or what you get ..It is  supposed to be about what you can do to make the world a better place, Especially the poorest among Us. To have Christ in your heart means to give unconditionally.. To do somethIng Because you can.. Not because you get something or want something… To give from your heart and Not worry about the cost of money ….   To Give something anonymously like buying something for a needy family wrapping it up and leaving it by their door without taking credit or patting yourself on your back , Not letting Anyone know you did it is the best gift  from your heart …That is the true meaning of Christmas …. Not buying your family Expensive gifts …. But to give of your time to help a needy family …To give someone less fortunate than you a day to remember ( Like making a dinner and bringing it to their house the day of christmas or even the day before and wrapping a few gifts for their family ( the children ) and writing from santa on them and leaving them at the door… This is the true meaning of Christmas …..Not going out buying your own family ( Your husband or wife and Your own children)  gifts and making a huge dinner spread for your family to show off ( it only shows them look at me and what I have) Instead of helping your own family , Help a family who are struggling…………  Help a family who have Nothing, Give them the gift of Christ and give them something Special during this holiday season.. Show them some compassion some decency and most of all show them love and care..Show them someone cares …  However today people have lost their way to the true meaning of Christmas and  of what Christ did for each and everyone of us ..People have lost their way to Only think of themselves.. Money makes people do God awful things and being humble isn’t one of them … Please find it in your hearts to think of someone else Less fortunate than you during this wonderful Holiday season and Let Chist touch your heart . Merry Christmas From Us all at Savasta Enterprises. From Our Family to Yours Have A Wonderful Very Merry Christmas …

Come Together ….Over Weed ……

Good Morning Good Afternoon Good Evening ,Or Wherever you May be at this point in time ….I wanted to  take a few minutes  to talk about cannabis ….Cannabis is a plant that has many purposes ..It is not a hard thing Especially if people would come together .. ( You know the song Come Together Over Me  well it is like that )Come together Over Weed …. But No One is doing that ! Everyone wants to jump on the wagon to make money from it But No One is really looking at the benefits of it …It Looks like the baby boomers are going to sell us out to profit from it .. I am not saying this is happening but it looks like it will happen… All Across the country Big companies like Philip Morse  and other  (Big cigarette/tobacco   companies) People are buying up the best places to grow  and (building greenhouses and farms )  Prime space, any space  they can…Do you know why ? It is not to grow more cigarette tobacco , It is to  grow the cannabis to Profit from it .. Many people think it is because they want to get out of tobacco and into the cannabis field …They look at it like they are tobacco growers ,So how Hard  can it be to grow cannabis ? Well It is two different plants and it could be a big jump for some people and Could be a small one for others ..But it is a lot more intricate than That , Because there is To Much Money At Play Right Now and Don’t Really Know What to Do With it.. ….Because Many Banks won’t let them use their banks to put the money in it Because of being federally Insured FDIC…So All Of The ones who are doing it and want to do it should come together and make your own Cooperative Bank and run it as a bank But for cannabis growers …( But It maybe a problem to get the insurance from the FDIC, But you all could insure it yourself , Or use an offshore bank …)  Many people think cannabis will be legal Everywhere in the United States, Someday….But I really don’t so … Unless Like I said We All Come together ….Right Now  For What We Want ..Or Would Like To Have …I Don’t know about any of you, But I  would like to Be able to grow some In My own garden Just like tomatoes Without Some Jerk ill informed Like a cop Who Knows Nothing about it or a fed Just like the cop , And Don’t forget all The Wimpy politicians who don’t have the Nerve to write the proper laws to make it  so… They  Just Don’t know anything about Cannabis  and because it is federally illegal and illegal in many states so they keep the mindset of the propaganda from the fifties and even earlier …Which is only meant to scare you from growing on federal, state or city lands… .Just because every state in Our country hasn’t embrace the green yet ,Does Not mean it will not happen…This is where the confusion lies example that ohio, utah, north dakota,which are just a few states that want nothing to do with cannabis right now , But all of their Governors have said When the time is Right,They will go along with the Rest of the country , Especially If the Feds regulate it ,Because Then it will help them subsidise their farms ..Cannabis  has many many uses for it …First being it has Many Medicinal purposes that can and will help the person using it For whatever the illness is ..So For many people who Truly have a passion for it and you want to pass that passion along The Only true way of doing this is To knock out the words and start putting a lot more Action, A Lot More Action And Come Together .We Need to Build on What was started with California, Colorado  and Las Vegas,… Just to name a few… Those were Very Very Hard Won Battles …….Just so they could Have Medicinal Cannabis .. And with Donald Trump in office surrounding himself with old time drug warriors from the past ..Should Make Us all Nervous .. With that, I bid You Fair well …..But  keep your Eye on what is going on with Cannabis and with New laws and stay vigilant..

P.S. Did you know  Bye 2020 They are saying Cannabis Industry will be worth $46 Billion Dollars … Which doesn’t sound like chop liver to me .. Good Day ..

Families from the past , Reunited into one …..

In today’s world close families are becoming the thing of the past … Decades ago families would come together , and grow …Today families are divided and it just is not right .There is always the crazy relative or the relative who has a problem whatever it maybe drinking or a drug problem which tends to make a family come apart when they should all circle around the one who is ill or sick .. Yet today people are starting their own family and leaving the family they came from behind ..Wow … Right .. Well in today’s society what things appear to be seems more than what they really are … It is a dam shame that one would let his wife/husband  dictate what they do or feel instead of being the person you were born to be with those good family values your parents taught you instead of adapting the ones your wife or husband wants you to have and be … Hello you came into this world and were raised a certain way … Knowing people aren’t better than anyone  and to show love and understanding way before you meet this person you married … than having children of your own to make them feel as they are better than their own family members and other people in your own family .. Than your own children have children and your original family starts to die off… Yet you allow your own family to continue to think they are better than anyone when they are no better than the next person ..Because they have gone through the world untouched because of the people around them made it a better world for them  Giving them the things they wanted and needed and where were they when those people needed them? No where…Now as time goes by you think to yourself what is going on ? why did this happen ? and why aren’t you stepping up to the plate for the family you came from? Why would one allow a marriage partner or anyone to come between that ?  Then for one second you realize it was of your own doing and that you allow it to happen ..When the world of family allows this it makes people think they are better than anyone even their own blood .. Hello people you are  a shallow and rotten individual and to think your better than your own family,  The  one you grew up with and were supposed to take care of but you allow someone else to do what you were  supposed to do and than you want to Blame that person for doing the right thing for the right reason and because they could .. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU ?Hello people all we have in life is Our word and Our bonds ( our family ) ..Regardless of money or statue  ..In Life We grow up and yeah we  have our own families, But we are supposed to come together not Over greed and Over death ( Because it seems to be the only time the family comes together  is when one dies )but over true values of being a family .. In life we are taught as youngster that we respect our parents and that family is everything ..And somehow you forgot that along the way…So Stop and think about what you could do to change that and to get back to the family you came from and reunite  your families together ..Then and only then will you have peace in your heart and begin to mend what was lost long ago …

Families…. Losing Their Way …..

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening Or Wherever You Maybe At This Point Time ….Open your eyes and know the truth . I am disgusted with society and How people behave and react to things ..Especially when something happens beyond your control. …..Especially within a family …..Family’s have Lost their way…And fell apart and seem to have made another family of their own to  make themselves feel better about what they did to the family they were raised into …. Every family has their issues and it is unbelievable How families get separated by greed and thinking they are better than the rest … Then when an elder dies they come to circle the wagon ( As They say when one is waiting for something) to get even more money for their own benefit and to make themselves feel better For Not doing anything to help that family member who has died …Every family has their issues… Like A so called crazy uncle or person who has a drug or alcohol issues  ( In which some families have both )and really could use their  family’s  help to get the help necessary to get clean or get normal with medication or whatever they need to get themselves better and in the right direction …Yet they walk away and and offer no help to try to make things better for their own family …Then you have People who are on top ( like the rich and we know who they are .. ) Who want to continue to keep their boot on Our throats ( the average middle class /poor people who do the actual labor that is needed for their wealth  )…. So We may  not be able to rise to the top as they have.. ( However many of the rich have come from money and has Never worked a hard days work in their life nor would they …)People have forgotten you can not chase after God and Money  .. If it is God’s Will, For  you to be rich than you will be rich ..When a person grows up they are instilled Morals and Values ( Which Many people have forgotten as they have grown into adulthood ) to take with them throughout their journey in life …To better themselves and to start a family of their own ….One that should be grown together with the  Family,  you came from to make the Family Grow ,To Love, To Care and To Share….To be there through the Best of Times and the Worst of times as most families do … To Lend an Ear …. Just to listen .. To give of your time, Even if it is just to sit with them , To be there for your elders. To  take them out to lunch or invite them to Sunday dinner … To grow together and become one large family …To Remember them when God has called them home, and They are  here no more …This is what the true meaning of family is To Love , To Care, To Share , To be there no matter what….Especially when they need you the most through the last dying days…Not to put them in a hospital or nursing home Or even a hospice  to let them die alone…To Be there till their last dying breath to know you were there when it counted the most…  To continue your upbringing into your own family so they will know the values you were taught from your own childhood … So they may know The love , The care and The understanding of  what a family is for and about … So They may bring it into their own family as they grow into adults and start their own family …Then and only then will the generations of your family become  One….Only when we come together will the heartache and pain of family become no more …Only when we realize No one is better than anyone but we are Different in the ways we think and behave by the circumstances throughout Our lives….Which makes us the individual we are today ….We are not better just different , In the ways we think and act as to the person we have become…Take a moment sit down and think , Really think  about who you are and where you came from… .Think about the morals and values that were instilled in you from a small child and think about if you had no mother to show you love , care and had no father to instill the morals and values as a youngin….. Then think about if you had no family , Where would you be today? Then think if you were an Orphan, Without family, Without ever knowing the love of a mother or the care and concern from a father? Where Would You Be Today If you had No Family ? People have forgotten where they came from..For whatever the reason people have lost what it is they were raised  to be …..For Whatever the reason ( False believeth In someone or something ) being forced to believe something that is not true or real , Just to make someone feel better is wrong on many levels..So Sit down and think about where you came from and who you really are … Then think about your own children and think about how you are raising them or raised them then think about your grandchildren if and how they are being raised ..Then think about your family as a whole ..Now then think about what you could have and should have done differently? Then and only then will you realize that family should and usually does Mean Everything…. A man or woman with a family is more richer than one without One ..as the person with a family has many many unbelievable times some of outstanding and wonderful times Birthdays , Holidays and just being together and yes there are some bad times but it is the family who gets you through those times that makes it worth it … Once you realize that money is only paper and that your family are actual living breathing Human beings …..Without family money is nothing …Because who would you share it with ? What would you do with it ?  Materialic things are just that Materialic…. Something to have … But without having anyone to  share it with it is only something you have … So Please take a minute and really think about the true meaning of Family ..A person who has a family is more richer than a single wealthy person, Because they have someone to share they lives with ..Someone who is there for them through thick and thin…for the good times and the bad and will always be there and It is the times you share with your family that are the most valuable and that money can’t buy.. A rich person may have money But who would they share it with? .. Who is there for them on christmas or their birthdays? who is there when they need someone to talk to or have dinner with ? No One …Please as the Christmas Holiday is here, and  You are sitting at the table with your Family and friends…. Think about those who have no family to spend it with and  think about those people who are your family and are not there, for whatever reason you tell yourself ( so you can deal with why they are not there) to make yourself feel better and then think of why they are not and really think is this  really what you wanted out of your family life ? Think about the people who have no one and are alone during this holiday season ..Think about what you could do to better your own family and go from there ..try to mend the one you have because No One is promised tomorrow and No One wants to be alone .. Yes families have problems but it is that family who will get you through it ..together … It is the people in your life ( Family )Who will get you through those times…..


In today’s world Doctors are supposed to save a life not take them .We are taught at an early age that We Should have to have faith , trust and believeth in Our doctors.Doctors today take a hippocratic oath to Do No Harm…The hippocratic oath  was changed to Require “Utmost respect for human life from the beginning” However many doctors think they are gods ..Many Doctors have forgotten the text within their oath of a doctor .To Remember that there is Art to medicine,As well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug. I write this today with serious reservation to many doctors today, as they have Lost their way to being a decent human being  as well as a good doctor .Especially when medication and surgery has come so far that people live longer than usual and can overcome such problems like a heart attack and cancer ..Yet there are doctors who play god and end up killing a patient that did not have to die..I am writing this article on a personal level and to let the world know doctors today may think they are God but their not ..They are nothing more than an over confident individual who thinks they are .The medical profession have seem to have lost their way in the patient comes first and their bedside manner is lacking and in some case not even there .. Today’s doctors are broken in a speciality field like colon surgeon, heart surgeon, ENT – Which is a ears nose and throat Dr.. Then you have the primary doctors who see you when you are sick or for a physical. Then there is other specialities like Urologists ,Gastrointestinal Doctors and many, many others in the field of being a Doctor. Yet many doctors who are in the field they chose are in the field for the money. Doctors who come in and think their patient is just another means to  make more money are on the rise..Many doctors forget why they went to medical school and for the hippocratic oath they took to first do no harm ..to put the patient first and to follow through with each patient and to inform the patient to do the job of making them better and without serious harm . Well I want to Talk about why so many doctors medical malpractice  fees are on the rise and No one says a Dam thing ! Due to patient Confidentiality Laws and Agreements and Now of HIPPA laws.. ,No One knows a Dam thing about the Doctor…..Because most if not all cases are closed to the public and not  on file due to the same laws that are supposed to protect the patient – However They are really only there to protect the dam doctors so before you choose a doctor for anything ask the doctor if he or she have had any medical malpractice …Ask as many questions  you can .. have yourself write them down before you even choose a doctor and then think about the answers and then go from there .Many doctors are so into themselves and are snooty and think they are better than the average person , Especially any  Patient they are treating ..Hospitals have many doctors on staff without really knowing them or what they are doing …When a patient is wrongfully treated or even dies at the hand of a doctor, The hospital in which they practice in circle the wagon to cover themselves and the doctor as  to not have the hospital affected and not to affect their bottom dollar . Hospitals mistakes are on the rise and that many doctors don’t care about the actual patient it is all about the money and the practice they get especially with surgeons… So Before you go to any hospital and have any surgery check out the doctor first and then the hospital it may just save your life …Hospital staff are getting worse where patients are left to their own device and to deal with the problems as the nurse or cna’s are overworked and unpaid but the hospitals are getting paid top dollar from any insurance even medicare and medicaid ..while the ones who do care get paid the lease.. Doctors are paid outrageous fees for the service of caring for anyone while it is the cna and the nurse who actually do the orders and care for the patient.. which cna’s do the actual physical work of washing and changing and feeding the patients and the nurses do the medications and changing the dressing  ….While doctors write the orders and spend the least amount of time with the patient ..Surgeons are the worst..They are paid an extreme amount of money to cut a patient open and to do whatever surgery they are doing on the patient only to turn the patient over to a nurse to fill their orders as medication and changing dressing and all … Then the patient is sent home to care for themselves …So Please before you have to go into any hospital check them out check out the doctor and the surgery before you go under any knife and in any hospital check them out thoroughly..Then and only then can you make the choice to have the surgery in that hospital…The Life You May Save Maybe Your own…


Family : People,Within Thinking They Are Entitled …..

In today’s world People are always only thinking about themselves and wanting to take whatever they can… whenever they can…. and from whom ever they can …and it is a dam shame ! Especially where money is concern. It will make people do the most Rotten and Horrific things to anyone even their Own family… Most families are at best close enough to realize that money is not everything…. However ,There is always one or two people in every family, (Especially the baby boomer generation ) Who think they are entitled to anything and everything from their family members whether it is their elderly mother or elderly father or even a brother or sister ..  there is always one or two family members who thinks money is everything and think about how they can get it from whoever…. The old saying that every family has the crazy uncle, brother, sister, niece or someone within the family who isn’t right in the mind ..And then there is the person who has an alcohol or drug problem in a family, Which causes stress on the family…. As children We grow up ,We go to school then some of us go to college and then get married have children and the cycle continues into your own family .. Many people who start their own family wants to be able to say they are better than  their siblings or other family members which they are Not! However the elders in the family have learned to live alone or with the family member who needs their help ( The Crazy one or the only who had the alcohol or drug problem ) Who then gets their life straightened out and cares for their elderly parent , brother ,uncle the one who the care of end of life cycle …. Then the others within the family start to circle the wagon as they say ,To get as much money from the family member who is ill for themselves and their own creed, After the loved one or so called family member has died… Now they want everything and think it is all theirs….. But never did a Dam thing to earn it or even do a thing to help the one who needed it …Thinking just because they were family , Blood ,they were and are entitled to the money… Which they are Not …..They never took the family member out to lunch or just stopped bye just to say hello or anything ..But because they only care around during the holidays of Thanksgiving and then came over on Christmas just to get a money envelope ..and to make themselves feel better like they did something ..But when the person needed them The Most ,Where the hell were they? On a dam vacation or doing something with their own immediate family ( Their children and grandchildren )and could not or would not be bothered ..So before you go thinking about your family and the elderly in it and thinking about What you think you are entitled to just because you are blood Well Think Again…. The Best advice I can give you is if you are a person who has money or  anything of value and you don’t have a will please go make one … put things in writing and make a letter to each of your children and the ones you love and let them know why you did whatever you did for and with your money so their is no room to sue and cause more pain and sorrow within your family …..Because the baby boomer generation and their children ( because they have continued their warped sense of thinking onto their own children )  Most baby boomers will tell you they are not doing a will because they plan on spending their money on themselves before they die … which is messed up because they want something anything from their parents or family members but don’t want to leave anything for their own children and grandchildren ..( Messed Up Right ) It  is all about money…How much they can get?How fast they can get it ?…Not to mention… Who they can get it from?….So Before you think You are entitled to Something Anything from Anyone…. Stop and Think ,Besides being their blood relative,  What did you do for the person whom you think you are entitled to get something from ? Did you take care of them when they needed you the most? In their dying days ? Did you spend time quality time with them to make their lives better or more comfortable ? Did you take the time to call them or take them out to lunch or dinner ? Did You go take the time on a Sunday to have a family dinner ? Did you take them to church ? What Did you do for them while they were alive and when they needed you and your support the most ? Then stop and think ,Do you really deserve anything for doing Nothing?  Just because you are their blood ?Most Baby boomers today will say Yes . ….Because it was their father or mother or brother or sister or whatever the relation to them was , All Because it was their blood relative they think they are entitled to anything and everything….. Just so They can get whatever is left…Money has been tearing families apart for generations, Especially over the last 10 years.. It seems to be many baby boomers who are doing this to their own family .. So they may have money that is not meant  for them, But because of their greed ( and in many cases it is the in laws who cause the problems with for about money issues within many many families and it is not right ) …..As the Old saying goes , Money is the root of all Evil….Well,  This is so true on many levels and it just is not right … Today many people live way above their means  and then want a loved one who dies to pay off their bills for them when they should live within their means of the money they have Not what they want to get from someone else ..This problem has broke up many ,many ,many, many families and for what Money? It is a dam shame that a family member Would not and Could not care less of what happens to their older family members  as long as they could get money for their own immediate family..This is so wrong on so many levels…. No oNe Seems to care ..Has our country become so vain to not care for our own family? Have We become so cold  to not care about our own families? Have We become so Complacent ?That All We Care ABout is Money ? Even If It Is To Collect  Money Off the Death of Our Own Family ….Whether it is  Our Mother or Father ,brother and sisters or aunts and uncles ? I know ,That In Today’s world The True meaning of family has lost it’s way …To Truly Love, To To Truly Care, and to Share  from Your Heart and Actually Show It Without getting Anything In Return … Is the True meaning of being a good person and then and only then will you know what it is to be a family … To be there for your family through the good times and the bad times and to grow together to live to laugh and to cry together is what a family is all about… Family is Not about money ,or even about material things.. It is about being there for the good and the bad times no matter what..  Being there through the thick and thin .Doing something even if you don’t want to  But yet you do it because it is the right thing to do and Because You could do it ! Remember to do unto others as you would want done to you …Don’t try to take the splinter out of someone’s else’s  eye when there is a log in yours.. First remove the log from your own eye Then and Only Then Will you  see clearly  to remove the splinter from Someone else’s Eye….Sadly enough God has taken The truth and The Good from society as to many people who will repay good for evil and evil for good …Especially within a family …. Especially over greed…Then try to rationalize it ….Those are the ones whom you should be caution to and of ..Even in your own family ..Especially those closest to you..I  hope this Article Will touch your heart to think about what it is to be a family and to be entitled to something you were Not meant to have , Just because you are in the family ..Maybe just maybe you will actually realize that just because your blood doesn’t mean you are  entitled to anything….. Think about what you did to deserve, What it is you want from your family member.. Then, Think about How you would feel if it were you ?







When A Loved One Dies Unexpectedly

When a death hits home it affects us like nothing else . When you spend decades caring for someone who is apart of your family like a brother a mother or even an in-law  and for some unforeseen reason that person dies…. It hits one very hard to find a reason as to why it happened to get closure and to get answers for many reasons… Especially to get justice  for the deceased. Well I wanted to say regardless of the relationship any ,Death hits one hard ..Especially when that person is close to you . Like that you took years caring for and loving the individual and became so close and the lost hits you like a ton of bricks.It  really makes you cry because it was a human life gone from this world..One that you loved and nurtured.. Then in an instant You have this huge void and don’t know to deal with it ? Well take a moment to think and remember the person for whom they were..Remember  losing someone you love regardless of the situation of family or friend ,Is hard enough but when it is someone who you took care of for decades and became so close too, That it feels like a part of you is gone with them. When You have taken care of people Your whole life and  then they are gone in a moment. It just doesn’t seem right nor fair ! Especially When it is at the fault of another !…We try so hard to get answers and to get closure for the individual who is gone from our world  …..But  somehow it still doesn’t seem right ..God has called them  home … Our lives are forever  altered and we will forever miss the person who is gone from our lives and our world ..Remember the person maybe gone but will Never be gone from Our Hearts and Our memories…Always remember the good , the kind hearted  and easy going person they were….. .So We as human beings need to cherish the people in Our  lives because No One is promised tomorrow and No One lives forever ..Do not let your loved ones die in vain… Remember them  for who they were and for what meant to you…. Let The people whom you love and care for know it before you may not get the chance to tell them  yourself .In Life we learn that people are born and people die …it is just how we deal with those situations that will help us deal with Life itself ..And Become A Better Person …