Family : People,Within Thinking They Are Entitled …..

In today’s world People are always only thinking about themselves and wanting to take whatever they can… whenever they can…. and from whom ever they can …and it is a dam shame ! Especially where money is concern. It will make people do the most Rotten and Horrific things to anyone even their Own family… Most families are at best close enough to realize that money is not everything…. However ,There is always one or two people in every family, (Especially the baby boomer generation ) Who think they are entitled to anything and everything from their family members whether it is their elderly mother or elderly father or even a brother or sister ..  there is always one or two family members who thinks money is everything and think about how they can get it from whoever…. The old saying that every family has the crazy uncle, brother, sister, niece or someone within the family who isn’t right in the mind ..And then there is the person who has an alcohol or drug problem in a family, Which causes stress on the family…. As children We grow up ,We go to school then some of us go to college and then get married have children and the cycle continues into your own family .. Many people who start their own family wants to be able to say they are better than  their siblings or other family members which they are Not! However the elders in the family have learned to live alone or with the family member who needs their help ( The Crazy one or the only who had the alcohol or drug problem ) Who then gets their life straightened out and cares for their elderly parent , brother ,uncle the one who the care of end of life cycle …. Then the others within the family start to circle the wagon as they say ,To get as much money from the family member who is ill for themselves and their own creed, After the loved one or so called family member has died… Now they want everything and think it is all theirs….. But never did a Dam thing to earn it or even do a thing to help the one who needed it …Thinking just because they were family , Blood ,they were and are entitled to the money… Which they are Not …..They never took the family member out to lunch or just stopped bye just to say hello or anything ..But because they only care around during the holidays of Thanksgiving and then came over on Christmas just to get a money envelope ..and to make themselves feel better like they did something ..But when the person needed them The Most ,Where the hell were they? On a dam vacation or doing something with their own immediate family ( Their children and grandchildren )and could not or would not be bothered ..So before you go thinking about your family and the elderly in it and thinking about What you think you are entitled to just because you are blood Well Think Again…. The Best advice I can give you is if you are a person who has money or  anything of value and you don’t have a will please go make one … put things in writing and make a letter to each of your children and the ones you love and let them know why you did whatever you did for and with your money so their is no room to sue and cause more pain and sorrow within your family …..Because the baby boomer generation and their children ( because they have continued their warped sense of thinking onto their own children )  Most baby boomers will tell you they are not doing a will because they plan on spending their money on themselves before they die … which is messed up because they want something anything from their parents or family members but don’t want to leave anything for their own children and grandchildren ..( Messed Up Right ) It  is all about money…How much they can get?How fast they can get it ?…Not to mention… Who they can get it from?….So Before you think You are entitled to Something Anything from Anyone…. Stop and Think ,Besides being their blood relative,  What did you do for the person whom you think you are entitled to get something from ? Did you take care of them when they needed you the most? In their dying days ? Did you spend time quality time with them to make their lives better or more comfortable ? Did you take the time to call them or take them out to lunch or dinner ? Did You go take the time on a Sunday to have a family dinner ? Did you take them to church ? What Did you do for them while they were alive and when they needed you and your support the most ? Then stop and think ,Do you really deserve anything for doing Nothing?  Just because you are their blood ?Most Baby boomers today will say Yes . ….Because it was their father or mother or brother or sister or whatever the relation to them was , All Because it was their blood relative they think they are entitled to anything and everything….. Just so They can get whatever is left…Money has been tearing families apart for generations, Especially over the last 10 years.. It seems to be many baby boomers who are doing this to their own family .. So they may have money that is not meant  for them, But because of their greed ( and in many cases it is the in laws who cause the problems with for about money issues within many many families and it is not right ) …..As the Old saying goes , Money is the root of all Evil….Well,  This is so true on many levels and it just is not right … Today many people live way above their means  and then want a loved one who dies to pay off their bills for them when they should live within their means of the money they have Not what they want to get from someone else ..This problem has broke up many ,many ,many, many families and for what Money? It is a dam shame that a family member Would not and Could not care less of what happens to their older family members  as long as they could get money for their own immediate family..This is so wrong on so many levels…. No oNe Seems to care ..Has our country become so vain to not care for our own family? Have We become so cold  to not care about our own families? Have We become so Complacent ?That All We Care ABout is Money ? Even If It Is To Collect  Money Off the Death of Our Own Family ….Whether it is  Our Mother or Father ,brother and sisters or aunts and uncles ? I know ,That In Today’s world The True meaning of family has lost it’s way …To Truly Love, To To Truly Care, and to Share  from Your Heart and Actually Show It Without getting Anything In Return … Is the True meaning of being a good person and then and only then will you know what it is to be a family … To be there for your family through the good times and the bad times and to grow together to live to laugh and to cry together is what a family is all about… Family is Not about money ,or even about material things.. It is about being there for the good and the bad times no matter what..  Being there through the thick and thin .Doing something even if you don’t want to  But yet you do it because it is the right thing to do and Because You could do it ! Remember to do unto others as you would want done to you …Don’t try to take the splinter out of someone’s else’s  eye when there is a log in yours.. First remove the log from your own eye Then and Only Then Will you  see clearly  to remove the splinter from Someone else’s Eye….Sadly enough God has taken The truth and The Good from society as to many people who will repay good for evil and evil for good …Especially within a family …. Especially over greed…Then try to rationalize it ….Those are the ones whom you should be caution to and of ..Even in your own family ..Especially those closest to you..I  hope this Article Will touch your heart to think about what it is to be a family and to be entitled to something you were Not meant to have , Just because you are in the family ..Maybe just maybe you will actually realize that just because your blood doesn’t mean you are  entitled to anything….. Think about what you did to deserve, What it is you want from your family member.. Then, Think about How you would feel if it were you ?


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