In today’s world Doctors are supposed to save a life not take them .We are taught at an early age that We Should have to have faith , trust and believeth in Our doctors.Doctors today take a hippocratic oath to Do No Harm…The hippocratic oath  was changed to Require “Utmost respect for human life from the beginning” However many doctors think they are gods ..Many Doctors have forgotten the text within their oath of a doctor .To Remember that there is Art to medicine,As well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug. I write this today with serious reservation to many doctors today, as they have Lost their way to being a decent human being  as well as a good doctor .Especially when medication and surgery has come so far that people live longer than usual and can overcome such problems like a heart attack and cancer ..Yet there are doctors who play god and end up killing a patient that did not have to die..I am writing this article on a personal level and to let the world know doctors today may think they are God but their not ..They are nothing more than an over confident individual who thinks they are .The medical profession have seem to have lost their way in the patient comes first and their bedside manner is lacking and in some case not even there .. Today’s doctors are broken in a speciality field like colon surgeon, heart surgeon, ENT – Which is a ears nose and throat Dr.. Then you have the primary doctors who see you when you are sick or for a physical. Then there is other specialities like Urologists ,Gastrointestinal Doctors and many, many others in the field of being a Doctor. Yet many doctors who are in the field they chose are in the field for the money. Doctors who come in and think their patient is just another means to  make more money are on the rise..Many doctors forget why they went to medical school and for the hippocratic oath they took to first do no harm put the patient first and to follow through with each patient and to inform the patient to do the job of making them better and without serious harm . Well I want to Talk about why so many doctors medical malpractice  fees are on the rise and No one says a Dam thing ! Due to patient Confidentiality Laws and Agreements and Now of HIPPA laws.. ,No One knows a Dam thing about the Doctor…..Because most if not all cases are closed to the public and not  on file due to the same laws that are supposed to protect the patient – However They are really only there to protect the dam doctors so before you choose a doctor for anything ask the doctor if he or she have had any medical malpractice …Ask as many questions  you can .. have yourself write them down before you even choose a doctor and then think about the answers and then go from there .Many doctors are so into themselves and are snooty and think they are better than the average person , Especially any  Patient they are treating ..Hospitals have many doctors on staff without really knowing them or what they are doing …When a patient is wrongfully treated or even dies at the hand of a doctor, The hospital in which they practice in circle the wagon to cover themselves and the doctor as  to not have the hospital affected and not to affect their bottom dollar . Hospitals mistakes are on the rise and that many doctors don’t care about the actual patient it is all about the money and the practice they get especially with surgeons… So Before you go to any hospital and have any surgery check out the doctor first and then the hospital it may just save your life …Hospital staff are getting worse where patients are left to their own device and to deal with the problems as the nurse or cna’s are overworked and unpaid but the hospitals are getting paid top dollar from any insurance even medicare and medicaid ..while the ones who do care get paid the lease.. Doctors are paid outrageous fees for the service of caring for anyone while it is the cna and the nurse who actually do the orders and care for the patient.. which cna’s do the actual physical work of washing and changing and feeding the patients and the nurses do the medications and changing the dressing  ….While doctors write the orders and spend the least amount of time with the patient ..Surgeons are the worst..They are paid an extreme amount of money to cut a patient open and to do whatever surgery they are doing on the patient only to turn the patient over to a nurse to fill their orders as medication and changing dressing and all … Then the patient is sent home to care for themselves …So Please before you have to go into any hospital check them out check out the doctor and the surgery before you go under any knife and in any hospital check them out thoroughly..Then and only then can you make the choice to have the surgery in that hospital…The Life You May Save Maybe Your own…



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