Families from the past , Reunited into one …..

In today’s world close families are becoming the thing of the past … Decades ago families would come together , and grow …Today families are divided and it just is not right .There is always the crazy relative or the relative who has a problem whatever it maybe drinking or a drug problem which tends to make a family come apart when they should all circle around the one who is ill or sick .. Yet today people are starting their own family and leaving the family they came from behind ..Wow … Right .. Well in today’s society what things appear to be seems more than what they really are … It is a dam shame that one would let his wife/husband  dictate what they do or feel instead of being the person you were born to be with those good family values your parents taught you instead of adapting the ones your wife or husband wants you to have and be … Hello you came into this world and were raised a certain way … Knowing people aren’t better than anyone  and to show love and understanding way before you meet this person you married … than having children of your own to make them feel as they are better than their own family members and other people in your own family .. Than your own children have children and your original family starts to die off… Yet you allow your own family to continue to think they are better than anyone when they are no better than the next person ..Because they have gone through the world untouched because of the people around them made it a better world for them  Giving them the things they wanted and needed and where were they when those people needed them? No where…Now as time goes by you think to yourself what is going on ? why did this happen ? and why aren’t you stepping up to the plate for the family you came from? Why would one allow a marriage partner or anyone to come between that ?  Then for one second you realize it was of your own doing and that you allow it to happen ..When the world of family allows this it makes people think they are better than anyone even their own blood .. Hello people you are  a shallow and rotten individual and to think your better than your own family,  The  one you grew up with and were supposed to take care of but you allow someone else to do what you were  supposed to do and than you want to Blame that person for doing the right thing for the right reason and because they could .. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU ?Hello people all we have in life is Our word and Our bonds ( our family ) ..Regardless of money or statue  ..In Life We grow up and yeah we  have our own families, But we are supposed to come together not Over greed and Over death ( Because it seems to be the only time the family comes together  is when one dies )but over true values of being a family .. In life we are taught as youngster that we respect our parents and that family is everything ..And somehow you forgot that along the way…So Stop and think about what you could do to change that and to get back to the family you came from and reunite  your families together ..Then and only then will you have peace in your heart and begin to mend what was lost long ago …

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  1. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to your blog before but after
    going through some of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m certainly happy I discovered it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back

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