Families…. Losing Their Way …..

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening Or Wherever You Maybe At This Point Time ….Open your eyes and know the truth . I am disgusted with society and How people behave and react to things ..Especially when something happens beyond your control. …..Especially within a family …..Family’s have Lost their way…And fell apart and seem to have made another family of their own to  make themselves feel better about what they did to the family they were raised into …. Every family has their issues and it is unbelievable How families get separated by greed and thinking they are better than the rest … Then when an elder dies they come to circle the wagon ( As They say when one is waiting for something) to get even more money for their own benefit and to make themselves feel better For Not doing anything to help that family member who has died …Every family has their issues… Like A so called crazy uncle or person who has a drug or alcohol issues  ( In which some families have both )and really could use their  family’s  help to get the help necessary to get clean or get normal with medication or whatever they need to get themselves better and in the right direction …Yet they walk away and and offer no help to try to make things better for their own family …Then you have People who are on top ( like the rich and we know who they are .. ) Who want to continue to keep their boot on Our throats ( the average middle class /poor people who do the actual labor that is needed for their wealth  )…. So We may  not be able to rise to the top as they have.. ( However many of the rich have come from money and has Never worked a hard days work in their life nor would they …)People have forgotten you can not chase after God and Money  .. If it is God’s Will, For  you to be rich than you will be rich ..When a person grows up they are instilled Morals and Values ( Which Many people have forgotten as they have grown into adulthood ) to take with them throughout their journey in life …To better themselves and to start a family of their own ….One that should be grown together with the  Family,  you came from to make the Family Grow ,To Love, To Care and To Share….To be there through the Best of Times and the Worst of times as most families do … To Lend an Ear …. Just to listen .. To give of your time, Even if it is just to sit with them , To be there for your elders. To  take them out to lunch or invite them to Sunday dinner … To grow together and become one large family …To Remember them when God has called them home, and They are  here no more …This is what the true meaning of family is To Love , To Care, To Share , To be there no matter what….Especially when they need you the most through the last dying days…Not to put them in a hospital or nursing home Or even a hospice  to let them die alone…To Be there till their last dying breath to know you were there when it counted the most…  To continue your upbringing into your own family so they will know the values you were taught from your own childhood … So they may know The love , The care and The understanding of  what a family is for and about … So They may bring it into their own family as they grow into adults and start their own family …Then and only then will the generations of your family become  One….Only when we come together will the heartache and pain of family become no more …Only when we realize No one is better than anyone but we are Different in the ways we think and behave by the circumstances throughout Our lives….Which makes us the individual we are today ….We are not better just different , In the ways we think and act as to the person we have become…Take a moment sit down and think , Really think  about who you are and where you came from… .Think about the morals and values that were instilled in you from a small child and think about if you had no mother to show you love , care and had no father to instill the morals and values as a youngin….. Then think about if you had no family , Where would you be today? Then think if you were an Orphan, Without family, Without ever knowing the love of a mother or the care and concern from a father? Where Would You Be Today If you had No Family ? People have forgotten where they came from..For whatever the reason people have lost what it is they were raised  to be …..For Whatever the reason ( False believeth In someone or something ) being forced to believe something that is not true or real , Just to make someone feel better is wrong on many levels..So Sit down and think about where you came from and who you really are … Then think about your own children and think about how you are raising them or raised them then think about your grandchildren if and how they are being raised ..Then think about your family as a whole ..Now then think about what you could have and should have done differently? Then and only then will you realize that family should and usually does Mean Everything…. A man or woman with a family is more richer than one without One ..as the person with a family has many many unbelievable times some of outstanding and wonderful times Birthdays , Holidays and just being together and yes there are some bad times but it is the family who gets you through those times that makes it worth it … Once you realize that money is only paper and that your family are actual living breathing Human beings …..Without family money is nothing …Because who would you share it with ? What would you do with it ?  Materialic things are just that Materialic…. Something to have … But without having anyone to  share it with it is only something you have … So Please take a minute and really think about the true meaning of Family ..A person who has a family is more richer than a single wealthy person, Because they have someone to share they lives with ..Someone who is there for them through thick and thin…for the good times and the bad and will always be there and It is the times you share with your family that are the most valuable and that money can’t buy.. A rich person may have money But who would they share it with? .. Who is there for them on christmas or their birthdays? who is there when they need someone to talk to or have dinner with ? No One …Please as the Christmas Holiday is here, and  You are sitting at the table with your Family and friends…. Think about those who have no family to spend it with and  think about those people who are your family and are not there, for whatever reason you tell yourself ( so you can deal with why they are not there) to make yourself feel better and then think of why they are not and really think is this  really what you wanted out of your family life ? Think about the people who have no one and are alone during this holiday season ..Think about what you could do to better your own family and go from there ..try to mend the one you have because No One is promised tomorrow and No One wants to be alone .. Yes families have problems but it is that family who will get you through it ..together … It is the people in your life ( Family )Who will get you through those times…..

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