Come Together ….Over Weed ……

Good Morning Good Afternoon Good Evening ,Or Wherever you May be at this point in time ….I wanted to  take a few minutes  to talk about cannabis ….Cannabis is a plant that has many purposes ..It is not a hard thing Especially if people would come together .. ( You know the song Come Together Over Me  well it is like that )Come together Over Weed …. But No One is doing that ! Everyone wants to jump on the wagon to make money from it But No One is really looking at the benefits of it …It Looks like the baby boomers are going to sell us out to profit from it .. I am not saying this is happening but it looks like it will happen… All Across the country Big companies like Philip Morse  and other  (Big cigarette/tobacco   companies) People are buying up the best places to grow  and (building greenhouses and farms )  Prime space, any space  they can…Do you know why ? It is not to grow more cigarette tobacco , It is to  grow the cannabis to Profit from it .. Many people think it is because they want to get out of tobacco and into the cannabis field …They look at it like they are tobacco growers ,So how Hard  can it be to grow cannabis ? Well It is two different plants and it could be a big jump for some people and Could be a small one for others ..But it is a lot more intricate than That , Because there is To Much Money At Play Right Now and Don’t Really Know What to Do With it.. ….Because Many Banks won’t let them use their banks to put the money in it Because of being federally Insured FDIC…So All Of The ones who are doing it and want to do it should come together and make your own Cooperative Bank and run it as a bank But for cannabis growers …( But It maybe a problem to get the insurance from the FDIC, But you all could insure it yourself , Or use an offshore bank …)  Many people think cannabis will be legal Everywhere in the United States, Someday….But I really don’t so … Unless Like I said We All Come together ….Right Now  For What We Want ..Or Would Like To Have …I Don’t know about any of you, But I  would like to Be able to grow some In My own garden Just like tomatoes Without Some Jerk ill informed Like a cop Who Knows Nothing about it or a fed Just like the cop , And Don’t forget all The Wimpy politicians who don’t have the Nerve to write the proper laws to make it  so… They  Just Don’t know anything about Cannabis  and because it is federally illegal and illegal in many states so they keep the mindset of the propaganda from the fifties and even earlier …Which is only meant to scare you from growing on federal, state or city lands… .Just because every state in Our country hasn’t embrace the green yet ,Does Not mean it will not happen…This is where the confusion lies example that ohio, utah, north dakota,which are just a few states that want nothing to do with cannabis right now , But all of their Governors have said When the time is Right,They will go along with the Rest of the country , Especially If the Feds regulate it ,Because Then it will help them subsidise their farms ..Cannabis  has many many uses for it …First being it has Many Medicinal purposes that can and will help the person using it For whatever the illness is ..So For many people who Truly have a passion for it and you want to pass that passion along The Only true way of doing this is To knock out the words and start putting a lot more Action, A Lot More Action And Come Together .We Need to Build on What was started with California, Colorado  and Las Vegas,… Just to name a few… Those were Very Very Hard Won Battles …….Just so they could Have Medicinal Cannabis .. And with Donald Trump in office surrounding himself with old time drug warriors from the past ..Should Make Us all Nervous .. With that, I bid You Fair well …..But  keep your Eye on what is going on with Cannabis and with New laws and stay vigilant..

P.S. Did you know  Bye 2020 They are saying Cannabis Industry will be worth $46 Billion Dollars … Which doesn’t sound like chop liver to me .. Good Day ..

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