Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening Or Wherever You Have Be At This Point in Time …MERRY CHRISTMAS  TO ALL ….I WANT TO TAKE A MINUTE TO TALK ABOUT OUR PRESIDENT MR TRUMP…First I want to say I have been watching him…Has Anyone Read the paper or Watch the news ? I suggest you get a newspaper  or watch the news  or Look On the Computer Because ,Our Politicians have made  New  Bill of taxes ( Which They were all in a hurry to pass it before the holidays Which when this bill was conceived the Republicans passed out a 400 page folder of the bill and they only had 2 minutes to read it which a lot was not legible to read ,That is How The Republicans Were able to get it passed  ..  ) …. Tax Breaks for the Dam Wealthy , Again….Unless you make a Million Dollars or more ( Only If your in the higher tax bracket will these new taxes benefit you..)You Will Get Nothing From It!… If Your a Lower to  Middle class tax Payer You will get Nothing from it …Only The upper higher tax brackets will Benefit from these new Tax Bill …Only The Dam Wealthy Will Benefit From these new tax Bills …The average working class citizen will get  Nothing …Only the upper higher tax bracket people ( Donald Trump and His Wealthy  Rich Friends and People like them, and after 2025 the only people it really will be helping is Corporate America… They Are the Only Ones Benefiting from these New Tax Bills ) ..Wouldn’t You like to wake up and Do whatever you want ? I know I would …. Just Like they do ….We as Working Class Citizens need to  come together, and Stand Together and make Our voices heard… Let them know We Aren’t going to stand for this ..There is an Old Military Saying,  If You are going to War  if your going to have to fight and If you have to give your life in doing it…..Then you give them Hell before you do  ( which means give them everything you got …)…and  We Have to Rise Up  and Fight for  Something or Someone Because these Rich Bastards  aren’t going to give anything to Our Working Class people …For All that Voted for This man You All should take a long look in the mirror and ask Yourself  Are you like him?  Do you just want to be rich?  So You can feel that power over People ?Especially  the poor ?Because That is all Our new President Does…. Do You all realize this ? The Tax Bill that was just passed is not going to affect Mr Trump or any of his cronies .. However It Will Help Everyone of their Corporations they Own ….It will all affect the working class ..If you want to Be  the kinda people who want people to be afraid ….Then This country is doomed ..His Tax Bill Proves It is going to affect the poor and the low end of the middle class people ..The Bottom Line is this If We ( Poor and middle class )HELLO PEOPLE IF WE  DO NOT COME TOGETHER AND VOTE OUT THIS PRESIDENT AND THEIR CRONIES AND THE LIFE TIME POLITICIANS WHO HAVE BEEN THERE FOR DECADES AND LIFE TIME APPOINTMENT OF JUDGES ..( WHY SHOULD ANYONE HAVE A LIFE TIME OF BEING A JUDGE FOR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A YEAR AND DO NOTHING FOR IT ALL BECAUSE THEY GAVE THE RIGHT AMOUNT AMOUNT OF DONATIONS TO RIGHT THE RIGHT PERSON BYE THE RIGHT PRESIDENT AT THE RIGHT TIME AND NOW THEY HAVE A LIFETIME PUPPET ON A STRING THAT THEY CONTROL) I’M NOT A PROPHET , IT IS ONLY THIS WRITERS OPINION BUT I’M OLD ENOUGH AND BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH PRESIDENTS TO SEE THAT THEY ARE ALL THE  SAME …EXCEPT WHEN THEY ARE RUNNING FOR THE OFFICE THEY SEEK THEY WILL PROMISE THE WORLD AND THEN WHEN THEY ARE ELECTED , WHERE ARE THEY ? I AN TELL YOU WHERE THEY ARE  …. THE GOLD COURSE …. Well If you don’t want your grand children’s children to pay off Donald Trumps Tax Bill, Then You All Need to come together…Because This tax bill bye 2025 ,  will  have added  new a Trillion dollar debt …I thought we were suppose to be getting out of debt Mr President and his cronies ( The other Politicians ) Wants to keep Our Country Hostage ( Which they have done for Centuries … Which vex’s this writer ..So Have a nice Christmas and think about this , Do We really Want to Do This again ?…..  There’s another Old saying from Thomas Jefferson He  said  I Quote ” FROM TIME TO TIME THE TREE OF LIBERTY MUST BE BLEED WITH THE BLOOD OF TYRANTS AND PATRIOTS ALIKE” …..RIGHT NOW IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES… BUT NO ONE IS INTERESTED IN BEING A PATRIOT …….With that I bid you a fair well , and A Very Merry Christmas…


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