Words can Hurt ……

Good Morning , Good Afternoon, Good Evening , Or Wherever you may be at this point in time … I want to take a minute to talk to you about people in general .. Someone had posted a comment on Our site saying the last few posts were boring .Well, We started this business to  Sell advertisement and to give people good useful articles..To try to help people with difficult  times and things through life..We write Our Articles on actual life experiences and things that happen in the world. Well This individual had wrote that Our article was boring …Well maybe it just was not something that was related to him/her, Or Maybe  He or she is Boring ! Many articles may be useful to one and not the other. As We have many, many, many articles of different topics.We have had thousands of comments that people write to let us know that they loved Our articles and that they were very useful and that they really enjoyed reading them or they aided them in their lives and they have passed them along to someone else to benefit from .I think whoever you are it is very rude of you to go online to ones blog/website only to leave a Negative Comment, When all you had to do it skip over it and read on to find an article that would benefit you – yourself ! We have been writing articles now for sometime , I am sure you Would Find Something of your interest … We have had thousands of Positive  Comments and Feedback Of Our readers who Love the articles we write and post …I must agree One can not Satisfy  Everyone Every time But we do Try to give informative,useful and helpful information that people can use in their daily lives .So If You  Are  Reading through Any Website/Blog and the Article your reading is not something you are interested in, Skip the rest of article and find one that will .. Many websites like Ours should have many different articles that you could skim through and you may be surprised to find one that actually will benefit You and help you with your Problems.. People ( Like Us) Run Websites (Like Ours ) to Give Informative and Helpful and Useful  Information. So Before You Go and Write a Negative comment on one of these sites,Think about the time and effort People have put into the article and into the site… Think if it was You How would you feel if it was you ? We  write with truth, We dignity,  With true facts and most of all with God in my heart. So please Keep reading and Posting your wonderful Comments …p.s. Here is Something to think about …..Like I said before if You or The World Want Something to Change …We can not do it with words alone …The words have to be connected To A Deed and the Deed Has To Be Connected to real live action…. No Action No Results.. I Have Said This From  Time To Time and People Who Hear it Actually Stop to Think About it….  It Really Has Help Many People to Change Their Ways of Thinking and Doing Things Outright ……………. Which In return has made them better people for it ..

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