Greed And Sible Rivalry Within A Family

Good Morning, Good Afternoon ,Good Evening ,Or Wherever You May be at This Point in Time… I wanted to take a minute and talk about sibling rivalry …And How it can destroy a family ..I want to start this with the number one cause of it today and it is Money..And How it will destroy a family ..Sible rivalry comes from greed … Money will make people do God awful things ( Especially within a family ).. Because most people today are not happy with what they have and always want more  than what they have and in families they think they are entitled to it ( when a mother or father die and the siblings want the money from their parents whatever it may be a house, a car  or money in the bank …Whatever it maybe just so they can have more money for their own use and purpose to benefit themselves …Let’s Say you have a family with 4 siblings 2 grow up and leave the family home to make their own family and buy their own homes and have their own children and do so for decades.. Then The parent who has always taken care of themselves and their child (ren)  is now relying on their children for, to Love and  care  for them because they have now aged and are in failing health dued to whatever… they become sick with cancer or  their own medical problems and is dying  and need care themselves and not one of the other family members come to help in anyway …..when the 2 other siblings who have lived in this house their whole lives ( 1 Because he had mental issues and the other just to take care of the  parent for decades they went on vacations and spent their entire life with the parent and had an extremely close relationship with the parent and the parent knew this …Then the parent becomes deathly ill and you  take care of the parent dying parent , You pay all the bills ( with the permission of the parent Of course ) Now they are sick but not fiable minded and You were extremely close to .. No One helps you ( and you did ask for help with the parent at least one time but they refused to help just because their Husband / wife did not want to do it ),But your wife/Husband and they too are extremely close to the parent who is now dying .. Then the parent dies and you take care of their last wishes and burry the parent..Now the the other family members want everything .  .Now the Drama and Sible Rivalry comes in… Because the 2 who left home to  begin their own families and have done nothing for their parents and didn’t have much of a relationship with said parent and Yet they feel they are entitled to have that said parents belongings, and will do anything to get it..When the Bible says to honor thy mother and father …It does not say if the parent is ill throw them in a Nursing home or leave them in a hospital  or Not to help with their care  or that your entitled to anything..The Bible Just says to Honor thy mother and father period.( which would mean to care for  them.. to  come together as a whole family and everyone to do their part and help with the care and concern with the parent or parents .It also says the crimes of a son or daughter are not the father’s or mother’s fault. Or that the crimes of the mother or father  are Not the child’s..Today the baby boomer generation has construed laws, family heritage and many other things for their own purpose.. Then  the older siblings want to take control of things they should not .. ( Just because they feel they are entitled to something or everything )Then when one child  in a family has problems with one thing or another., and you have several children within the family .( It makes the others feel like they lost something because the child who has /had problems needed the parent(s) love and attention and many cases money …Then the child who had issues and problems whatever they may have been, and they  climb their way out of the shit and muck they were in, To finally make a parent proud of them and the other siblings make it a point to always throw what that sibling had done and gone through into the mix at every point, Just to make themselves feel better and make themselves feel like they lost something,Or were entitled to something more.. ( They hold on to things of the pass as a way to make themselves feel better instead of letting it go and  instead of coming together as a Whole Family  ).. To Continue a family relationship as the parent or parents would have wanted and  would have expected them to do so… But due to their wives/ husbands, ( Their own spouse )  making them think they lost something or should have received something more than they already did received. It starts to cause a feud, within the siblings and it makes them even more tense and separated which was clearly not what the parent ( s) would have wanted ..  Greed causes so many problems and it makes people do God Awful things One normally would not do .. Greed plays such a big part in any family as one ( especially the ones that were not  as close as the others  were with the parent ) Greed causes hate and distrust,Not to mention it causes violence within a family and it is just not right .. It is Not what any Parent would want for their children .. No parent Would want  to know see or feel their children can not get along especially over money..Any Parent who has a child or children only wants to know that they raised their child or children  to know and to do the right thing for the right reasons . To know that the children they raised have become a responsible adult and parent themselves..To be a bible member of society…  In Families with more than one child, No Parent wants to see their children not getting along, or are greedy and selfish..No Parent wants to die knowing their children would fight over anything …Let alone money…So When a parent is at the end of their life,They want their family they had and raised to become closer and come together .. Not Divided……Then and only then will a family learn that money is Not Everything… That being a family, and Having a close knit family ( brothers and sisters) ,Will help you deal with anything ( Like the parent(s) death ..To be Happy with what they have ..With what was given over the years and though time ..Or what you have have rightfully earned…. and to come together as the parent(s) would have wanted.  Many people would say One with a family with love , care and concern is richer than a millionaire  with money to spend but no one to spend it on ….When you have a family who comes together to spend time and energy with one another for whatever the reasons with birthdays, and holidays  or just Sunday dinners you create an everlasting bond and memories… When things go wrong and somethings do you will have the Love and Care of the family you have grown to love to get you through those times..Family is everything and those who have it and throw it away for whatever the reason is ( and most of the time is it over money )  Is So bad,So Wrong On Many levels …So Please think about what you have within your family – Brothers , Sisters, Cousins, Aunts,Uncles, Parents and grandparent, And think about How you would feel if you did not have those people in your life, Then How would you feel? What would you do ? where would you be? With this Article  I hope to Touch your heart and mind on Family.. …

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