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Another Sad Day In America …10 Lives Gone in Chaos .. School Shooting in Texas

In Today’s world Our Children Are Out of Control and The Parents Act like they Dont know or Didn’t know something was wrong.. Another shooting in a Texas’s  High School.. This Morning In the  Santa Fe High School in Texas …” students are killed ans some injuried  By a Gunman,”Officals Have said They have the gunman Who was a student at the school and That there is a second teenager  Who was involved and Now Authorities say They have That second Boy  in custody and are Now Investigating The Situation …. .. Through all the Chaos ,Because a  fire alarm was pulled during the situation at the school …SWAT, Local and State Police ,Miltary, Fire Department and Rescue workers  Were called to the Scene at the school ..Where First Responders were checking students for weapons and to get Them to safety .. ..Now 10 people are dead ..1 teacher and 9 students … many injuried .including an officer .. Many students Say that they did not know what was going on  That They heard banging but did not know it was gun fire.,Until One student and a teacher Saw the gun . Authorities later found explosive devices  in the building and surrounding building — including pipe bombs and pressure cookers –What is this Country coming to ?….When Children are Killing Other Children….. Now Another School shooting …Children were caught in the middle of Chaos ….. The Authorities……. Such as Police,Federal and State Authorities , The Governor of Texas and Now Our President are  calling for More Protection ….Our President Trump Has said That this has been happening to Long and It Needs to Stop… It is a Dam Shame that it takes these Children to Do God Awful Things to get Someone To listen …We Have Become So Selfish as  a Country To Ignore The Most Important Thing in Society and That is Our Children .. Children are Our Furture .. With So Many Children Acting out with Such Violence and  For Whatever Reason ?Why ,They Have Chosen to Go To Such a Destrastic Events to Get Attention ?… For Whatever is Bothering Them … .Well We Need to Listen To Our Children .. If Something is Not Right …Make Our Children Know it is Ok To Tell Someone about the problems they are Having and Going Through . We All need to come together to stop the violence… We Need to make these Children Know This Act of  Such Vicious Attacks Are Not the Answer… That The Only thing it is going to do ,Is ruin their lives and the Lives of the people involved . Children on children crimes are on the rise and it is  out of control … Parents Aren’t being aware of problems until something like this happens ..Families aren’t coming together to talk about Their Day and Events that are going on with their own children Lives… Parents with Guns Are Not Teaching their children Gun Safety or The Respect The Weapon …..Guns Are Not Toys …Parents Who have Guns Should  Not Have Guns Around Their  Children, Or They should Be Locking them out of range of the child(ren)……Many Parents are Not Aware of The fact That there was anything Wrong with their Child Until a Violent Outburst as A School Shooting Happens … Where are the parents Of these Children  ? Are These Parents Responsible for the Violent Acts Their Child(ren) DO with their Gun (s) ? Parents Would Argue No …..Parents On The Other End of the Situation Would Say Yes… Well Children Need to Feel Safe Especially In School.. It is a Dam shame But There are many schools on lock down , Many Communites have Police in the schools For Everyone’s Safety… However It seems it was not needed in this area of Texas . It was a quiet school…This has Shocked the entire community … Our Hearts and Sympathy Go Out to  All  The Families and the Children, All who were  Involved in the shooting this morning ..It is a Horriffic Act of Violence that should Not have happened .. It is a terrible Lost of Life .. Texas will be in Morning  For awhile … This is Something that should Not have happened and it is going to take time to heal their wounds and their Hearts..When Is The authorities Going to make Our Schools Across Our Country Safe ? When are Parents going to learn they need to watch their children and be accountable for their  actions? …. Children need to know there are serious consequences for their actions and That taking a life is Never the Answer ? Please talk to your child(ren) and Talk daily so you can know what is going on in their lives and know what to look for when something is not right with them .. The Life you safe may be your own child’s .. We all Need to educate Our children on guns and danger of them …With that have a nice day and God Bless … 

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Blogging How to get started in the online world of blogging and Run your own online Website ..

In Today’s world Everyone is trying to get into the online business of Blogging .. We at Savasta Enterprises .Com …..Are going to start an Online Help Program to help others get information they need to help themselves do so… Such as How to get started and How to maintain a Blog ….We will write Articles and answer your emails about a subject Relating to the online blogging.. Please Feel free to email us @savastaenterprises@gmail.com or Webmail@savastaenterprises.com…We Will Be glad to assist you in Setting up your online business/Blog . As Running a Website is about How much time You Want to put into it and What It is Your Want to get Out of it .. Also Many People use a blog for gossip .. and it makes finding Truthful Information difficult to find ………..and draws in unrelieable people So Think about what it is You want to Have Your Online Blog/ Wesite about … Such as How to Build something , How to so something or about news , people in general and Many Other topics .. You can also Set up an Online Business to sell things or Do Promote things of interest … Remember Whatever it is that You want to  Blog About…. To Target The People for Your blog/website … So That Your blog will keep running.. and to have people talk about the  subject Your blog is about … So it will attract certain type of people to your blog …So Please feel free to contact us ….@ Our Email address

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Keeping Our Loved Ones At Home …..After All No One Is Going To Care For Your Family or Loved Ones As You Can And Will

In today’s world Many people are wrestling with the Idea of caring for their aging or disabled family member(s)  and Are Thinking about putting them in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities ..So We  will be doing an Online Self Help  Programs … To Get You the help You Need in many areas But Do Not Know Where To Look .???. Such as Home care for Our Elderly Or Other family member Who Are disabled and are Unable to care for themsleves  to be able to keep them at home . We will write Articles and answer Your emails about the care  Relating to at home care For You and Your family . We know We can Help make a difference in helping family Keep their Family at Home and Care for them . Also We Can Help You With The power of attorney , and Medical Power of attorney that many lawyers charge $150.00 to $1500.00…There is a lot of Help out there to Help Us All To Do So . It is Just that Many Times…. People Just Don’t know Where to  look . ..We Also Are going to be Posting More Articles on How to keep Our Family At Home with loved ones Who will Love them and Care for them Better than any Nursing Home or Assisted Liiving, Could  and at a Fraction of the Cost it takes For Housing them in a Nursing homes or Assisted living Facilities …..As We Have Written a few Articles in regards to caring for our elderly and disabled family members. Yes I know Alot of people are fighting with themselves and Other Family members over the care of a loved one and The fact that their loved one is getting older and may need more care to Keep them at home with You Or Another Family Member ..Remember it is Our Responsibilty to take care of Our Aging and Disabled Family Members … As Our Parents Took Care of Us Our Whole Lives and Now is Our Turn to Care for them ..I Know ..Your Thinking  That It is more than You Can Handle And Your thinking about putting them into a nursing home or assisted living, Right?…..Well Hold those thoughts…. There is Help Out there You Just Have to Know Where To look To Get It …..Ok?  .. So Please Leave a comment Of Where you live.. Let Us Know What You Situation Is  ?….and What the medical problems are that Your Loved One Has and needs care for ? We Will do Our Best to find You the Help that You Need to keep Your Loved one at home .. Medicare and Medicaid Are helping families to do so… There are Many Programs to help You do so .. There are also many programs for all health insuances and self pay that will help you care for Your loved one..At Home … Such as Nurses Aides ( CNA) to take care of Personal Hygiene Such as washing an showering on a daily basis, Changing them when their incontinences ,  Excerise and Meals ( Feeding them or cooking meals for them to eat ) and Cleaning their personal spaces ..   Taking their Blood Pressure and their sugar levels …Medical supplies you will need to care for them ..  Taking them to Doctor Appointments and Many other things You need to keep them at Home Where they will continue to Thrive and Be Happy .. ( Because they will be with someone who loves them and cares about and for them )Nurses to Make sure they take their medications and monitor their health issues ..Also You can have in home blood drawn to have their blood work done  as many patients need weekly bood work  to help dr’s maintain their medications It is for your convience and also Pt- phyiscal therphy and much more .. Then there is Hospice Who will come into  the home and supply everything you need to make them confortable and make their last days happy ones .. So  You see We can Help You get Everything You need to Care for your Family member At Home ..To Love them to care for them and to make them know They Matter and that You want them with You instead of putting them in nursing homes where if their need some care they are left at the mercy of the homes aides and nurses who really dont care and I am sorry to say this because It is true on Many Levels ….Because these places are over crowded and under staffed ….So the CNA ‘s are left to hurry alone and Do the bare minimum care to get themselves through their  daily shift .. Which is a Dam shame these nursing homes and assisted living are Understaffed and it is wrong .. Your loved one should be cared for as they Need Not as one can do ..or will do .. ….Medicare Pay Hundreds of milions of dollars each year for Our Eldery Care Yet It is… At Best ..Ok ….But Remember No One Is Going To Care For Your Family Member Like You Can ..So Again Take a minute and really think about Your loved ones and the level of care they really need and get? Now THINK .If it were You Would You Want Your adult child or family member to Leave You with strangers and Hope You are cared for ?………… I don’t think So. ………..I know first hand …As I cared for 3 family members 2 at the same time and it Was a little crazy at times But…. Now that they are gone I am glad I was able to do so…. I am Glad That I got  to send their last days caring for them and being with them .. It is something to Remeber and It is a Wonderful feeling and It Touches Your Heart  .. To Know You Made A diference in Their lives when It matter the most ….So As Your life is becoming alittle hectic, and Your Draining every bit of energy You have in Caring for Your family Member..Well,  Remember That No One Is Going to care for  Your  family member as You Would and Remember There is Help Out There For You To Do So….. Please Contact Us Through email @ savastaenterprises@gmail.com and We will Be Glad To Help  You do so….

I Hope this is helpful….Good Luck with Your Loved One …

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Thank You To Our Miltary …..

May is Military Appreciation Month …..So We At Savasta Enterprises  Would like to write an article in regards toThank You To  all Our servicemen and women ….

We Would Love to say Thank You For All You Do .. ….It Takes a Special Person To Do What You All  Do……..

To Our Servicemen and woman Who serve and protect Our Great Country on a Daily Basis..We want to Thank You For All .. Your service….We At Savasta Enterprises  Want to  let you know We are Proud to Have You serve Our Country …We want to Say Thank You , To All the Wonderful Men and Women who Serve In Our Military …Thank You for The Willing Act of Bravery And Knowing that You put Yourself In Harm’s Way for the American People Everyday That You Serve Our Great Country ..We also want to Thank you for being there at a time When it is very hard to be away from Your own family…. Yet You Are There  to Serve and Protect  others .. and Our Wonderful Country ..It is a Great Honor and Responsibility that Our Military Men and Women Have  On a daily basis … Our Servicemen and women  Put their Lives on the line every single day and Without any questions Or Regard to their own life …Our Servicemen and Women go through Alot  to Become A  Part of Our Miltary .. With all the training that it takes to do what They Do Especially As their training becomes in grained in them ….When They are deployed into other countries and are put in harms way as a mean to help another country to combat there violence in that country .. Our Servicemen and women Go above and Beyond ..  Our Miltary Personel Serve and protect Our country from Awful Acts Of Violence  from Others Who want to infringe on Our way of life  And On A  Daily Basis …Our  military servicemen and women Are The best at what they do ….They take their Oath when entering the military and they take it Seriously  As They do Solemnly swear (or affirm) that They  will support and defend The  Constitution of The United States Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic; That They Will Bear True Faith and Allegiance to The  Same; and that They Will Obey The  Orders of The President of The United States and The Orders of The  Officers Appointed … They take their pledge very seriously and Will defend Our Country at all cost .. That In itself is  A Brave and  Selfish Act.. So To All Our Military Men and Women ………Savasta Enterprises Thank You All For What You Do… On The Behalf Of All Our American Citizens .. and For Your Country …………………..Thank You …. GOD BLESS YOU ALL…. MAY YOU ALL COME HOME SAFELY AND IN ONE PIECE ….

With That I Bid You Good Day …God Bless..

….Good Luck And Be Safe  …

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Outrageous Behavior Among Family …..

In Today’s world people are always concerned about themselves and Never think about anyone or anything else .It is a dam shame because if we had more people who care and actually think about something or someone else,Other than themselves and what they could and would get from someone …Or Something  .. It Would make the world a better place,altogether. Many People have a Fake sense of emotion and responsible of family and friends . In Many Families it seems that people are always trying to out do the next person regardless of them being a family or not . You see family used to be about being proud, love  one another and caring about one another for whatever the reason is .However… Today it is about who has more than the next . It also is about Who thinks they are better than the next family member . When in the days of old everyone would come together and be happy .. People Just aren’t being the way we were meant to be .. Especially as a family in general . A family would always come together and help one another out Regardless of the money issues Or Regardless of who was who or who had what .. Today The next generation is out of control and they are losing their way .. Family was never supposed to  be about What You have and Who has more ..It was supposed to bring people in the family together for happy and sometimes sad occassions .Today People are going to funerals in jeans and sneakers instead of wearing a shirt and tie let alone a suit .The adults of today have delevoped their own way into doing things Where these kids today go out have a baby then get married if at all. Then There is the side of the family everyone talks about. We all have that Crazy uncle or person who had a drug problem or did something stupid in their lives and ended up on the wrong side of the law,, However through their life they have straightened themselves out and Yet the only ones Who will Not let that ( Family Memeber ) Person live it down is their Own family and That in itself is a Dam shame.  Especially When The Person Has Left That Part of their Life Behind Them and They Start to Try to begin to Set Their Life on A Path worth while ,Only to have Their Own family Sabotage Them at Everyturn. This  causes many Heart aches within the person who is trying to turn their life around and at every turn their won family is putting them downa dn actually trying to keep them down ..Now If You Are the person who has had a hard life for whatever the reson and Yes Your Done some stupid things in your life and your family is not standing behind you to help you move pass Your In discretions Well the best advice one can give you is The Hell with them Work On you and Who You want to be and Who you Really are ..ecause In The end the only person you need to be better than is yourself . Thee only person you need to prove anything to is Yourself .. Now many In time these family members will see How well you have done and How well you have put that life style behind you for whatever you have done is in the past and it shoudl stay there as it is not who oyu are but something oyu have done .. so Please Keep the effort of knowing you can make yourself a better person but the only one who you need to do this for is Yourself ..  As God Cretaed all men whether it is a man or woman , Equal .. However in todays world it is all about money , What a person has rather than who the person really is . Now I know many families are at best Good and Decent families and come together for whatever the reason is  To rally around their loved one to help them through the pain and sorrow time in their lives to help them better themselves and to put whatever it was they were doing wrong behind them …So That They could and would Succeed In turning their lives around and making something of their lives ..Now there are those families who just do not give a Dam About Anything or Anyone  But …Their own Immediate Family ( Such as Husband and wife and their own children and grandchildren ) and in the most part  It goes to show the people around them What they really about which is about money and the look at me and look at what I have sydrone Which Is Really Sad and Outright Rotten .Because  there is always that on person In every family  Who has to think their Entiltled to something their not and always wants more . SO Before you go judging anyone let alone your on dam family…. Take a good look at yourself . Think about who you really are and what you really have ? Then Think about How you got to be Who you are and Think about How you got Whatever it is you have ? Now think about your family as whole and think about the person you think is No good or has done something to embarrass Your family or What you think is dishonor to the family?Think about what You did to help that person with their problem? Then Think about if it were You ,In their shoes Wouldn’t You want someone to help You….Better your life ?Would You want people in your own family to talk about you ? To put you down at every turn? Or to talk about You to others?Rather than showing you How to turn your life around ?Well I am very sure this Happens In most families Especially in today’s World and it is a Dam Shame .. Because No On wants to be ridiculed, Mock or made fun of or event demoralized … many years ago Family Meant Something? Today it is all about One Self ... .These behaviors in Families are   a shame for many reasons .. As families are become seperated by these instances  and Have turned their back on their own. For whatever reason One tells themslef …They are better than the next person  is so wrong on many levels Especially in a Family and believe it doesn’t make You a better person..In doing so ….It makes You Selfish , Mean, Rotten and Ouright Vicious .. Not to mention You will have to answer to God when You Die … If you have any Religious  beliefs  in You at all and Me Believe  me Many People Who Behave in this Manner They act and do …Really Don’t believe in anything But Money…Especailly towards ones own family is Despicable Because A Godly Person Would Not Do this… I know in life We make Choices of Our Behaviors and  Our Acts and Yes We make Mistakes… But It is What We Do When We  Know We Have Made Those Mistakes  – You  know what I am talking about ..However for the most part families really enjoy Being together and it is the help and Understanding that we get through Our Families That helps Us be better peopel and a better human being altogether .. So If you have Someone in your family regardless of Who they are A cousin , A brother or sister ,An aunt or uncle or An Inlaw of any kind ..Anyone of Your Family Don’t give up on them… Keep trying to help them with whatever problem they are facing..Who knows you may just end up helping yourself be a better person…A better  family member and even A better religious person ….And The One you may save maybe yourself ……………..With That I Bid You Good Day …God Bless..

I Hope this is helpful….Good Luck with Your Loved One …

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America Coming Together ……Part 2

Good Morning , Good Afternoon, Good Evening Or Wherever You Maybe At This Point in time ….I want to take a few minutes and talk to you About…….Well I thought about making this maybe a number two about America coming together. I have noticed our president has been doing a lot of Good things for our country and the people in it. But if you really look around, I mean really look around, You’ll see that it’s really only helping the Richer people among us. I don’t see it helping the kids with autism or cancer or the Special Olympics type kids or A person with a problem Like homelessness.. We’ve got so many problems in this country and Yet this man is wasting his time with North Korea trying to get them to come back together etc…. So You see in my eyes I don’t believe Donald Trump would be a man Our founding fathers would have went for, Even if he was around in those days. I think they probably would have punched him in the face more than they would have wanted him to be in their Circle. This is no way an attack on the president of the United States. or anything like that..I’m only trying to convey what I love to study and that’s history…Our history ,the Middle East,Italy ,Hungary, Poland ,France ,Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Amsterdam ,New Zealand ,the Hindu Kush mountains or any place in God’s Great Earth…Those are just the ones I have study so far.Through My studies, I have Found That Yes some of these countries are poor .Yes ……Then They Do Have their share of the world’s problems too.But there is one thing I don’t see All that much of In these other countries and That is Hate.. You Know the Hate I am talking about .. There is hate you say you hate someone or somethiing ..Then there is the out right hate..Where you would hurt someone.I have noticed that in alot of these countries That this Country says We are better than ..Well From the people I have met and the countries I have mentioned, Most of them are No different than You or I .Which brings me to the point of this blog .People in other countries have worse problems than we do ..Yet, they find ways to take care of the problem  with the least amount of damage…Take a look at Our Country and How We deal with damage… I didn’t want to bring the police into this But…..I believe all the shooting that have been going on in Our country ( Not Just The police shootings ) Are In a Way The Polices Fault … Why Do I say This ….Doesn’t anyone Remember Playing Cops and Robbers?That was One little game alone way back Then… Alot of counslors believe that all the years kids played cops and robbers Is One of the reasons That Police themsleves Believe they are better The community they are supposed to protect …So Psychiatrists Beleive that If that Game Never happened We Would still have police But they would really be bored because there would not be so much crime…Take a  look at how many lives they have damaged… I would say Millions But, It’s more  like  Hundreds of thousands …Now if everyone of those police officers could have used a little bit more discretion and a little bit more decency In the shootings that are going on across America probably wouldn’t be in the news at all.. So you see it’s the higher Up People who are  supposed to look after the little people and all the people in the country ..Instead they’re stomping Us into the mud like one of those little things They put water on and it rises until It can’t rise No More …Why don’t we in the country come together and rise up ? Maybe it starts with a hundred of us…Then it goes to 3000 + 10000 + 30000 + 30 million ..Then, What’s the President got to say or Anyone else for that matter ?You either join us or We bowl over you that’s it…………….So imagine if you would 30 million people outside the White House the line would go all the way back to Kentucky maybe further ….Because there would be So many people surrounding us All  around the White House and the other states I think the President would be in here shaking or Would he be out there yelling at us with is bullhorn or Would he be tweeting us…  To all please call home?. We’re doing everything we can. Would you believe that? I wouldn’t…… Now …..They whip out the military. But we all pick up our weapons and  They dropped theirs….. We give them a choice To join us or take Their chances. …How many do you think would join us? Because they would see their grandmother’s ,Their aunts, Their uncles, Their brothers and sisters,Their cousins and so on. So how many do you really think would be faithful To the people ? To mr. Trump and to his Administration? I say not many….. Now like I said I wanted to make this about bringing America back together  and How could we accomplish this? We can’t do it alone…. I can’t do it alone….. That’s where it takes some guts of all of Us to come together as a whole as one. As a Unity………… It doesn’t matter if You’re Spanish, or You’re black ,Or White, Or If You’re Asian ………Whatever You  are it Doesn’t matter your ethnicity? Whatever You are or Where You come from? It Doesn’t matter How much money you have or How much money you don’t have? Because that’s what we’re trying to stop ……….We’re trying to make people be accountable and come together to make our country great again………. As President Trump says to drain the swamp ………….. Which  is the Politics Is What Needs To Stop …The swamp is the rich …It’s all of them. Hollywood California,To  Washington DC…………..They’re like two buddies …….are  One …..The money comes and money goes from hand to hand  and out the door …They have more money than they know what to do with it .. Yet  They wouldn’t help somebody lying in the Street…. Homeless…Starving Or have no clothes …Or someone who has nothing …They Would walk right over them……. Or if they got into trouble and had no more money and were starving  I seem to think they would eat their own children if they had to…. if it meant for them to survive……….Absolutely …. The rich are ruthless …The rich are out outrageously Greedy………….. The more They have, The more They want……..The more They Want the more They Get ….The Rich and Powerful ( Our Politicans ) Will Not stop Until They Get Whatever it is they want .. They Would stomp  over every single one of us…Who is the working class and The poor of America …To  Get What They Want….Who Controls the ones that keep us in line? I’m Sure You know……….. The Police and Our Military….. They Are the people We were  talking about.. They  Are Our Country’s Most trusted People. ..Some Cops are Finally  getting it….. Because They are treating people with kindness and  decency….They’re finding out that They can get further With alittle bit a Decency and are breaking  up more drugs Rings, More crime and  Protecting Our Communities Better …Then Outright maliciousness… Today Our Police all across the country are Changing their ways and for the better … Instead of  going after them maliciously and  ruthlessly .They are using Thier minds and hearts instead of their  force …As Our Leaders Are seeing it only creates a revolving door With that type of behavior. That’s why I’m glad a lot of the people in their 80s are finally retiring from Being the  police bosses , and the military and jobs of standard. It’s because of the way they were trained many decades ago that’s where we had the drug war …when the real excuse was the politicians using that drug war to make money for themselves  and That we didn’t know about….But What did it do ? It made a whole country of addicts and opioid crisis  That We’re still dealing with Today…How can No One  see this and not be angry ? Like myself …So like I said We Need to Come Together …..Like one big giant bowling ball No Like one big giant Wrecking Ball, That  We swing it right towards all the Evil…So We Can Whack it right out of the Park and start over ………..Then We Can Start a New and  Better way of Life for All Our Countrymen and Women..We Need to bring our People Back to Religion…You should know Who Created The  People ,The Earth and Everything in it. So we have such a great creator …Why Would You Think for a minute that He Wouldn’t give us the victory over the evil ones that Have been stomping us in the ground.?Think about that, If We All Could Have Alittle bit of decentcy, Alittle respect for ourselves and or others , To Stop the Violence , Stop the Politicans from making our country Their own… To do whatever they want to benefit Themsleves and their croonies……….So they can Profit from it ….And so  they can Keep the American working class people down while they Live the life of Lavishment… While Millions are struggling to put food on the table and a roof over their heads… To care for their families ..While Most Politicans and The Rich , Who Put them inot office .. and the Rich  Haven’t worked a Hard Days Work in Their Entire life………..While we The American People Continue to Put these Jerks Into Office .. Because These Politicans Keep Making Promises after promises That They have No Intention on keeping …So They Can get Elected into the office they are running for ..To Keep their Boot on the throats of the American Working class and Poor..

We The Peoeple Of The United States Of America Need To Come Together and Stop The same old Politcs as Usual .. Our Presdient Mr Trump ..Who Is Making a difference in America Today By changing the way Things are being done in the name of the American People..Yes He is Brassy , Yes He is straight Forward , Yes He is Loud and In your face … Yes He Different than all the Presdients We have had..But He Is Making A huge Difference in Changing America .. He is making  The Rich and Powerful People in America Be Accountable for their actions.. And with some the lack of actions .. He is trying to stop The Back Room Deals .. Yes ..He said he wants to  ‘Drain the political Swamp’ And I do Believe He will .. ………..He is making a Differnce On Step at a Time …  We The American People Need to Put more People into office Like Trump ..Who Aren’t Afraid to say and do what is needed  to make the difference we need ..So They can Drain The swamp Of Croocked Ass Politicans and End their Back Room deals To Profit Themsleves.. When They Leave Office ..Our Country Needs to Come Together ….. We Need To Make them Accountable to All Of US Americans and We Need to start Now.. If We all can Come together We Can Make A Huge Difference In America For All Of Us..Today, Tomorrow and Forever …So Please Do Your Part…Everyone needs to Vote … Let’s get all These Life Time Appointments Out of Politics and Start To Make a Limit Time Appointments to make a difference and So Every American can have a chance of Making a difference..Not JustThe Rich …Make better Laws to make The rich and Powerful Pay their fair Share of taxes and committment to The Country …Because let’s face it the average millionaire pays 1/10 percent in taxes of what they should be…  Who Knows Maybe The swamp will be drained forever .. But it Can Not happen if We All Don’t come together ..With That I Bid You Good Day………..

With That I Bid You Good Day …God Bless..

I Hope this is helpful….Good Luck with Your Loved One …

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Caring For Our Dying Family… Part 2…….

Please Take The Time To Read This Whole Article ……

In Today’s world It is Very difficult to Have to Care For Our Aging Family.. Our Parents are getting Older and Need Our Help to live.. We Love Our Family and Want the Best for Them ..Whether it is Just Having them Move into Our home Or to Actually care for them on a Daily Basis . As Adult children …It is Our Responsiblity to care for Our Elderly Family members ..Such as Our Mom and Dads and In some cases Other family members.. Who Have No One to Care for Them Or To Look Out for Their well Beings .. Because They Can Not care for Themselves ,Now I know Everyone thinks… Well Let’s Put them In Nursing Home Or an Assisted Living … Well, In Some Cases  It Maybe The Only Option One May Have … However Not Everyone Has the Money and Means To Do So…As Nursing Homes and Assisted Living centers all Across Our country Are extremely Exspensive and Let’s Face It No One  is Going To care For Our family Members As We Can and Will ….Because We Love them and Want the best care for them … So Let’s talk about Our Elderly Family .. Now Nursing Homes are So Exspensive and Do Not Have The Staff That They Really Need To Actualy care for the patients Wants and Needs… They Have …Let Alone Adding More to their facility…. The Staff that they Do Have Are Not Doing the Work They really should be doing as many of their staff are  lazy and under paid .. After All these facilities are there to make Money and a Profit ..Then You Have The Asisted Living Facilities Who make Huge Profits and Usually Cost Outrageous Fees for the smallest things .. ….Just Housing alone in Assisted Living Starts At $50,000.00 A  Year … ((Which is Billed at $4 or $5000.00 a month )And That is one that is Usually at the bottom of the list…  In Each State …Others Run into Alot More  Money and Can Drain and Collaspe Your Saving Very Quickly .. …Also What Most These Places Do Not and Will Not Tell You Is that Medicare Is Billed and  is Paying For The Nursing Part of the Care Your Loved One Gets from These Places….(Which are very good to begin with and the level of care in  Low …As Anyone Who Has A Family Member In One of Theses Facilites Will and Can Tell You Is That These Facilies Bill For Everything and Anything …That They can Get Away With ..  MEDICARE Pays Hundred of Millions of Dollars Each Year To Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities ….All Across Our Country )So For the most Part Your Paying for the Housing and Meals.. Everything else Is Considered Extra and  You Are Billed  For Those Extras at A Inflated Rate ( Such As Asprin is Billed Like $5.00 a Pill Which We All Know You can  Buy A whole dam Bottle for $3 to $5 .00 depending on where you buy them  and Laundry is also not included and is billed to the family )Also When You or Your Loved One Moves Into  One Of These Places , For The Most Patients Share a Room with Another Person Unless You Pay For  A Private Room… You Will Be Living with Another Person …You Do Not Know and May Not Like Or Want to be Live  With .. Some Places May try to See if they Can Move (you) The patient  around to be compatible with each other However Many will say you have to deal with it or Pay for a private room…  So Before You Think About putting Your Loved One ( Regardless If it is your mother or father or grandparent , Or Another Family Member) Into Any Of these Place( Facilities )Please  Remember One Thing… No One Is going to care for Your Loved One Like You Can and Will.. There is Alot of Help Out there For Familes Who Decide to Keep their aging Family ( and even Menatlly and Phyiscally ill Children ) At Home With Their Family … There are A Lot of Agencies Out there Who Are there to help You with All your needs to do so .. Such as In Home Health Agencies.. Like for Nursing aides Also Known As CNA’s ,Home health aides and even Nurses. There are at Home Agenicies Who Draw Blood for Patients Who are shut in or can’t  get to a lab for their bloodwork so it is done  In their homes .. There is so much Help Out there to Help Us Keep Our Elderly aging family at Home and There are agencies who will also help in caring for familiy Members with disablities ( Such as Mental or phyiscal Disabilites such as  CP- Cerebral  palsy MS, And Many other diseases ..)and Our aging Familiy .. Now Many People say That They Can Not deal with Taking care of family members.. Who Need Their Help and Care on a Daily Basis .. I know I have Seen It first Hand …Where someone Does Not Want to do It .. For No Other Reason But not wanting to do it ………..And That Is Sad .. Our Parents and Grandparents Took care of us as Children and Young adults….That It is Our Turn To Care for them and Yet Many Many People Just do Not Want to do it .( Sorry to Say It But it is The truth be Known It is A Lot of The Baby Boomers Generation Who DO Not Want to Care for their Own Parents ( Regardless if it is their parents or their In-law Parents They Just Feel It Is Not Their Responsibilty to do so ..When It Is…………)Many People Just Do Not Want to Have the Responsiblity Or As they put it The   Burden Of Taking Care Of Our Elderly Parents And Other Family Members  It is a Dam Shame that Anyone Would Rather Put A Elderly Parent Into a Nursing Home or Leave Them In A Hospital To Die, Rather  Then Taking Care Of them ..Themselves …Most people think they can’t handle taking care of their family member, When They Can ,Considering that There is So ,So  Much Help Out there…. It is Just That Most People  Do Not know where to Begin to look for it … .. So Let’s start at The Beginning .. #1.. Take Your Elderly Parent /Grandparent to their Doctors for a visit …Sit down and discuss with their doctor Tell The Dr That You Need help with caring for them .. Most The time the doctor has to fill out some paperwork so the insurance ( medicare and other Insurance companies will pay for care at Home ..Because it is alot Les money to do so ..)So The Health  Insurance  Companies can Pay for the in Home Care .. #2 You Have to  find an Agency  To Get  Someone into Your home to Help you with their care .. ( Like Bathing, dressing, cooking meals for them , Making sure they take their medications .. and Other Things like doing Their Laundry and dishes and other house hold things that need to be done for them Daily ..Also If You Need Them To Sit with them As A companion and Other Things you may need to do to  keep them at Home ..)#3 You Can have In Home Blood Drawing for patients with Diabeties , liver disease , Kidney functions and Many Other tests that are needed usually On a monthly basis .. Which can be done in the Home ..A Dr Just Has to write the orders for them . #4 There are Many Adult Daycares That Are Popping up All Across America to Help with Watching Our Elderly and Our Adult Disabled Family Members   So If you work It Allows You A Place For Your Elderly or disabled Family Member to go to While You Are Working So They Can Be Taken care of and Watched Over Or If You Need A Break Or Have Errands to do You May be able to do So With Having them At an Adult daycare Program …Our Parents and Grandparents Were Always There for us …………So Don’t You Think We Should Be there For Them ?  …………..Why Wouldn’t You Want to Care for Them At Their Most Vulnerable Time in Their Lives? I know I have Taken Care of my Mentally ill Brother inlaw and My Father Law and My Own Mother  .. To Give them Love and care Is something that Touches your heart and Your  life and theirs .. It Makes You feel Like You Gave Something back and That it Matter To Them That You Were There to do so.. That You were There When They Needed You the most .For You Show them Love , Care and Concern and That  you were Greatful to be able to care for them at The end of Their  life cycle ..#5 Then There is In Home Hospice Care Which is Really Wonderful . They Are In Home VNA Care ….These Nurses are Outstanding .. They Go Above and Beyond for Your  Dieing Family Memeber and They help you to deal with it ..They Make You Help Your Dying family Member Comfortable… To Ease Their pain and Manage it with Medications to help them be Comfortable and Know that You Their Daughter or son ( Or whatever Your Relationship is with The family member you are caring for ..)Are There for them Till The End Of Their Life….. When God Calls them Home …Hospice Has In Home Religious Services  ( For Whatever your religion )Like Last Rights and  Helping Them Deal With Their Dying .. Yes it is Trying at Times and It is Something You will Never be Ready For  …But Some How Some Way You Do  Deal with it …. With the Help of others .. Having Your loved Ones In Your Home and Being Able to Care for Them and That Your There for them Means More to them… Then You Could ever Know .. Not to mention you will feel better knowing you were there for them ….To Let Them Live their Final Days With Love , Respect and Dignity… Means More to them than anything .. There is also Hospice Places If it gets to much for you tohandel you Can Have them Admitted for their last few days ..But You would want to be there for them .. So You Would want to keep them in their own beds in your home ot help them Pass with you by their side …Believe Me I know .. Those Are the Last Days Of their lives and I chose to Be Apart of them and to be there with them as They Go Home to God ( While My Other Family Members Are Out On Vacations and doing whatever they want and Not caring for them .. Shame on Them) .. As One will Not be able to get that time back as they are gone from Our world….. Till We Meet Again In Heaven …Now I am Not Saying  You Have to Have them In Your Home to Dye … But You Should be Greatful For the Life They Gave You to Give them Sometime with You in the End of their Life Cycle … To Show Them You Love Them And Care Enough to Have Them In Your Home and In Your Life ..That You Cared Enough to Care for them When They Needed You The Most … That  Is Something You will Treasure for the Rest Of Your Life ….Especially When They are Gone From Our World…So I Hope That In Reading This Article You Will Actually Learn From It .. ……………….I Hope It will Touch Your Heart and Get You to Think about Caring For and Of Your Elderly Parents, Grandparents and Other Family Members Who Need Your Time , Patience ,Love and care … That You Will think about bringing them Home with You at Your home Instead of putting them in a Home Regardless of the type of home… ( Either Assisted living or nursing home )….Because Always Remember No One Is  Going To Love and care For Your Family Memeber As You Would and Could… …There is Always Help Out there for You to do so .. You Just Have to Know where To Look .. I Hope you Will Find It in Your Heart and Take Care of Your Family .. As it Is Our Responsiblity To do so …With That I Bid You Good Day …God Bless..

I Hope this is helpful….Good Luck with Your Loved One …

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Big Pharma … What They and Our own Government Don’t Want You To Know…….Nor Will They Tell You…

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening Or Wherever You Maybe At This Point In time ….I want to take a few minutes to talk to you about Big Pharma , ( As That Is What The Big Pharmaceutical Companies  are  Called ) I liked to start with the first Thing is that these companies are a Joke…. But Yes They Have  created some good medications … Of course .But to cut out all the talk  and reasonings of How these companies get their ideas of  Medications and How they make something that is supposed to be natural and Heal you ..Instead Most of us Do Not even realize That they are  Really killing us..  Please bare with us as We are not trying to sound Like someone who is ungrateful for the actual real progress that Medicine has been made ..( And We Are Not Trying To Scare Anyone…..) Take Polio …It is gone from Our country from the medication We have have developed . ( Which Other countries are still having out breaks and are using the vaccine to cure it ..).Then Take Penicillin , Which was made from mold………………..Who would of thought a moldy piece of bread Would heal someone Right?..Let A Lone save their Life ..Which Penicillin Has saved  hundreds of thousands of lives ( If Not Millions ) ..Here is a good example of How a really good thing ended up Not so good  …Why do I say Not so good ?Because of All the other So Called anti-biotics,That are out there today  Which are Not Natural… Which Means man made them …They are synthetic medications …Which are posion to the human body .Yet these Big Pharma companies advertise them as  life saving medicines and then what do you see ? Two or three years after…com on we all seen it on tv ..One law company after another wanting to sue these big pharma for marketing and making products that will kill you ..Now Not all man made drugs are bad …Big Pharma Wants Us to be reliant upon their medicines and only their medicines That way When You get a certain illness Only their medicine Will Cure You ..Let’s talk about something Big Pharma and Our Government Have been hidding from all of us for at least a hundred years .Why else would you think a government /and A Country would put so much money in Research and Development ?Into these so called medications But When You start to dig and look into these companies You Find Out that when it comes Human Trials To make sure the drug is safe , How come they always do it in a third world country ..like africa ( Which is the biggest ) African people have lost over 7 millions People from the reseacrch, testing and trials of these drugs .. .In the 90’s they had unearth mass graves where Men , women and children who were dead from trying the newest drugs ( Such as AIDS medications and More)You know what their Reasons for this was ? They say Science Requires Sacrafice…But I say Sacraficing Millions of people for a handful of medications that might not do anything But kill you is wrong  and It is a Tragedy …Would We  In America Allow Human Testing Of Medications That will kill you ? This a a shame and an outrage Not to mention Immoral .. Yet These Pharmaceutical Companies are Making Billions of dollars Each year By Human Testing and Trials which they Don’t want you to know about ..You see my friends… Scientist Who work in these pharmaceutical companies Look at people as Nothing more than Lab rats …I believe What I am About to tell you That Big Pharma and Our Government Have known for at least a hundred of years …That Is That Most cures are  In Plants …If Our Scientist in the the world today and Big pharma who back these scientists Would  forget about the profits annd Start caring about People …That would start to look into every kind of plant.. Even mushrooms and Would find a cure for Everything ..There are medicines that I have heard of that come from plants That would rid you of Blindness..How come everyone out there doesn’t know this? ..Anyways Big Pharma Doesn’t Want Us to Know ..and They even pay packs of people to spread rumors of anything that heals people they automatically.Try to dicredit it all .. They  send people to the place where it is and pays them for their slience .So Doesn’t it Irk You to know that Our Own Government , The people who we elected All know about the cures that are out there….. But yet they back big pharma ..Why? Because of Money .. There is No Money to be made in doing the right thing . Nor is there millions in Honesty …Think of this My Wife and I just found Out about a fruit that grows in the amazon rainforest called the muricatta fruit and the people who have all kinds of cancer,and  Have been eating this fruit ( Look it up yourself and you will see All the testiamonials from all the people from all over the world and Even in America who have been cure of their cancer.. ) This fruit is also good for Healing Many of Other medical problems ..An Again ….Why Don’t We ( The American People)  know about this ? Because If You knew  Of It …You Would want to Try it ..Big Pharma ..Doesn’t Want Us To know………….Think of Another thing…. If We could get this fruit to every cancer suffer Who has this disease …The Big pharma Would Lose Billions  Of Dollars Each Year …..That is Not Just Big Pharma That Would Lose Out ..It Is everything else that goes with cancer .and other diseases …..Like the Dr’s, The Surgeron,The Nurses, The CNA’s,The Pharmacys, The  Labs that do the blood work …MRI.,Cat Scan , places That DO The Images to find the tumors ..  and All that goes along with cancer  and other life threathening diseases …..They All Would Lose Billions of Dollars a Year and that part of the medical system Would No Longer be needed.. Think of the Best Thing That would come out of all of this ..If A Piece of fruit Could cure Us ..Than What else is there out there That Would Get Rid of Big Pharma and we all Would be healthy ?… The disease of Cancer would be Gone along With many, many diseases and even viruses .All I can really Do Is Give You this information and Believe it is real.. and there is alot more Natural cures Like this that would make everyone feel better regardless of the conditon …Or Illnesses So What I should Say Is ..If There Are Any True God Fearing People out there in the Medical field that Cares about Healing the people and Not so much about the money…… Then Maybe Things would Change ..One More thing that These Dr’s and Big pharma Over Look  and Don’t want us to know about ..You may ask what it is ? It Is The dandelion… You Know the little yellow flowerweeds In Our Yards … Dandelions Have more vitamin E, More sugar, It leaves you can eat in a salad are loaded with vitamin a,k, b,iron thiamin, ribflavin .It is proven that  dandelion have more than 64 nutrients and health promoting substances in them ..The Dandelions are great for  liver functions and many other health issues …So You see that is just alittle weed We all kill from Our back yards Because We Can’t stand them..Yet They could do more good Than  One Would and could think of .. ….So There are many of other natural remedies Big Pharma Doesn’t Want us to know … Take Some time and check out Natural Remedies You will Be so suprised….. On How Many are out there and No One is Talking about them ….. Big Pharma and Our Own Government Does Not want Us to know ….After All They Would Lose Billions of dollars from their Pharmceutical  medications that are sold and Used through the Country and the world …………. Our Politicans Would Not get the money for their election campaigns to run and/Or  be elected in the office in which they are running for.. Our politicans across the country all have had a stake in Big Pharma …As A way to be elected . After all check out their Income and their investments ..You will find Most Politicans have stocks in Big Pharma…. Some How… Some way ..Whether it is…. They own stocks In these Big Crporations or  Through  Donations To their election campaigns from  The Big Pharma.Corporations..  Drugmakers spent $171.5 million lobbying the federal government last year alone They Are All Connected with Big Pharma …With that I bid You all A Good day …

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