American Politicians And The Working Class Public

[wpforms id=”2767″ title=”true” description=”true”]Our Great  Country of America and the great states it contains .I would love to start with the State Of Rhode Island, The Ocean State : I have been a Rhode Islander all my life…..I have been so proud of my great little state ..We have so much to offer.From Oceans to the bay right down to the beaches and ponds in our Neighborhoods. Rhode Island has so much to offer…Especially our natural resources such as our Bay and oceans , beaches and ponds . Our waters and other great places in Rhode Island that People could and should  come to Rhode Island to visit…… To enjoy themselves while they are here . Because there is many things to do  and many, many places to go …Rhode Island is a wonderful Place to visit and live . Then we have the politicians..Who we and every state in America Have .We need to change the way these people get into office and go from one office to another. Yes I know that politics is about moving up the ladder and going from the bottom to the top and to move up through the channels of one office to another ….Which is why we continue to have the same old politics as usual …Each election Year we are given people who come from one office to another  and wanting your vote to get them in the office they are running for  ..What they don’t and won’t tell you is what  is Hell is their real agenda? ….What is it that they are trying to hide ? What it is they are really trying to do? What is it they really want to accomplish in the office they are running for? Then when they do get elected , They can’t be reachable even when they run for a small office as school committee ..They put themselves  above everyone else …. As if they were god himself  ! Which we all know that they are not ….They are no better than the  average person working 9 to 5 pm daily..the difference between them is they have never had to break a sweat to earn a penny ..These politicians usually come from well to do families with a trust fund.. or at least from some kind of well to do family …They come from  Ivy league schools and Would Not know How to do something physical like  change a tire or clean their own house ..Instead they spent their lives going to countries abroad and from one Ivy league school to another Without any actual life experiences or to have to worry about the cost of that education because their families have the money and it is nothing for them to pay for and why? Which we as working class Americans  rarely get a chance to do because , Of the money issues ( which there is student loans but they to can be costly )and the  fact that you would need a 4. 0 GPA plus to get into the school… these  rich kiddies get in with a 3.2 grade average Because they come from money…. People with Money Run the World …They keep it that way so they make more money without actually doing any of the Hard Labored Work ,That Needs To Be Done . … They get these political jobs , making laws and running things as a way to control the middle class and poor. We Working Class,Americans are left to do what they would Not  ! ……..And in return ,we are kept in the middle class end of the scale .We can not exceed the limits put on Us by the rich ..which means to control the population of the middle and poor class individuals ..On The fact that elected officials are put in the ring by the party…. So The party can control the American people…These people go after the elderly for the vote, So that they can tell them everything they want to do  to please them but when they get into office They Do Not Do  A Dam Thing ! … It is just empty promises ..So I ask How do You Like The Politicians in your state or country? Are they the same old same old ?….Making -Promises they have no intention  on filling just to get into office?  …  Then  make the same promises to get re-elected …?   Well, Let’s Look at the money that these politicians use just to run for office . They are spending millions of dollars just to get into an office .When those millions of dollars they are wasting to getting elected Could Be used For Better purposes…..Than ,When They Do  get into the office They are running for ,They choose What programs they are going to back not to mention ,What they are actually spending the State and Federal government Money on ?We, the people get stuck with the bills. They raise the taxes and then put all things to benefit the rich in place ,So when they do get out of office they have something to fall back on ….So They can continue to rake in the money for their own purpose and use …So We as American citizens need to have these politicians be more accountable  for What it is their are really doing and What they are spending the American money on and for ,…..Especially to the American People…Only Then will the American Politics of entitlement stop ….We The Working class people need to Make them accountable to and For All money that they spend while they are in office …and for what they are spending it on …Yes They say they spend this much for whatever and they show invoices for the money But ,Does Anyone other than the politicians see those invoices? Hell No…..Like In Our small state Our governor is doing road work which has it costs $8 billion dollars  Yeah Right There is no freaking way that the losey roads We have in Rhode Island could cost that much ( It is the profit of big corporation who spend the money to put these people in office to have they collect outrighteous money for a dam  Road) When we have so many other and better reasons to do with the money. Like Homeless and Why is only Now after many , many ,many years of Receiving  federal grants are they Now doing the Dam roads? Which Our city roads are a mess and need replacement.. But just don’t get it unless a Politician lives on the road that is needed to be redone. It Just Doesn’t make Sense…So it Just Doesn’t Get done …Our Government’s  Money says  ” We The People”It  Doesn’t  Say We The Rich People ,The  Constitution Says  ” We the People ” Our constitution Is for all the people  of Our Great Country It is not Just The Rich  So… We the working class and elderly need to stop the Same Old politics ..Our government has gone a muck and we need to take it back .Make them Accountable to you the working class citizen and Then and Only Then Will We all Be created equal …..Government of old ,Needs to be just that Old and done . So that Our Country can Be Great Again For Everyone …

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  2. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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