Families and dealing with the last wishes of a parent …..

In today’s world People who come from different parents in families and have problems dealing with their own families seems to be more and more on the rise.when families grow up and apart and they then realize they did not want to be apart of that family in the first place. So they go out and make a family of their own .Until one day they are forced together by a death of a parent and it forces them to reach out to each other .But somewhere in the mix of things you find out and remember why it was you left the family your grew up with  in the first place . Then one of your family members takes it upon themselves to take over and try to control the death of the parent and some How ruins the last wishes of that parent .Boy what a mess they made .Now their parent is sitting in a freezer draw waiting on her last wishes to be filled but it still isn’t  and won’t .When people grow up and move away ,and they have a tendancy to think they are better then you but their not..They think by being a holly jumper that they are better and they are not , Or for whatever the reason you lost contact with those family members …Even a parent …However, It is you who honored the parent and the took care of the parent even in the most difficult of times, But some How you managed to keep the parent in your home. Then The drama starts and the family you thought you left behind is now at your door . So You make yourself the better person until they leave . Now they want to think they are in control But they aren’t…. SO Now the real drama begins . You have to do what is nessecary to get your parent cremated but her other children ( Who are from another person ) whom do not want to be a part of anything to  do with that parent  and won’t sign to have their parent cremated and to put the parent  to rest.So Now you have to get the court to allow you to put that parent at rest and allow their last wishes to be filled ..I know people make mistakes and families fall apart but when it comes to doing the Honorable and to do the right thing by putting a person let alone a parent to rest and so you and other family members can put it behind them and move on with their lives ….Well I can only Say that if You have parent s or a parent alive and they want You to honor their last wishes and you are ok with it ,Then have them put it into writing before they even get sick.. So that you will know their last wishes will be followed to the end ….If you are distant from your Parents or parent  and they are dying Please try to put things side to do the Right thing and let them dye with love and dignity and be put to rest peacefully …..As they deserve to be …….

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