Scams and Schemes Stop the Abuse …..

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I thought I would write to you today about schemes that are going on out there(  I wrote something to you awhile back about How people scam on the internet .) So I want to  get into How people today Use  these  schemes to scam you out of your money and your identity Some ,That I have been witnessing on my phone, and on the computer and cellphones…Have any of You received a phone call saying there was a virus on your computer or a call saying they are from the Treasury Department or that they are calling from the IRS , and You know something isn’t right?  You know there’s Something That  Just Is not right?   Because of the voice in the background of other people talking   and all the noise and chaos …( Also they have a heavy accent and you can barely make out,What they are saying… )   Well First of all the United States any part of Our government – (IRS , and Treasury Departments, The FBI -or any agency in the government ) Will Not and Do Not call you over the phone and ask for anything…… Let alone your social security number or for a payment especially with a western union  money order or what have you …Well We have been getting calls over the last week from a man claiming to be from The United States Treasury Department ..That he said I am from the united states treasury and you have won 18 million dollars but you have pay something to get it well my wife just hung up .When Have you or anyone heard that The United states Treasury giving Anyone money?Let alone 18 Million dollars? Never!  Has any American ever heard the treasury giving anyone  free money?  No …The accent of the individual Are so Dam thick …..When you could barely understand him…. Then there is another scam on the internet through gmail they are sending you emails from Mrs Melania Trump ( Our first Lady) saying you won money and they need your information  and for a cost you can get it ..Well First of all Our first Lady Would not do this …..Then there is scams on the computer to say your computer has been hacked when it has not but these people get you to call them and give them control over your computer and want You to pay $129.99 to remove it when there is not anything wrong with your computer in the first place SO NEVER GIVE ANYONE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER AND NEVER PAY FOR ANYTHING THROUGH THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING THIS….IT IS A SCAM ..PLEASE REPORT THIS TO THE FB CYBER CRIMES UNIT OR THE FTC ( FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION – WHO OVERSEES CRIMES ON THE INTERNET ) But, We The American people Speak English … THE PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SPEAK ENGLISH ( EXCEPT FOR THE INTERRUPTERS)SO WHEN A PERSON WITH A HEAVY, THICK ACCENT AND SAY THEY ARE FROM THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT OR THE IRS OR WHAT HAVE YOU …YOU SHOULD KNOW THEY ARE LYING AND ARE NOT FROM WHERE THEY SAY ARE! ..ESPECIALLY WHEN THE PHONE NUMBER THEY ARE CALLING FROM SHOWS UP ON YOUR CALLER ID AS A CELL PHONE NUMBER YOU SHOULD KNOW   THAT IT IS A SCAM…. THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT USE CELL PHONES TO CONTACT YOU ABOUT ANYTHING THEY SEND A CERTIFIED REGISTERED MAIL TO YOU… So now imagine if you were 90 years old and you were in your home and your wife or husband died  maybe you have a little dementia and you get this phone call and you have  a little forgetfulness  and you think this is real and this why these people go after the elderly and pray on them ..They don’t just pray on the elderly they will pray on You , me or anyone… It affects the many!  When the many become complacent  things like these happen …So the next phone call you get you can tell them our government would not hire someone who doesn’t speak english that good .( there is one thing these people don’t understand No Part of Our Government , Would call your house  and tell you you owe any money or ask you to send a money order to them .Nor does the government ask for your personal information ) They do everything with certified /registered mail (letters ) privately and discreetly with the agencies letter head… This is something these people who are trying to scheme you out of money or your personal information don’t think about …This erks this writer Because  By calling Our Citizens ( especially the elderly ) and trying to scam them out of their hard earned  money ( Our savings ) and it just isn’t right……I am not one  who thought bad of these people ..These people are cowardly ( I’m not saying they are cowards , Just act it sometimes by the way they act ) I believe because  of the political climate over the last 15- 20 years in this country through the complacency and the ignoring the very important things that have happened and then the regular ones among us like  you .and I and everyone else out there who has to work and earn their money ….We become so complacent and don’t’ do anything about it . To do it together regardless of our color , race or if we were purple pink or yellow …It Doesn’t Matter ….If you were to cut Yourself What color do/would you bleed? Red ,right? So remember about the schemes that are out there that We spoke of ..Because these people are out there and they are getting worse..Remember they are not real and the government does not call you on the phone …They will Not ask You for your information over the phone for your license, Number social security number , your date of birth, or any personal information ..or Whatever else they can get over the phone.. Because they just don’t and won’t ask you for  any personal information ,Especially over the phone….. I just wanted to say there is a quote from Thomas Jefferson which I Believe  and it goes The Tree of Liberty needs to be bleed From Time to Time With the blood of Patriots and Tyrants Alike ..When the power is in the hands of few, It  affects The many………We The People  Need to stand up to the few who are doing these scams to Put them Out of commission …So it doesn’t Keep on affecting our citizens  ….People need to stand up for what is right .Like  If you see something wrong speak up ..If  you see someone picking on someone, Do something about it . If you see something that is not good speak up .  If you know Someone who needs help,Like a flat tire, Help them .If You see someone hunger feed them .If You see Someone  being hurt ,Stop it Or tell someone about it .. the one you may save may be your own .. We The People should bring the good , Back  into your communities…. Bring back What Our Parents, grandparents and great grandparents  were It was all about, The Caring, The Sharing , The Helping and  The Doing for others..Not to mention the honesty and being proud to be an American..

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