A Sign Of The Times …..

[wpforms id=”2767″ title=”true” description=”true”]Good Morning Good afternoon,Good Evening , Or wherever you mabe at this point in time …..I find it difficult to see People treat other people from one bad act in their lives .Where for one reason of another They did something wrong ( that they did as a teenage or what ever) No one seems to let you live it down, Let alone forget about it …Believe me I know first hand because I have been dealing with this type of things for decades….SO  I wanted to talk to you about How neighbors can use misinformation about you  From when you were young to treat you badly and continue to talk about you.Not to mention treat you badly,Because you have a house next door to them they don’t trim the bushes, tress and flowers and let their yards go… So You are stuck with the upkeep ..Now neighbor’s today are not what they use to be …Decades ago, We who lived In  Our neighborhood  Our whole lives , We use to have a block party and cookouts Where everyone in the neighborhood would bring something ( Like Potatoe salad , macaroni salad or whatever )and everyone would get along..We Would all  have something to eat and a drink and be happy  ( The kiddies would all play together and we all had fun )with the neighbor’s in the neighborhood  They would also come together to help the neighbor’s who could not take care of their yards they would come together to cut the grass. Rake the leaves , or take out the garbage …. Our Neighborhood ‘s Today ,Are so different … People barely talk to anyone, Because people today move into the neighborhood and keep to themselves for the most part.. But then you have the neighbor who starts bullshit about someone, or something they heard from another neighbor ..( especially one who no longer lives in the neighborhood) An They treat that person not so nice and it causes tension in the neighborhood., With others ..Making the neighborhood not so nice anymore ….Let me say It doesn’t take much to be a Decent person, A Good person..Start By Not  listening  to gossip and Don’t talk about what you heard , Try to be nice.. Try to get to know the individual… for who they are not what you heard They are  …You may find the neighbor you thought was bad Isn’t so bad after all…. When people start to bring back some of the old ways it may surprise you to see that it is so much better ( Back then things were so simple and people cared .)The problem today is everyone is always trying to out do someone regardless what it is and they don’t realize that they are doing ( maybe they do) but somehow , someway You see that being a little nice may go a long way ,Not to mention it  makes the neighborhood nice again …People need to know that there are repercussions for the bad acts ( whether they are gossip or actual things you have done ) when they should not have been done in the first place .It takes more to be mean and nasty then it does to be nice ..Treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated ….Take the time to know your neighbors …They may just surprise you and you may just like the person you were talking about ….

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