Neighbors…..Taking Care of our Yards…..

[wpforms id=”2767″ title=”true” description=”true”]Good Morning, Good Afternoon ,Good Evening, Or Wherever You May be At This Point In Time ……. I want to talk to You about Neighbors… Neighbors today are not So Nice, As they use to be of years pass…You see decades ago people – Neighbors would come  together to help each other and do Something, Anything for each other and many time s they would do it together .. Whether it was raking leaves ,Cutting grass or the bushes  for an elderly or sick neighbor.. Or just to help someone out for whatever the reason….Today Neighbors have come so complacent..They leave their yards in such disarray ..They Do Not Do Any of the upkeep of yards …Then expect their neighbors ,Who’s yards are affected by the overgrowth, To do the up keep of their bushes, trees and flowers For them .. Where Everyone on the street is cutting their own grass , trees , bushes, and everything to make their yards look nice  But ,One house one the street … It is enough to have to take care  of your own property, But when you have a Neighbor who doesn’t do the Heavy clean up of their property,Such as cutting trees bushes and flowers in the beginning of spring to that they look nice ,and So  They will have room to grow and are easier to care for throughout the summer and fall  …However when planting , plants all different types  such as trees, bushes and flowers especially ones that Do Not grow together, Can  get out of  control very easy.. This  makes it very Hard to keep them under control …So they don’t grow into your Neighbors  yard… Well, First of all You should always look for Plants that won’t over take your yard ..Look for plants that will grow together and are easy to care for.. Make sure Your plants have enough space between them ..So they don’t over grow your yard or into the neighbors yard … Make sure you can take care of them…Make sure you plan for the up keep of them..It is  Your Yard and it is Your  Responsibility to take care of  it… I know that some People may Love to have a yard full of flowers , trees and bushes but Remember when You decide to buy things for Your  yard that you will be the one who cares for them …It is Your responsibility to keep your yard clean  and under control so that they don’t run into your neighbors yards.. Remember ,When you plan to buy a house That the yard is apart of the house and it is your Responsibility to do the up keep of your yard…Think of your neighbors and think How would You feel if it was your yard that was overtaken by Your neighbors yard .I know that most city ordinances  states ,That one can cut trees, bushes and flowers that grow onto your/their property lines …. But it is Not Right Nor Fair for one to have to continue to cut, rake and pick up after their neighbors yards especially through the summer heat …Please be kind Be nice and Do what is right By taking care of Your own Property and Think about How You would feel if it was done to you and you have to do the up keep of your neighbors  yards trees, shrubs bushes and flowers on a weekly basis ? Please try to have a little consideration for your neighbor ….Take care of your  Property ,Because It makes the Value of Your property go down when it is in disarray  and overgrown ..When Your property is well kept and clean from debris  and maintained It doesn’t only make it look nice, It makes the value of Your property go up…… So Please be Kind and Take care of your Property . It is Your best investment ….

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