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I wanted to talk about families today …..When a woman starts out on her path in life and gets married and has children only to find that the man she married isn’t such a good man ..Well many times have women stayed in marriages just because she had children. Then there  are the women who decide to  get a divorce ( decades ago it was hard for women to divorce ) and move on .Then she finds another man who she falls in love with and marries again and now has more children this this man … So then this marriage doesn’t work out but the children from this marriage want to stay with their father  and do …Now these children who are raised by their father  are raised totally different then the other children from the first marriage .. So  then the children grow up  and apart and in many ways different from each other because they are from two different fathers and grew up totally different …… Now this woman wasn’t the loving caring gentle mother but she was their mother .so they go on with their lives and have relationships and marriages with children of their own and now their mother needs to be taken care of but no one wants her to live with them but one the youngest of her children ( who was raised by her father and lived a better life and was raised with god in her heart ) Now brings her mother to live with her family in their family home now all of the other children from the mother’s first marriage doesn’t do  dam thing for her even when she is terminally ill and dying …Until 4 days before her death they decide to come to visit and say their goodbyes …However the real drama begins..Because these children from her first marriage are so ill educated and have ill contempt for their mother but want to ease their own  conscious so they come to see their dying mother and  try to play the role of loving daughter and son but the truth is they only did it to sooth they own guilt……Now the mother dies and they want to  make themselves feel better so they order the youngest half sister  around and tell her what she is going to pay for and what she is going to do …Well the youngest daughter ( and sister ) talked with the mother who was very irate over these other children not being there for her and paying to do anything for her ( Because she needed things and they kept saying they had no money which she knew was a lie because they always bragged about how much money they make and had )  So she The mother had stated if they didn’t come see her live then she didn’t want  them to come see her dead …you see these people always bragged about what they had and what they earned but never could do anything for their own mother or to help with the expenses with the mother ) Also she said if they could do something for her when she was  alive then don’t do nothing for her in her death so the youngest child ( the youngest daughter from the last husband made sure the mother was well taken care of , that she had everything she needed and some of what she wanted ) With out any help from any of the other children mind you this woman had 11 children 2 died and all the others from the first marriage did not do a dam thing for their own mother ..yes this woman was a hard sometimes mean woman but it was because of the life she had of her own …You see this woman had a very hard life from the get going ….as a child she was abused and neglected from her own mother and father ..Also she wasn’t taught  How to love and care, But SHE  DID CARE AND SHE DID LOVE…..in her own ways ….she was still there Mother ..the sad part was the two that came to see her were bible thumpers However they forgot the bible says to honor thy mother and father …..which they did not …so then the mother dies at the home of the youngest daughter who took care of her mother with hospice and cna’s and wash her changed her fed her gave her her medications and all and took care of her right to her last breath ….then these two half sibling come in and want to take over everything …Well the mother had told the youngest daughter to have her cremated and put her ashes in the ocean …However this half sister put her 2 cents in and caused a major problems with the funeral home and the mother can’t be cremated  until the courts give them permission to do so…NOW THIS WOMAN WHO GAVE THEM LIFE IS SITTING  IN A COLD DARK FREEZER ALONE WAITING TO BE CREMATED…. WHAT A DAM SHAME…THEY DID THIS TO THEIR OWN MOTHER AND THEN GO ON WITH THEIR LIVES LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED … NOW THIS WOMAN’S OTHER CHILDREN FROM ANOTHER MARRIAGE CLAIM TO BE CHRISTIANS YEAH RIGHT NO GODLY PERSON WOULD EVER DO THIS TO THEIR OWN MOTHER BUT THEY HAVE……WHAT A DAM SHAME I THOUGHT I WOULD LET YOU KNOW PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU GET SICK AND END UP TERMINAL AND DYING MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL THE FINALLY AFFAIRS IN ORDER AND MAKE SURE IT IS SOMEONE YOU CAN TRUST …PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY AND DO THE RIGHT THING FOR THE RIGHT REASON ….

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