The Rich and The Powerful Politicians and Their own agendas :

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening Or Wherever You Maybe At this point in time..I want to take a minute and talk about Rhode Island , The ocean state .. Rhode Island is know as the smallest state in the union…A state of Nothing. unless you have money…. When You vote for the lady governor and she does nothing for the state but to make friends with people who don’t even live in the state, So she goes places that have nothing to do with our state  it benefits her campagain for re-election…  So She has been to other states just to do so…Sorry Governor ..You should  want to  make our State better with the businesses of the people who put you into office of governor..You made a lot of promises when you were running for office which you haven’t kept many of them Like most politicians do , is talk talk,talk, …Your Our governor You should want To anyone who lives in our state and wants to talk to You….. Stop making people worry about what you can do to them.. Be a decent human being and Governor and do what many would not ..That is  to Have weekly Get Together -Talks throughout of states as a means to  get together with the little people – (working class ) when all they want is to just to talk to You. Have their voices heard and maybe You just might find out that they all have some decent ideas of making Rhode Island Good again…What kinda person/ Governor are you really ? Unless someone can give you tens of thousands of dollars for your politicial agenda and campagain you don’t want to know them…Our governor thinks by bringing more businesses into Rhode Island instead of getting the jobs back here where they came from in the first place , and to the people of Rhode Island …Like manufacturing plants that  were here and left because of the taxes and cost of doing business in Rhode Island  Or any where in the United States for that matter, were to high …So We The American Business Owners have sold out our jobs to anywhere but here ( In the united states Because of Rich people who own these companies  and saw it as a means to  cut corners and stop the unions ( as a way to cut costs )so they send them over seas any where but here …So they can pocket the saving to themselves..  Our Country has privatize the entire country and then Our politicians want to blame each other for the lost of jobs ..WELL WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK… WE NEED TO BRING OUR TEXTILES AND EVERYTHING ELSE BACK TO OUR AMERICAN ECONOMY AND PUT THE MONEY BACK INTO THE AMERICAN PEOPLES POCKETS …MAKE OUR POLITICIANS STAND UP FOR THE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS PEOPLE ..STOP PRIVATIZING EVERYTHING  lIKE HEALTH INSURANCE ,TO GARBAGE PICK UP AND EVERYTHING THAT WOULD FALL UNDER STATE OR CITY RESPONSIBIITY …STOP THE BACK ROOM DEALS FOR CONSTRUCTION JOBS AND OTHER BIDDING JOBS ,THAT THE CITIES AND STATE HAVE THAT THEY HAVE PRIVATIZED …WHICH  THEY SAY ,SAVES MONEY …WHEN IT DOES NOT .ALL IT DOES IT MAKE THE STATE SAVE ON HEALTH INSURANE AND PAY RAISES ..AND INCREASES OUR TAXES …WE NEED TO STOP THE BULLSHIT AND STOP PRIVATIZING EVERYTHING AND PUT THE MONEY BACK INTO OUR OWN ECONOMY..STOP ALL THE WASTE AND Now we have all the rich  and he ploticians who get rich .that are controling all the rest of us..Which is so wrong…Which I think is a bunch of bunk..I just wanted to say from what I have seen through out the state and this whole country is about themselves and what they can get ….WHEN WE SHOULD MAKE THE  POLITICIANS DO THEIR DAM JOB AND BE ACCOUNTABLE TO THE AMERICAN TAX PAYING PEOPLE – TO THE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS PEOPLE  IN OUR COUNTRY …HELLO  PEOPLE ..Then  way the country treats people who have made some mistakes in their lives for what ever the reason and can’t live it down…Then You  have all the problems within our country with the illegals and other things that goes on in our country is a shame..Which we should be sloving all these problems and  put an end to all of it  ..But because the rich throughout Our Great Country made it the way it is …There are better ways to handle what is going on with all the problems that is within the country.. Take back Our country one task at a time …As The old saying goes the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and then middle class becomes no more..Well I don’t know about you people But I’m a middle class person and I do not want to be absolite……Do You?Our State is the smallest But we have the most problems with corrupt politicians who rarely get caught and when they do they go to club fed …Because Our State is so small people have gotten away with things, and continue to do so ( Because the rich are behind a lot of it and they control the politicians who control the police ) Which makes our  state of police action state  and it is wrong…The people are afraid to do anything let alone say anything to rebutt them or to stand up for the wrong …The State of Rhose Island is and has always been about If you have moeny you can do whatever the Hell you want to and no one will Say anything about it ..because as we all know the laws don’t apply to the rich ….. As we all know the rich have always in-stilled to their children that because They have money they are better then everyone ….Which they are not ..also that they can do anything they want to for a price.Our governor has been tooting her own horn,About the road repairs and things she has done … when she has only done it because she received federal money to do so.. Now that the federal government is watching them to spend the money on what it is intended for .. Like our roads which are a mess and our bridges are worse..The biggest probelms with the state and federal governments  are that they have choosen to privatize everything.. The Politicians don’t care that it affects everyone especially the tax payers.The only time the politicians do care about this matter is during an election…I have seen first hand that these state and federal projects such as roads , bridges and other things that fall under state and federal guidelines That Our Taxes are spent on are in the millions…… when we all know it doesnt take much in the material department… It is all labor and personal  profit for the companies who do the actual work …Like fixing our bridges and roads …Then our Wonderful State of Rhode Island, Charges it’s residents who register a vechile in the state a road tax ( Which mind you is already in the state and federal budgets ,) But Our small corupted state charges us for road work they already received federal money for ..So we people of the state of Rhode Island and probably every state in this country  are the suckers who pay our taxes and vote for our politicians who are suppose to act on our behalf, But Act On their Own behalf or peopel like themselves   by spending money and collecting a salary to do so only to do Nothing for the working class people …It’s always something for the rich ( Which we all know many of our politicians are wealthy or come from wealth …)Because rich people pay less taxes then a working middle class citizen and That just isn’t Right…Rich people are who run the political parties have their own agenda  ..So People need to stand  up and be heard …We The people of our Great country want our say in the matter …From Our President, Vice President , to our congressmen and women, To all our politicians state and federal …put back our jobs that were sent over seas and bring them home…. keep our money in America and stop the wasting of our tax money and our political budgets stop the same old same old business of passing budgets with salary increases and stop the life time after support ..with the pensions of our politicians who serve their own agendas while their office to benefit them when they are not …We the people who put our time and money into our country only not to matter when we can’t …. Our states should not put the residents at risk of losing their property whether it is a business or a private living  (house) just because for some reason  they could not pay the taxes that their city or state has put on them for one reason or another  So Instead of focusing on the companies a state has,( To help them stay in business and keep people employeed in that business )For the state to improve the businesses That are there and keep the jobs within the state…  Governors are out and about in other states trying to bring businesses into their State to be able to count them on the tax rolls ..Have the people in our states become so complacent that they just don’t care about what is going on right in front of them ..Only when we stand together will we overcome the unrightous of our politicians  acts and Only when we do will our country become more stable ……We then will have more growth and A more dependable government…… Only then will we all live in harmony…So Please get involved ,get heard and let your vote count..Stand up to big brother- Our Government  and To the Rich, who are behind them….Let the politicians and the rich who are behind them  know That we matter, We Care  and that we need to act now….. Bring our jobs back to our country …So that we are able to make our own products such as clothing ,shoes and other materials such as furniture, cars, and other items we use on a daily basis .. at a decent price and for an honest days pay ….Only then will be able to make them accountable to all the American people …I hope by reading this article you will see you matter and you have the righ to be heard .

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