BABY IN DANGER …..This Should Not Have Happened …..

Good Morning , Good Afternoon, Good evening, Or Wherever You Maybe At This Point In Time …I wanted to take a minute to talk to you all about a situation we have here in Rhode Island  regarding a woman ( A Nigerian refugee) Who came to  our country and had some psychology problems ..Well anyways she ended up getting pregant and having a baby boy, In which she had problems from the beginning with getting close with the baby and she was very rough with  and very harsh with him so the Hopsital  ( Women and infants hospital)  had called the States DCYF  to put a hold on the baby and the states DCFY ( Department of children youth and family services )Had stepped into intervene on the baby’s behalf …They took the baby and placed him in the states care for safety reasons., The state had  the mother  Committed into the mental hospital ( Known As Butler  Hospital) for an eval.  While she was in Butler Hospital , She met a man and  became close too  him , It is not known How they really met . Shortly after being released from Butler hospital she  married the man .. Then became  pregant again.Now she goes into labor and goes  to a different hospital for the delivery of her new baby. This time she went to Kent  Hospital ..The hospital again asked the states DCYF agency to step in , Which they did. However due to an over burden state agency ( DCYF)  The department of children and family services Allowed this woman to take her newborn son home from Kent County Hospital.. DCYF made  a safety plan for the baby and put it in affect . However The saftey plan was no good as they are a short term fix to a very bad problem  ..The mother had gone to the store and  The baby was left in the care of the husband  ( The Baby’s Father) Now this beautiful baby ( Known as Tobi ) has been in Rhode Island Hasbro Childrens Hospital  Here in Rhode Island .He  is in critical condition.. He has a feeding tube to be feed .He requires round the clock nursing care to clear his airway  constantly …He suffers from Broken arms , Broken right femur,Bleeding beneath a fractured skull, 12 fractures in his ribs, a Human Bite mark on his left thigh and a separated hip joint, This infant  is clinically dead.. This Did Not Have To Happen…With the states DCYF agency ,( Which this is not an isolated incident within their department ) Should be there to protect these children ( Who Can Not Protect themselves) YET THIS STATES DCYF FAILED TO PROTECT THIS BABY  .BECAUS ETHIS IS THE 10 DEATH A A CHILD IN THE STATES CARE ..Fourteen months earlier this woman had another child whom she was so mean and So Harsh To and Did Not Bond with the child ,So  For the child’s Safety the States DCUF  took him from her yet they failed to protect  This little baby boy -Tobi Why?

DCYF- DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN YOUTH AND FAMILY SERVICES , DID NOT DO A DAM THING TO PROTECT THIS CHILD /BABY , WHO IS NOW IN CRITICAL CONDITION AND HAS SUFFER SUCH BRUTAL HARM AT THE HANDS OF HIS OWN FATHER AND LACK OF CARE FROM HIS OWN MOTHER..  The Providence police has now charged the father with abuse and the mother with neglect.  BIG  DEAL THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH  FIRST DEGREE ATTEMPTED MURDER  AND WHEN AND IF THIS BABY DIES SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH FIRST DEGREE MURDER ….  THIS DID NOT  HAVE TO HAPPEN  …..THIS BABY BOY – (TOBI ) HAS BEEN HANGING ON SINCE APRIL 3RD 2017 …SINCE HE ARRIVED AT THE HASBRO CHILDREN HOSPITAL , HERE IN RHODE ISLAND .. This  mother should not have been given a seond chance to harm another  baby .. ( Let alone her own baby) Yet she was…. This is such an Unspeakable Phyiscal Harm ..No infant should ever ever endure let alone at the hands of his own mother and father .I wanted to let everyone know People like this exists …..Please say a prayer for this little baby (Tobi ) Who has been fighting for his little life …I want everyone to know it is our jobs as human beings to say Something..If you see Something , Or Know Something of abuse Or Even think a child is being abused, Please, Please Say Something ,Do Something , You May just Save a Child’s life, In doing so!  ..  May God Bless Tobi, May he be Without pain and May he be at  Peace Amen …… Thank You For Taking the Time To  Read This Article .

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