Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good evening, Or Wherever You Maybe At This Point In Time, I wanted to take a minute and talk about the computer /Internet and the fact that people are not using it , As it was meant to be use for ..People who do not want to pay for their advertising  of their website or Business products , Instead they go online and go to blogs and post their  business advertising on a website comment sections  and think people are going to publish them for free ..Well First of all it is wrong  anyway you want to look at it ..People are running businesses and for some reason Do Not want to pay to advertise their products or service.They  think they can get away from paying for those  ads which is a morally wrong …Hello people what is wrong with you? You  people would not like it if it was to done to you and your business site .. Because We Have tried to send you people an emails about what you are trying to do and to ask you to stop doing it but you have your contact page set up with so much bs that you have to go through to post a comment to you Which is a dam joke because you go to a website and post your ads on the comment sections and think there is nothing wrong  with it .WELL HELLO IT IS NOT WHAT THE COMMENT SECTION IS FOR ON ANY WEBSITE …THE COMMENT SECTION IS FOR PEOPLE TO POST A COMMENT ON THE ARTICLES THAT ARE PUBLISH TO A WEBSITE….NOT FOR YOUR PERSONAL ADVERTISMENT OF YOUR BUSINESS OR PRODUCTS, YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL .. AS WE HAVE SAID BEFORE THEY WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED THAT YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME AND OURS ..ADVERTIEMENT ON WEBSITE ARE NOT THAT EXSPENSIVE AND YOU COULD ADVERTISE AT A REASONABLE RATE – IT IS THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS AND IT  IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY TO DO SO ..ADVERTISING ON A WEBSITE COMMENT SECTION IS WRONG . why would you do this to  another person’s blog / website? So The next time you think of posting your advertisement on our website Please think of how you will feel if it was done to you . The federal trade commission who over seas the internet in the united states is tracking people like this who do this to people’s websites  .So If your running a blog or website and someone does this to you please file a complaint with the FTC (Federal trade commission in the usa, ) who work with the FBI  to try to stop these people who do this . SO I JUST WANTED TO  LET YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING THIS TO KNOW WE WILL FILE A FORMAL COMPLAINT EVERYTIME YOU TRY TO DO THIS AS IT IS A WASTE OF OUR TIME AND YOURS AND THEY WILL NOT BE PUBLISH ..ALSO WE WILL BE REPORTING YOUR BUSINESS TO GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK SO THEY ARE AWARE OF YOUR BAD BEHAVIORS …SO PLEASE STOP DOING THIS AS IT IS STEALING AND MORALLY WRONG …THANK YOU ..IF YOU DO WANT ADVERTISMENT SPACE  AT A VERY REASONABLE RATE YOU CAN CONTACT OUR WEBSITE AS WE ARE HAPPY TO HELP ….



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