Tough Times Home and Abroad …….

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening or Wherever You May be at this point in time…I just wanted to take a minute and talk about President -Trumph .Some of things that have been in the news of and about President Trumph, Well there was one I noticed about President Trumph  Went to Puerto Rico . He was throwing paper towels at the public  with a big smile on his face, I mean your taking about an Island  with millions of people with  some major distruction .They are without power, with out water  and without the basic  necessities of life ..That you and I  and all of us take for granted right now and most of us Could care less What happened in Puerto Rico .Well I don’ feel that way ,But I know  there’s a good percentage of Americans  who couldn’t give a dam what happened in Texas and that’s in our own country .Let alone care what happened to Puerto Rico . I don’t mean for this blog to be mean .Or to sound to mean ..But I really am discussed to see that we as citizens of the United States, At  This point in time ,  Don’t care of, For or about what others are going through .Which is a shame .It is upsetting to see that with all the things going on in the world that it takes a major crisis to make people come together . I really wish people could come together to help stop all the hurt ,the pain and sorrow that goes on ,and On a daily basis mind you .I know if I had half the money Our President has I would spend every penny to try to fix problems  in our country . Not just put it aside and do as little as possible .. Through one act of God After Another … That  has ruined the  Carribean and surrounding  Islands … Which had one storm after another as a means to let people know God was  not happy with what is going on there , Yet when people are strucken down and Only  chaos  existed  People went out Looting and taking the Last of what one owned .. WHAT A DAM SHAME …Then the Islands cried out for help from the United States  and other countries ,and the United States was there and is there to Help!  Texas was hit  by Harvey and  Florida was hit by Irma yet they are trying to pull themsleves together after all this chaos…. Did Anyone Offer the United Staes Help? No Yet We Give Millions of dollars to other countries ..When we should be taking care of our own country’s citizens . Our President gives milions of our Tax paying Dollars  to help other countries without any regards to our own citizens here in the United States … Take a Look around you , Really Look to see What is going on around you and really see what it is that is going on around You.  Like the internet . Hello people we are loosing our jobs to robots.Our corporations  Like Kmart , Radio Shack, Sears and Benny’s have gone  out of business ,Because they can’t afford to compete  with these larger online business ..With a touch of a button you can buy anything online ( from the computer ) and have it delivered to your door These internet business are taking over ..Which means people are loosing their jobs to big busines -Internet busineses that are robotic manned Like Amazon, An We Americans are in Big Trouble Because of this..When Is big business/ the rich  going to pay their share ? The Rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the middle class becomes no more . So Please take a minute and think about The people who lose their jobs from internet businesses and think if it were you would you want to lose your job over this ?I think not .So Before you all go online to order something think is this going to cause a person his or her job or what? Think about President Trumph and what he does or doesn’t do on a daily basis and think shouldn’t he be helping the American citizens instead of another country or countries ? Think Is This something American Tax Payers can afford ?   Is this what we want out of our politicans ? Or Is this what we want for our country ? Hello People , Please think before You do , The Job you save may be your own …

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