In today’s world people only seem to think of themselves.. Especially about making money online.. They will do many things that they reallyWould not and  should not  do……..Like posting Advertisements  For Products and Services on Website’s..They use  Article Post’s Comment sections -For their advertisement of Products they are affiliated with …Which is Not What the comment section is for ..  They continue to do so as a means of advertising a product they are trying to sell . They Really Don’t care That what they have been doing is Not only Morally Wrong but ILLEAGLY Wrong…. These people Realize it wasn’t nor Isn’t a very nice thing to do someone..But Still Do It …Well wanted to I say this  because We write articles We feel are of interest to the public on the internet..Then someone comes along to put an adverisement in our comment section .Well  We have written several articles in relative  to this.. So We have Put Blocks in effect to block certain sites and people to post on our site .. Which hadstop the abuse in doing this ..Then out of the blue someone tries to  put yet another full page ad  ( This time it is of porn) on our website.  Well  today We had yet another person trying to post their full page advertisement of porn an online site who prescribes sexual trasmitted disease information and medication and full descritpions of the Sexually transmitte diseases.  Which I Feel Is Very Disgusting…And Has Nothing to do with anything We have ever Posted ….Then  We  get another person posting his Full 4 paragraph Well, I was very upset to see that This person just didn’t give a Dam about Anyone else but Himself to sell his own things on his website … Well We Deleted his Posted Advertisement  and have Blocked his site and Will Continue to do so Everytime Someone Does This ..This Is  Stealing and It is Morally Wrong …I Know He Would not like this if it were done to his website … We Offer paid advertisement at a very Reasonable Rate ..A friend of mind told me something tonight that really bothered me. You see she was one of the peoeple  posting advertisements on twitter and facebook and was thrown off their site for doing so and not paying for the adertisement.So I explained to her that Advertisement is A Business to many ..And It is What I do For a Living …That advertisement space Especially on the Interent Costs Money …So In Talking to her, She stated that if she had realized that what she was doing was stealing advertisement space, She Would have Never done it .You see she has always been an honest hard working individual who always tried to do the right thing and always tried to help people even when she didn’t have the money she still gave .. So She said she would never do it again..Then she  contacted the company  in which she had been selling products for , To notifiy them that the workers were stealing advertisement space on Websites ,Just to sell their products . She also told them that the reason they do this is to not take the blame for Encouraging Their affiliates into stealing advertisement space that they know costs money . JUST TO SELL THEIR PRODUCTS ..Well  I think The man on the other end of the phone was SHOCKED .. Either  HE Knew what she was telling him was right or  shocked Because HE GOT CAUGHT .. HE  GAVE HER EXCUSES  and hung up on her .. That goes to show that many Businesses who Promotes affiliates to sell their products for them online, Will Encourage this kinda behavior .So Please before you click a link in someones blog Remember This That if You are going to buy a product online, PLEASE, PLEASE ,PLEASE  DO NOT BUY IT FROM A ILLEGAL ADVERTISEMENT POST THAT SOMEONE INSERTED ( PUT) INTO A WEBSITE COMMENT SECTION … PLEASE BUY FROM A LEGAL ONLINE BUSINESS …ONE WHO PROMOTES ITSELF THROUGH LEGAL ONLINE ADVERTISEMENT ..WE ALL NEED TO STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND SPEAK UP FOR SOMETHING ILLEGAL AND MORALLY WRONG .. ADVERTISEMENT COSTS MONEY AND IT IS A COST OF DOING BUSINESS FOR ANY BUSINESS… NOT TO MENTION IT IS A LEAGL BUSINESS…..


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