Shooting Between Children … Over Bullying on facebook ..


In today’s world, Children are bulling other children for many,many  reasons..I was reading in our local newpaper that  In Taunton Mass .A 13 year old boy Shot and seriously injured a  12 year old boy Who he knew . It all started on Facebook., Where this boy was bulling the other boy .. The 13 year old was arrested and charged  with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and discharging a weapon within 500 feet of a dwelling.It is currently under the Mass. Department of Youth Services.Both children are from East Taunton Mass. The victim is currently in stable condition with a gunshot  wound to the arm .The bullet went through the back of the arm and rested  lodged in the side  rib cage of the child ..What an ordeal for any child to go through ?Especially over a child Fued  Of bulling. Many Parents don’t realize that their child is capable of Bulling another child for whatever the reason ..Many parents think it is harmless. Other Parents sayThat they went through it as a child and the child will get over it.  Unless it is their child who is being Bullied …Somehow these children Don’t realize that when they bully another child it hurts on many levels. The Old saying of Children Live what they learn and learn what they live so very true . Children go through so much Growing up with their own bodies changing with their own emotions  and other things they go through as children ..That No Child needs to feel bullied for whatever the reason.. Bullying  is wrong and it is our job as parents to stop this .. Children who bully have come far in the manner they chose to bully ..This did not have to  happen .. It should not have happened.. Especially  One child shooting another child with it’s parents guns ..Guns should not be accessible to any child . Parents it is Your responsibility  to teach our children to be kind be nice and to understand the indifference between children .That children go through changes with their bodies and feelings that they don’t understand and then to have another child bully them about those changes Is just wrong on so many levels ..An In some cases children who come from poor families and parents can’t afford the latest fashions or what have you and children pick on other children because They can and  that is wrong .It is Our job as parents and grandparents to teach our children and grandchildren not to bully another child .. To teach  Our children to understand not all children have what they have or that children will go through changes in their bodies , their voices will change and they will grow .. It is also Our Responsibility to teach our children respect of others ,Not just adults but children too… To Plain and simple explain and teach our chidren To not bully another child for whatever the reason ..This is so wrong on many levels  and it is all of our Responsibilty to  teach Our children not to do so.. Bully has come under fire in the last decade because these children have gone to the extreme of now shooting another child for what .. Bullying to make oneself feel better Is not the Answer to any situation .There is so much pain and suffering in the world today that we as human beings  should not want to create more ..Especially within Our children ….Please talk to your children and talk often About Not bullying a child or anyone for that matter … Because they will Regret it Someday …..Not to mention They may do something That will Affect their lives in many ways and Jail may be one of those ways in which a child who bullies another child and then shoots them in the heat of the fight might have to endure …For the rest of their Lives…And It Will Live with them  for the rest of their life Please , Please , Please stop the Bullying …

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