Stealing …..Caught In The Act….

We at Savasta Enterprises, Try to give Informative  Articles  where People can comment on them if they wish to do so  . We have found that people are at best decent enough to use the internet with problems.. As It was meant to be  used for ..However there Are  The Ones who misuse it faudulently ..Bye all means possible  to take Something  for Nothing and  Try to steal Website ‘s space as a means of advertisement ..What They don’t want to Understand It is Morally and Criminally Wrong ..We Have written many Articles on this subject .. Yet They Just don’t Care ! Criminal Behavior On the Internet is so wrong on so many levels ..People think they can steal or committe crimes and No one Will get caught or not one will get hurt .Well This is so so wrong .Because Online Businesses are On the rise ,Today  You can do or buy Just about anything online today .. Well This morning Yet again, We had another couple of people  trying to steal advertisement space, Again ..However We deleted the comment Which was a 23 paragraph Advertisement ,So We went on the site Of this person who was trying to steal advertisement space for his own corrupted means of selling college papers for students In School..For students Who don’t do their Own term papers for their classes to earn their credits to complete the course. WoW , We found this person had stolen a woman’s online site for her Own Brick and Morta store. He used this woman’s site as a means to sell his papers and Tried to use Our site as a means of advertisement for that site . Well We deleted the posted comment of advertisement  for this and I called the Phone number for the store. Which he left on the site he stole  from The woman who owned the store …She was shocked , Yet she told me she had let an employee go and she thought it may be that person.This woman told us that she didn’t know much about he computer and she had the site done for her business . We told her to have her site checked to see if someone went through her back door or hacked the site itself .We also told her  to see  if there was something wrong with her site…She was extremely happy to see someone she didn’t know bring it to her attention. So We wanted everyone to know these things happen especially online .However we all could take a lesson in this and know that This Behavior  is wrong on many levels .. So If  You are one of these people who try to steal advertisment space from any Website or If you steal a website for Your own illegal use, Before you do…  Please realize that we are honest hard working people trying to make a living or trying to run an honest clean website to give people informative Articles they can read an comment on thoseArticles ….Not for Your personal use of advertising a site you stole from another hard working person .. Online business need to stick together . So If you own a website Please check it regularly and make sure your site is secure ..

Thank You All For Reading..We Hope this will help Onlines business to  continue to thrive…………..

Savasta Enterprises..

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