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In Today’s world there are so many people trying to get over on everything and everyone ..Well I wanted to talk about hospitals ,doctors, nurses and any of many health care workers who  are in the healthcare community….First I want to say that many people don’t really  want to work . Most People seem to do the least amount of work with the maxium amount of pay..We have written several articles about a woman who takes care of her family and that she has been through so, so ,so much with taking care of her family .This woman is incredible. She has many major health issues herself .Yet ,She has taking care of people her whole life . She has been taken care of her mother and brother in-law for over a decade ( with caring for 2 people all the time in her home)  Recently she  lost her mother and now is taking care of her brother inlaw.. Who is mentally diabled and functions like a 3 year old. Well now the brother in -law is in the hospital again ( which he has been in the hospital 3 times in the last 6 weeks now this is 3rd time..He Now has many symptoms of cancer himself so She had called the rescue again to take him to the hospital..)Now he seems to have created more medical problems and continue to decline in his medical and mental status. He is in the hospital again and will go through alot of medical tests and screening to see if he has cancer throughout  parts of his body . Now this woman has been through so much and is now facing losing yet another family member.She has always been there for her family and community whenever she could .However now that she is facing losing yet another faily member she is over burdened with medical costs that she just can not afford ..We have asked everyone to help keep this wonderful woman and her family in theier family home .Yet we have not recieved any help for this woman and her family .Someone hd suggessed she go through the state for help yet she doesn’t meet the guid lines Becasuse she is not poor enough to get the help she desperately needs …So We are Asking Everyone Who visits Our Site To try to donate something .As If everyone Donates alittle ,We all Together Can and will be able to help a Wonderful woman Keep Her family in their family home ( which is the only home they have known ) and to keep them all together …It is a Dam shame that the Medicare and Medicaid guidelines are only to keep Hospitals ( Which cost OutRageous Costs…) These faculities are paid hundreds of million of dollars each year Only to make These places and the people who work within them Rich .. Medicaid and Medicare spend useless money on the most stupidest things yet won’t help families keep their family members at home in their own home .Instead they would rather spend hundrends of millions of doallars to house them in Nursing Homes, Assisted Living ,Mental Hospitals, Mental Group Homes, Home health care agencies,  and other facilities to house the elderly and disabled people With the lease mount of work ..Most these places are just warehousing them …Our countries Medicare and Medicaid systems Need to have a  total Over Haul of the systems and make them work for the people who need and have them….  Not make these people who own these facilities ,and the People who work within them Rich  .. It seems that the United States  Government Needs to go through all the Programs and Departments that use Our tax payers money…Through The Country’s Budget ,Who pays for  the medicare and medicaid programs and actually go through them one department at a time and make better  programs and department that our country elderly ,and mentally disabled who desperately need the care ..Turn Medicare into a must and must do program instead of being so lax and not caring make these people should a postive and good turn around give people a quality of care and quality f life programs not just ware house them til they die .. Let people have alternative to be able to keep their loved ones at home with actual love, care, and concern  from a family member who loves them and cares about what is going on with them. Let Medicare pay the family to care for their loved ones provide what they need at home instead of hospitals and nursing homes , assisted living and other facilities who are getting paid a hugh amount to do nothing but warehouse these patients  and this in itself would cut costs of Medicare and Medicaid  probably in half if not more ..People today have lost the care and concern of and for others and it should not be acceptable let alone be pad for it … Hospitals and  homes  that are paid a hugh amount of Medicare and Medicaid costs that these places see these people as cash cows not human beings … and for what to get rich from the medicare and medicaid systems that these people drain funds from .Hello people we need to come together and make our country be accountable to and for their actions or Lack of their Actions and getting paid for nothing is not solving anything …It hasn’t worked in the last 25- 30 years………..Wo why doesn’t President Trumph look into these programs and start to help the families of these people keep their families at home and care for them at home and pay them to do so ..Without all the Red Tape and give these families the ablities to do so ..It would cut costs alot and it would give some of these people a better quaility of life instead of just warehousing them.. So As We Have asked, Please donate to this worthy cause and Help Us help this family keep them together and in their home ..Please Donate whatever you can ..It will help if we all pitch in and come together ..We can make a difference one donation at a time and by helping one family at a time we can show Our President Trumph that caring and concern for someone does exist and we can do this together ..Maybe,Just Maybe Our Presdient Mr Trumph will Look Through the Medicare and Medicaid systems to stop the warehousing of patients and keep them at home with their families  and see it can be done and it ill be a better quality of life for them ..Thank You all For all Your Help and Concern and We Will Keep Everyone Up to date About this family and the donations we raise for them

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