Problems of problems ………..

Good Morning, Good Afternoon Good evening , Or Wherever You Maybe At this Point in time ….I Wanted to take a minute to talk about problems … Any kinda problems…A Problem is a problem, Right? Even if it is a big problem like President Trumps wall let’s  say …The man wants to build a wall to keep people out ..Yet He hasn’t done anything to even start it ,Yet ..There is no machines no materials or anything  of construction plan  to even start .Nor is there any look there of to even get ready to build a wall ..You see The  problem is That the wall is not being built .So you are not running into the problem like people lying or wanting to walk off the job or anything like it..Because they haven’t even started so you see there is No problem., Because the wall is not being built right now .. A problem is a problem …So Why make it more difficult than it has to be ?You see the world is full of problems ..I bet 90 % of people don’t even know what the problems are in the world today ?Yet many people don’t do anything to stop the problems  …I don’t doubt if many people blame themselves for the problems We have in our lives  and everywhere else..Yet the problems continue  and No one does anything to stop the problems .Some people just can’t live without problems and chaos in their lives…Which  is really ridiculous in itself ..  Many politicians who promise one thing and do another and say their going to do something yet never even start, Which is a problem within itself because this is what gets these people elected into the office they are running for ….Like The wall Our President wants to build would make our border of Mexico  Safer and a little bit hard to come across and help stop the mass of  immigrants coming into the country illegally through Mexico regardless  of what country they really are coming from…It seems that Mexico is a border county for anyone wanting to come into Our country and use Mexico as a means to do so…..Which is a huge problem in itself ….Then there is problems within the community like the hospitals and dr’s and even the city rescue and fire departments ..When a rescue from your local area is out on a run regardless what for,The fire department  sends the next closest rescue which in a life and death situation means time and time is important in a heart attack ,a stroke or something else that is life threatening and many times costs a person their life… No one seems to care ..Which is a bigger problem the  lack of care concern and  for someone that isn’t their family or loved one is an even bigger problem .. Then you have the hospitals who make millions of dollars each year from the patients they treat..Regardless if the person lives or dies they still get paid and that is an even bigger problem.. Then you have Health insurers like medicare and medicaid and the way it is set up is a huge problem for many many americans and it just is not right ..Doctors today won’t even write a prescription ( for the same medication you have been taken for years ) without seeing you as a means to bill medicare for the office visit to do so ….Instead of calling the prescription into the pharmacy ( Like years ago )..Doctors want to be paid for everything and anything from sick visits to writing the prescription .They act like gods and think they are gods and when someone dies due to their negligence then they run and avoid the Person seeking answers …..Which is a big problem in itself, So You see there are many many different kinds of problems in the world today..Yet many many people lack the care and concern to even try to fix these problems .Due to the fact that people are greedy and people want what they can’t have ..Or people will do anything to get what they want….Which it  really is not right ..  People need to step back and look at things as, Is it right or wrong? Is it black or white ? Is it that  You are doing it because you can and not because You want something ? Stop using excuses …Take a look at yourself and things around you………..Think about if it were You,  How would You feel ? Think about Would you want it done to you? Think about the outcome ? Think if you could change it , Would You ? Think did this really have to happen? Why it happened ? When we stop and think about all of these questions …Actually do something to change the way we as people act and respond … Only Then will we actually begin to solve the problems in life. Only when we as Human being look into ourselves and How we behave, will we understand  and begin to heal to be a better person and be a problem solver not a problem maker .Only when we come together as united we stand divided we fall will be begin the healing of our country and Our people .Only when we think before we do will we know what is it is to do the right thing for the right the reasons … Only when we  have compassion, care and concern for others, Will we  as Human beings Truly  begin to solve problems not make them …………

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