Tom Brady …… “Shut Down”

In today’s world we Have become so Use to the mudame, Bullshit of people saying things that really should not .. Especially About Children ….I Am Writting this Article in Regards to a Article I read in  Our Local Newpaper..About A sport critic  Named  Alex Reimer who has been  a Co -Host on the Radio Talk show   The Kirk & Callahan show . Well Tom Brady was on the show Monday, When He Shut down the radio interview  Due to the host ( Remier) Making a smart Aleck remark about Brady’s 5 year old daughter. (Which Is Something Most critics or reporters would never ever bring a person’s child( ren) into the mix )..Well Alex Remier Did .. (who wasn’t on the air at the time) Made a comment  about Brady’s daughter which caused Brady to shut down the show ..Remier Called Brady’s 5 Year Old Daughter “An  Annoying Little Pissant” What The Hell Is Wrong With This Jerk? No one ,In any kind of  Reporting or Critic of Anything,  Would Never  Put A Child In the mix of Anything Let Alone Something So Mean Nasty and Rottten as Remeir Did.. (Children Should be Off Limits In Any Area of News Especially In Sports, Acting or News ..Children Are Innocent and Should be left out of things …BecauseThey Don’t Deserve to be Put into the Hazey world of Reporting … Remier went to Far.. Remier has since been Suspended from the show .Tom Brady,  Will Now Evaluate Whether or Not He will return to the show .Wow If I were Brady I definately Not return ..Many people who are targeted  As news for whatever the reason Knows Yes they may get the worse from some as you can Not Please Everyone and Things Happen ( Which sometimes there are things One can’t control )  But No One exspects their Child(ren) to be Called such  Rotten things this man went way to far … He should not return to the show period .. He has made a name for himself in Sports and thought he could say anything to anyone he wanted to and No one would care …. But  He Went to Far ..He seems to be The One Who Is An Annoying Pissant , Mark Patinkin  Said it best  That Remier Should Look Into the Mirror.. Brady Handled Himself Quite Well… Thanks For SHowing Us all Your the Better Man ..

“Happy Valentines Day “….2018 .. From The Heart..

In today’s World ,Especially  In Our Country… People are always in A Hurry to pass a Holiday by quickly .. Valentine’s Day is no different… It is a Holiday Of Love.. Really it is just another day to give  Our Hearts to the One We Love .. Also It is another day that many businesses cash in on ..Many, Many,Many Companies  rely on People Men and Women, To buy their products…To show their loved ones that they cared enough to buy something special.. Millions of dollars are spent each year , Especially on Chocolates and Flowers …. .. As the Holiday approaches …..Then the Day after it seems Everything is half priced .. Sometimes even less….Just so they may sell the rest of the products they have bought for their stores. How crazy is it ..To have bought something for someone only to see the  price cut in half ? Which tells us that these stores are Preying on People to buy these products at an inflated cost …….Imagine this….. If No One bought  products for whatever Holiday it is and Then the day after go out to buy something at half  the cost …Wouldn’t it just be nice to see these products at a lower reasonable price?  So …That Everyone would have a chance to buy their loved ones something special and at a reasonable price? However , History has a way of  repeating  itself…. And  In Business .. inflation  is No different.. .. People Don’t Care of the cost of showing their loved Ones they care ..Or that They took the time to buy something special  to Earn their affections ..Especially on Valentines Day … So This Year On Valentines Day Take a moment and Really think about your Loved .. and Think of How they will respond to that  special gift you have bought for them ? and Then think if the cost Is  worth How they will react ? That alone is worth everything ,Isn’t It? So Hope your Valentine’s  Day is As Sweet With Emotions as Those gifts you buy … .As  One said…….The gift of a giving from One’s  Heart is worth more than all the money in the world … .. Have a Wonderful Day …


America’ Under Trump????

Good Morning,Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Or Wherever You Maybe At This Point in Time ….Someone asked If I would write some more about Our Country’s President ( Chump) Oops I mean Trump..I am not going to sit here and try to derail the man.Because Myself , I don’t know the man personally ….Which I would like too But as I have said He Is Not A People Person ( Well Not the Working class People anyways )If He was a more a social person or maybe If he didn’t come accross so brash.. Which is One of His biggest faults…In which I don’t believe he realizes How much it affects his persona? ….So What else can we say about this man or more to the point where do we begin?Well let’s start here,Mr president, According to himself, He has been In office 1 year and He is already telling the Amrican  people That He has in one form or another Done more for Our Country than the last 16 presidents before him ..Which I read it in Our local newpaper …. In this country believe me the media Does Not Really Tell the honest Truth Anymore. ( Which President Trump Does Not like the Media and He blames the media for Alot of America’s Problems ) In Truth, the media in pass decades Did tell the truth ..That is How, Ever since the Revoulationary War  the American people got the truth in the news .Today It seems to me that even Our Government Holds back Alot of the truth…. Especially about things that are so Called Top Secret …Most the stuff they call top secret, I would say is top Bullshit , and Most of it is …Now President Trump, Wanted to fire the former head of the FBI – Director Mueallur , Because Muellur wanted to investigate Trumps connection with the Russians ..Which this topic keeps coming around to surface… Only to Fire This man for doing his job..Now President Trump  Only continues to Bicker with this man back and fourth..Only to keep beating a dead horse on the issue …..Then there are People in this country , Alot of people mind you ,Who really believe that Mr Tump Is going to Drian the swamp as He Puts It ..( As President Trump calls it ) To get rid of all the undesirables ( as homessless, blacks, Gays, Unwed mothers,  immigrants, drug addicts , Anyone who doesn’t agree with his views….)Alot of Americans Do Believe the reason for all of this is Not to lower crime as he says , But like he said in Norway, I’d trade a thousands Haitians for 5 of Norway people to come into America… Which Many Believe he wants America to be the white America Again.. The reason I say This is Because just last week he told a reporter that  Haiti and Africa and Other third world countries are just Shit hole Anyways and Then Denied Saying It … You See That Kinda Unstableness, In his Decison Making Is the reason Why People are saying He Has Mental Issues …Then There is Tom Steyer Who Has Put Alot of his Own Money Into Starting the Process Of getting the  Impeachment process  To Impeach President Trump..Which He has More then  1.3 Million People already and Counting .. One More thing For All of you In America Who Read This Article Please Do Not Be So Quick To Toss this aside ..Read It, Think ABout it Do some of Your Own research and You Will find ( Unless you voted for the man ..)that the longer You Pay attention to How this man Carries Himself It Should Be A No Brainer . As to what The American People Should Do…. With That I Bid You A Good Day…..

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“STOP ” “Online Scams and Schemes – From Stealing Your Money … “

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In today’s world , People are venturing into the world of the unknown with the internet and the business that are popping up everyday . Everyday There are more and more companies claiming to be able to make You hundreds of thousands of dollars with the click of a button. Is this true or is it a scam.? .Well as a person who has been looking through alot of the online companies claiming to make people thousands , hundred of thousands and in some cases millions of dollars each year with their system and assistance. I have found most aren’t what they claim .Well, Many people who are setting up these sites are just trying to suck you into their scams and schemes … I have seen and heard of many ,many ,many different online  money making so called businesses By these so called want to be gurus and claim they can make you millions of dollars if you buy their programs and follow exactly what they say and how to say it.. That  you too can be a millionaire or at least live very very comfortable. When The bottom line is that you only get out of Anything the Amount of What You put into it..Whether it is Your Time or Your Money and in some cases both … Because your time is money and money is time and your time is valuable ( Right ) ? Well as We have seen these so called gurus ( You Know Someone who thinks he/she knows Everything about the subject he/she is trying to get you to jump into ) are only lining their Own pockets with your money..They prey on Your need to make money to support yourself , your family , your home and whatever exspenses you have.. The bottom line is that you are not going to be a millionaire over night ..Making Millions of dollars take time and money as the old saying goes it takes money to make money and that is so true .. You only get out of something what your willing to put into it.. People are being suckered into these companies with the promise that they will make money overnight and at a vast rate .. Well, From What I have seen and heard and actually experienced  People just don’t make the money that these people claim.. There are a few that are good and that will furfill what they promise…But remember you get what you pay for…You have to decide if it is worth,Your time and Your money ?.. Many businesses promise that you will make money online over night … Well No one makes that kinda money over night .. It takes time and money ..Then there is the subject of, How true is their program …Think about it if someone had a proven way to make money, and over night without any hassles or any labor ,Why would they want to sell it to you for such a small about of money? ..Many of these Companies offer you their programs from anywhere from $27 to $97.00 and in some cases thousands of dollars just to begin… And believe me it takes time to know their program…How it works and what they can exspect from it .Not to Mention That They seem to keep the control over The entire system So They Make money off you making money and are always the first one to be paid .Which it probably will take you anywhere from a couple of months if not years, Just to get yourself fimiliar with thier program(s) …Then maybe you will start to make money ..People who want to try these programs are desperate .. They are in debt and need an income fast .. With the promise of making thousands  if not hundreds of thousands of dollars they think well $27,$37,$47,-and even  $97.00 is not alot of money and they are willing to try anything to Be able to make a decent income to pay their bills and to live ..So They spend the money…Thinking they are going to be their own bosses and make some decent money in doing so .When about 80 percent of the people never make it pass the first stage and it is unbeliveable, How These freaking people can do this to anyone …Let alone someone who is desperate to earn a living to take care of them and their family Only to be dissappointed with the out’come  of spending more money that they just Do Not have !One has to ask why ? Why would someone want to prey on someone so vulnerable? Why ?  Because in order for them to make a living and live beyond their own means they are out on the internet trying to screw every last sucker they can, So They can continue to live the lifesytle they have become use to…Then you have affiliate marketing which many of the so called good ones want a vast amount of money just to be able to try to make money from them ..I often wonder If these people’s ideas,programs and companies are so great and want to help so many people, Then  why charge for it ? Why go after people who are so broke and vulnerable? Because it is those people  Who Believe  in What They are saying and Who want a chance to support their own families and are willing to try anything to do so .. How freaking wrong it that ? Well, It is Very Freaking wrong on so many levels … People around the world who claim they have program and a system that works and will make you money without much work or time all on it’s own, Are scamming you and out right Robbing you …No online Business, That is legal and profitable and  Actually works and Will make you a decent income would or should charge anyone to do so …Think about it …Many  of these people who claim their system will work but what they don’t and won’t tell you, Is that they were Where you are and They went through the same bullshit and heartache of  trying to make money and instead of getting a job and doing something honest, They came up with these programs that they want everyone to believe they are making millions with it..That They are only making Money from the sales of their so called system and it is  morally wrong on so many levels ..Lets put it this way, Would you exspect to buy a franchise of dunik donuts for penny’s on the dollar without working in it to keep it going would you ? I Don’t Think So…Franchises cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and it takes alot of time and effort to run them and keep them making money …So Why would you think spending a small  amount of money  to make millions?These so called Online gurus  are just taking your money to line their own pockets and will continue to do so as long as people continue to buy these programs and give away their money ..Stop…. The wastless spending of Your money for these people to continue to live a lavished lifestyle that they do, On your dime..  These people are Minipulating People online Everyday and They say only a few People will get their programs at such a small  Cost ..So People will believe what they are saying … These people are making money at other peoples exspense .. Making money online is possible, But It takes alot of  time , effort and money … Like I said Before ….You Only Get something out of what you put into it ..Believe me, You would be better off setting up your own online business and spending the money to make your own website and online business and run it from your own home .. Then you will be able to see daily just how you are doing.. And the money you will be making will be an honest and A decent income..  Not to mention your own money and Your not getting someone else rich in doing so .. So , If you have any idea of sinking any money into any of these online companies that promise you a quick turn over and guaranteed  of making money,Than Please check out the company and check out the system look them up… See if there are any complaints about them through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Federal Bureau Of Investigation ( FBI) .. And The (FTC) …The Federal Trade Commission Who over sees the internet  ( scams and schemes On it )….Then go to online forums and social medias and look into the company you are intrested in.. Then when you have all the information on the site, The program and the companies  that your thinking about using and buying ,Will you be able to make an assessment of them..As if it is a Respectful ,Reliable ,dependable , And the Accuracy of the company , For you to make an informitive decison to do so .. Please Pay attention to what you are doing within these programs and companies and what exactly they are offering and for how much .. As I have said then you will be able to decide if this is something You want to  do and invest in ..  Good Luck ..

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America ..Not What Americans Want…

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening Or Wherver You Maybe At This Point In Time…. We want to talk about what is going on in America …We Think it is a Dam Shame Of what is going on in Our Country..Right now in America it seems to be terribly divided, Something that has already been fought for ( in 1783) which gave Us freedom after we had Defeated the English..Now today We act Like England is Our best friend  ( Which is good in it’s on way )…In this writers opinion…One who  Knows that even in those times, All England wanted was Our Land…. Which many people have been fighting for,All accross the world ….But this post is not meant to Alienate Anyone  Or  Any Country in the World.  Our politicial climate here ( In America) with Our President,( Mr Trump) Is Not what most citizens want,exspect or believe in …So I guess You could say to be funny that in Countries where the people hate Americans … (You know The Ones who have terrioristic activity and are Full of hatred  against the American People) ..Somehow , Someone should pass around to those terriorists, To drop Their guns,and deal with their problems and  countries around them ..  and forget about America..Because of what is going on, is Not the Amercan People’s doing..Nor do we  even want to be at war with any of you… It is the Politicans agendas here and abroad .So We, as people No matter where you live…We all should try to come together ,As God Would want us to..As his people and do his work …Not the work of greedy ,selfish individuals who haven’t earn what they have ( which they have been handed or stolen ) So what I am trying to convey to you all is that We all and Not just Americans , But All of us rich or poor… men, women or children .Should come together …Imagine if all of us stood together not just for one.But for all of Our countries …Wouldn’t that be a site ? To Actually see people getting along …The best part that would come out of it and I do not believe in killing anyone or anything at all …Is that  these politicans in Our countries, All need to go… We need to start over..Start over as people… We all bleed the same color RED… Why doesn’t anyone and everyone belive that there is only one god and something higher here .?..It really befuddels my mind.. That people such as yourself and even people in worse conditions all around the world could Not rise from the muck and mire they are in ..There is no reason why We ,Should not use this wonderful device ( the computer ) to use it …and to get rid of these people who want to leave us in the mock and mire..Maybe then these individuals could  really see what it is like to struggle …Maybe we could and would come together as human beings and put the violence to an end… Forever…and instead of violence work on peace ..Stop the rich and help the people who really need it and deserve it… Then we would begin to heal and begin to become the people we were intended to be .. a decent human being ….With that I bid you fairwell ..

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Cannabis within ….Politics, Guns and police…

Good Morning Good Afternoon Good Evening Or Wherever You Maybe .We were asked to write another article on cannabis, first I would Like to have You all answer a few questions…Is It Growing questions ?Or the political end of growing ?Because the political end is the problem …Ok,  I guess I we go with the political end for now. Today is Monday and I am sure you all are aware that the Government is closed…. ( Because Trump is acting like a baby …..Again, But Don’t be fooled…. This whole government shut down was caused by the Democrats  not the Republicians -Anyways They are all acting are babies on both sides ) So can you see now (Alittle) of what we are dealing With ? That they can’t even agree on whatever it is that caused the shut down ….Oh I know, what it was… Those Dam Immigrants again…But on the other hand…. Aren’t we All Children of an immigrant? I know I am …and I know Mr Trump is too ..Like I told you all before,  If You really want to see Cannabis to come into it’s own  bonafide business that anyone can get into ( Not just the rich )… But It is Rich (  DON’T LET ANYONE FOOL YOU ) Who Are the ones who are controlling what you can and can not do ..In This writers opinion, ,That is why I keep calling for everyone to stand up and write Your Politicans, Judges, or  Anyone with any bit of power that will listen.. ( Especially those For it ..) And Do you Know who the ones who really have the power are? It is  the ones over 80 who have lived life …Yes I know alot of them think cannabis is bad… That is why we need to educate them and Not rush to madness or even Push Our Views on them because we have to Remember. That Our Government has made these people think cannabis is totally bad..This was 60 years in making That We need to get rid out .So That they will see it is just an herb like basil , dill, pepper, oregano, or any other spice. The only difference is the way it is grown and what is does …I have realized That this one quote my father told me long ago,  That even the most smartess people among us would get nervous if he had something like cannabis in front of them and did Not know what was or what to do with it ..So It seems today instead of calling a friend and saying I have this package and don’t know what it is and can you help me find out what is it and does?..Or if he didn’t know they would most likely because of the days we are living in they would call the police… Who would only arrest you..Because I would like to  tell you ( even though you think the police are good) They are Our enemies ( In This Matter ) …Why would I say that?   Well Look back On 2017 ..I have seen and heard over 30 killings by cops eager to shoot first and ask questions Later.. ..Has anyone seen the last one , where a black man who was wheel chair Bound and the cops asked him to put his hands up and he told them , WTF,  I can’t! …Then they opened fired on him killing him instantly ..You could hear the bullets hitting him as he fell out of his wheelchair onto the street…. Dead.. Now to this writer it does seem that Our President, Mr Tump Through the police is making good on his promise to Drain the swamp.( As he said in his campaign that America is a swamp That needs to be Drained – Maybe this is his way of doing it )There has Not been so much Police aggression since the 80″s..I was writing about cannabis and all of  this goes together and here is why .. If Your gonna grow cannabis especially outdoors… You may want to get to know your local police,Some of the nicer ones ( maybe buy them a coffee) so they will get to know you and see you as the nice person you are…They Willl always  wave at you and they will think your a nice person in which doing so will make them leave you alone ..Privacy is what you need, So Remember the golden rule of growing cannabis- Tell No One ..and I do mean No one! One last thing… If alot of you know of ….That is If you have a cannabis card to grow or to  buy for medical use and have legal weapons …Did You know because it is still federally illegal ,You will have a choice to make Either Your Guns Or your Ganja ?…With that I bid you fair well ..

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“Stop” …The Stealing ….Advertising Costs Time and Money …

Please Stop………. Posting your advertisements… On Our Site’s Comment Sections… As This Is Not What The Comment is for, On anyone’s website …  We have written several articles on people trying to steal advertisement space on Our website …Everyday These people post their advertisements for their site or products on Our site’s Comments sections and Think they will be published……Well …They Are Not ! They are Deleted Daily and Then Blocked from Our site … This is a waste of Our time and Yours.. If You would like To Place a Paid advertisement On Our website, We Offer Reasonable advertisement space For any type of business big or small… So Again.. Please stop posting your advertisements on our comment sections .. You can email us anytime about an advertisement on our website at

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Stop …..Companies Preying on People’s Misery …..

In Today’s World , There are Many , Many, Many Different Types of  Businesses Out there in the World… .. Which Brings me to several types of businses that play on people’s misery. People who are desperate to slove a problem from one form of  disaster to another. People search out relief, and in most cases find a reasonable solution . Then there  are those companies such as tree removable ,or some kind of repair services such as big companies who deal with floods and fires and many others in the field of service.. Companies  who  seek out people who have had a serious problem and really need to depend on someone for help in solving their problem(s) ,Just so they can charge such inflated service fees to do so  .. Such as tree services ..( Just to name One )We Live in the east coast and We Have had problems with fallen trees from severe weather storms which up root trees and electricial storms that force a tree in half to fall on your home or yard. Then you have to get a tree service to  remove a tree from wherever it has fallen ..Only to charge people an outrageous fee to line their pockets for minutes worth of work  ..Then you have service companies who are supposed to help you in an event of a flood or fire yet they rob your home of things that they say is no longer good or is broken or even in some cases damaged Due to the water or smoke ..Only to find they took the product home for themselves .. Then their are mechanics who raise the cost of a job (Which  they tell you was because of the labor and the cost of the part) Only to find out you could have gotten it at a third of the of the price,If you could have just waited a day to have the work done or that you could of called around  to another service shop who would do the job just as good but cheaper ….. Theses type of businesses are a Dam shame and a burden  to our economy  and to the business world .Remember … Something is only worth What  a person is willing to pay for it  ..So In Many cases take a day or so to look around shop for prices and then make an informative decision on where and who you want to do the job at hand . Because regardless of what you need to have done, You may be able to find someone who is  willing to  do the job at hand at a faction of the cost  and Someone who will not prey on your vulnerability..  Please take time to shop around ..Get to know the business you want to do work for you..Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if it is a reputable company ….Then and only then should  you make a decison to hire anyone for anything … I hope this aticle will help you all to think before you do something that may cost you alot more then it should ….

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Thank You To All Of Our Readers

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