America’ Under Trump????

Good Morning,Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Or Wherever You Maybe At This Point in Time ….Someone asked If I would write some more about Our Country’s President ( Chump) Oops I mean Trump..I am not going to sit here and try to derail the man.Because Myself , I don’t know the man personally ….Which I would like too But as I have said He Is Not A People Person ( Well Not the Working class People anyways )If He was a more a social person or maybe If he didn’t come accross so brash.. Which is One of His biggest faults…In which I don’t believe he realizes How much it affects his persona? ….So What else can we say about this man or more to the point where do we begin?Well let’s start here,Mr president, According to himself, He has been In office 1 year and He is already telling the Amrican  people That He has in one form or another Done more for Our Country than the last 16 presidents before him ..Which I read it in Our local newpaper …. In this country believe me the media Does Not Really Tell the honest Truth Anymore. ( Which President Trump Does Not like the Media and He blames the media for Alot of America’s Problems ) In Truth, the media in pass decades Did tell the truth ..That is How, Ever since the Revoulationary War  the American people got the truth in the news .Today It seems to me that even Our Government Holds back Alot of the truth…. Especially about things that are so Called Top Secret …Most the stuff they call top secret, I would say is top Bullshit , and Most of it is …Now President Trump, Wanted to fire the former head of the FBI – Director Mueallur , Because Muellur wanted to investigate Trumps connection with the Russians ..Which this topic keeps coming around to surface… Only to Fire This man for doing his job..Now President Trump  Only continues to Bicker with this man back and fourth..Only to keep beating a dead horse on the issue …..Then there are People in this country , Alot of people mind you ,Who really believe that Mr Tump Is going to Drian the swamp as He Puts It ..( As President Trump calls it ) To get rid of all the undesirables ( as homessless, blacks, Gays, Unwed mothers,  immigrants, drug addicts , Anyone who doesn’t agree with his views….)Alot of Americans Do Believe the reason for all of this is Not to lower crime as he says , But like he said in Norway, I’d trade a thousands Haitians for 5 of Norway people to come into America… Which Many Believe he wants America to be the white America Again.. The reason I say This is Because just last week he told a reporter that  Haiti and Africa and Other third world countries are just Shit hole Anyways and Then Denied Saying It … You See That Kinda Unstableness, In his Decison Making Is the reason Why People are saying He Has Mental Issues …Then There is Tom Steyer Who Has Put Alot of his Own Money Into Starting the Process Of getting the  Impeachment process  To Impeach President Trump..Which He has More then  1.3 Million People already and Counting .. One More thing For All of you In America Who Read This Article Please Do Not Be So Quick To Toss this aside ..Read It, Think ABout it Do some of Your Own research and You Will find ( Unless you voted for the man ..)that the longer You Pay attention to How this man Carries Himself It Should Be A No Brainer . As to what The American People Should Do…. With That I Bid You A Good Day…..

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