Tom Brady …… “Shut Down”

In today’s world we Have become so Use to the mudame, Bullshit of people saying things that really should not .. Especially About Children ….I Am Writting this Article in Regards to a Article I read in  Our Local Newpaper..About A sport critic  Named  Alex Reimer who has been  a Co -Host on the Radio Talk show   The Kirk & Callahan show . Well Tom Brady was on the show Monday, When He Shut down the radio interview  Due to the host ( Remier) Making a smart Aleck remark about Brady’s 5 year old daughter. (Which Is Something Most critics or reporters would never ever bring a person’s child( ren) into the mix )..Well Alex Remier Did .. (who wasn’t on the air at the time) Made a comment  about Brady’s daughter which caused Brady to shut down the show ..Remier Called Brady’s 5 Year Old Daughter “An  Annoying Little Pissant” What The Hell Is Wrong With This Jerk? No one ,In any kind of  Reporting or Critic of Anything,  Would Never  Put A Child In the mix of Anything Let Alone Something So Mean Nasty and Rottten as Remeir Did.. (Children Should be Off Limits In Any Area of News Especially In Sports, Acting or News ..Children Are Innocent and Should be left out of things …BecauseThey Don’t Deserve to be Put into the Hazey world of Reporting … Remier went to Far.. Remier has since been Suspended from the show .Tom Brady,  Will Now Evaluate Whether or Not He will return to the show .Wow If I were Brady I definately Not return ..Many people who are targeted  As news for whatever the reason Knows Yes they may get the worse from some as you can Not Please Everyone and Things Happen ( Which sometimes there are things One can’t control )  But No One exspects their Child(ren) to be Called such  Rotten things this man went way to far … He should not return to the show period .. He has made a name for himself in Sports and thought he could say anything to anyone he wanted to and No one would care …. But  He Went to Far ..He seems to be The One Who Is An Annoying Pissant , Mark Patinkin  Said it best  That Remier Should Look Into the Mirror.. Brady Handled Himself Quite Well… Thanks For SHowing Us all Your the Better Man ..

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