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I would have wrotten my usual introduction this article is only for Rhode Island .. If Anyone knows Anyone in Rhode Island Politics ,Please Pass this around… There are alot of pissed off Rhode Isanders…Especially this writter here about this dam cannabis bullshit …I didn’t think of this till right now because it went over my head .So This is for You  Governor Mrs Raimondo ..I know that you yourself only want the tax money from this programs .. Boy this morning I was looking throught the dispensiers and it was my first time looking at it …and Boy Are you Robbing the people Big time .. I just could Not  believe it ma’m..People, Could get all that stuff a lot cheaper on the street … On that  point where do you think the weed on the street is coming from? This state has one hell of a scam and I understand this is no your baby and all but Now you want to put another 10 dispensaries …..Are you kidding ? I know and I believe You Are very Ignorant about the whole cannabis issues ..You see what I thought and I am Sure  alot of other people do to and alot of us who fought to get it and many many many of us may been a victims of your so called  Drug War and say Hey put it on the shelves and charge out rageous prices for it to prey on people who can actul benefit from it …………All you seem to do is  aggrevate everyone involved in it and the only ones this is helping is the companies who run them and The states that are making money for taxes off the back of people looking to use it as medication….If it is so called medication then why not make the insurance companies pay for it and they don’t and won’t why because It is federally illeagal and  all you and the rest of your croonies think is that it is a drug and if they are gonna use it then let’s charge them as much as we can and take very penny we can.From and for it ….. You don’t know who is making these products and what exactly they are putting into these edibilies in Our state alone ..and it just is not right … You and the rest of your croony politican friends are only thinking about the bottom line and that is to get as much money as you all can get in the name of taxes…… it just is not right ….you all are preying on people who are sick and can’t afford it and they have to chooe between ,eating ,heat ,electirc and the medication they need ..So  What the Hell is wrong with you all ? Wake up….. Start to think about the people who can not think for themselves ..and Think About those  Who put you into office .. Why Becaue Mrs Governor You Owe Them Something ..You Owe Them An Aswer…If It is A Medication then let’s make the insurance companies pay for it .. Many People Have tried to asked this same question and got no where Fast.. So They pay for it … They are left  with little choice not to ..

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