Gun Shooting Out Of Control..Children Acting up and Acting Out ……

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening Or Wherever You maybe at this Point in Time … I want to take a few minutes to talk about the shooting  that took place in Florida recently . I was Very Very surprised, Well Not actually but Anyways I picked up my paper this morning and I see that there was a big rally from all the students,In Florida …Where the shooting happened in .So Now Here We are a week later,  and There were 100’s of students at the Florida state house .They were running in and out of Florida’s State House and Kicking open the doors Of rooms where the politicans were, To make Them listen to them…. Most of what they were saying  is , The shooting was the state of Florida’s ( governments ) Fault . They kept going on to, It is the Gun Makers Fault and The Bullet Makers fault ..To They want more Gun laws…. To Me that whole scene was uncalled for …Now …I know what you all are thinking…… I’m being to hard , That these kids just lost classmates and Went through great ordeal . But Before You condemn Me, Please read on………. Now let’s get into something that I Do Not Believe that Many Parents are teaching their children nor even themselves that Is the Real Godly Morals and Values that it seems like America is lacking nor Has  Now a days ….( I am not a bible thumper …But I do Believe in the bible and I do Believe in God .) I know these children are Angry and their hurt and most of them probably have parents who do not care what happened as long as their child was not killed or not involved ….Because there seems to be a new attitude in America today That I see Everywhere ,and That is The fact that I do Not see people truely caring about each other ( As the good Lord tells us to ) And Now that we have come so far away from god  ( an I am not blaming God ) But when You do not do and follow his path this is what we are ended up with ( and this is not all satan either all he can do is suggest you to do something) So I suppose it would be fair to say ,That when it comes to these types of issues as specially with a teenager in high school..It is the parents responsibility to guide their child(ren) on the path into adulthood .Which is another thing I see leaving America at alarming rate .So this brings me now to What I believe America is Losing and That is Our Second Amendment Right …..Why Because Parents in America Are Not teaching their child(ren) about real life situations,,How they could actually find themselves in the middle of one ?Do You think those children were exspecting what happened in Florida in the school ?Absolutely Not … But if these children were groomed and taught what to do in a situation like what happened in their school ..Then there is another issue that blows my mind an old woman once told me to be ware is to be alive … What that means is all of these children should have been aware before that child came into the school . If children are taught awareness at an early age and what it is that situation ,May have turned out Much differently…….Now I believe running around trying to make more laws on top of laws We already have that are supposed to keep Guns out of the hands people like this child. We have already ,However the Real problem is They are Not Enforced .. Especially with any kind of importance or vigor .. They write laws and makes laws just not to be enforced . The worse thing that comes from all of this , Is The police who’s job it is to know these laws and to enforce these laws,they just don’t bother until something like this happens.. Then they use the situation to climb the ladder in the police department.. If they were doing their jobs it would Not be so easy to get your hands on a firearm. It is also the Gun sellers who are Not doing the proper gun checks before the selling the guns because they want to sell the gun,because everyone is struggling today to make a living and Gun Sellers are No Different that  is their livelyhood and their business . This writter also finds, The true real problem of all Problems stems from the Lack of knowledge passed down from parent /grandparent to child especially grandparents who have been through war and have lived through it . Parents should be more aware of what is going on in their child’s life and in their own homes .Remember the old days Of the PTA’S  When women actually took the time to know what their child( ren) are doing and what is going on in their child’s life and to teach their child( ren) safety . Parents who own guns and have children ( under the age of 18) in the house , Should have guns locked up and away from their child (ren) . let the child know it is not a toy and it is never to be touched and actually teach the child about the gun (s) and , That shooting someone is absolute and perminate. that No One has the right to take a life.. Parents should have the gun(s)hiding and put away so No Child knows where they are,So That their child can’t and won’t touch it let alone bring it to school .George Washing said a Free Nation Has To Be Armed Or Else Our Enmies Will Over Take Us..  If that hapened where the Hell would we be ? So, Before you buy a gun… learn about it … Know about it… Make sure you have a safe place for it..Make sure, If Your Going to teach Your Child(ren) about guns and want them to know …How to use it……..How to clean it……..What would Happen if they actually took it and used it ..Make them understand…It is Not a Dam Toy … Make them know …They are Not to take it out of your house .. Let them know it is absolute and If their gonna use it, To Be prepared for the consquences of and in doing so …Parents Should be making their children know that using a gun to harm Anyone is wrong… Not to mention is a crime ..Hello People ,We Don’t Need More Gun Laws , We Need To Enforce the Ones We Have and People who have Guns and have children at home, In the home ..Then the guns should be locked up and hidden away and should never be left around for a child to even think about using it .It is Our Job as Parents and grandparents to teach Our children and grandchildren , That it is never the answer to use a gun to solve a problem .. It is Never ok to hurt Anyone or to take a life regardless of the situation .It is All Of Ours Responsibilty to take the time to teach our children and  grandchildren never to touch a weapon ( A Gun ) becasue it is dangerous and can take a life in a second and it will change Your life forever and you will go to jail  For one taking a gun from your parent home is a crime in itself to take it into a school is another and killing and hurting people is another .Then there is the problem with Can you Live with what you did ? Can You live with taking a life ? Children today are acting out and it is Or Jobs as parents to be there to listen and make Our children Know hurting anyone or taking a life is Never the answer .. It should never go that far talk to your child and talk often listen really listen and know  What Your Child Is doing or feeling .Know when there is something wrong and talk to Your Child about it .I know as a parent it is hard to think of Our children doing something so bad so wrong and then we think was there a sign of this was there a sign that something was wrong ? When We stop the violence and start to pay attention to Our Own child (ren) we will stop the shootings and stop the killings because it is all of Our responsibilty to raise Our children as Good descent human beings . It is Our job as parents to protect Our children and put them on the right path to do the right thing and for the right reason and to make them know they are accountable for their actions and talk with Our children often so they knwo we Love them and want the best for them and want them to know that we as their parents and grandparents love them and That we are always here to listen .Because as Long as we hide the problems and pretend they don’t exist then we are allowing these problems to grow out of control and this is why these children are picking up our guns and using it to stop their pain and make it go away when it doesn not go away it just creates more problems and more pain . Think about how you would feel if your child took your gun and shot someone and killed them How Are you going to feel then? Or think about someone elses child taking their parents guns into school and shooting your child How you going to feel if it si your child who is killed and gone from this world ? either way No One is going to feel any better on either side because we all lose when this type of situation happens Florida’s school shootings Did Not Have To Happen .. So Please, Please ,Please , If You own a Gun ,Or Are Thinking about buying a gun and You have children in Your home …Think about gun safety.. Think about what could happen with it if Your Child gets their hands on it ?Think about How your going to feel if something bad happens with it .. So Remember to lock it up… Hide it from your children ..Never let Your child(ren) play with it ..As it is Not A toy .. Think How your going to feel if something would happen if your child got it’s hands on it and used it to take a life?  Then think about How You wouldl feel if it is your child who is shot and taken from you ? Think about All the Bad and Know where Your Gun is at all times .. Guns Don’t Kill People …People Kill People with guns .. Be safe if Your going to buy a gun make sure Your responsible with the gun . As Children will surprise you and you may not like the out come ..

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