America Our History

Good Morning , Good  Afternoon , Good Evening, Or Wherever You Maybe At This Point In Time… We Are going to Speak today About America. How it came to be ? Why it came to be? We are going to compare  days of old to the days of the present …First let’s start out with the pilgrims … They were given a ship called the Mayflower.. Which I am sure alot of new people in American don’t know the history of America.The new people in Our country are not aware of Nor do they care about it and that is a problem..Isn’t it ?I am Not sure How many pilgrims there was ..I believe there was about 102 plus 30 crew members .. However When they got to America …I believe there was 45 deaths on board people.All Because of Alittle fruit that we in America Today take for granted.. It is the orange.  Which has vitimin c in it ..Vitimin C Which stops a disease called scurvy ..( Lack of vitimin C  can  Kill you ) Just think about it ……Your on a big ship and You run out of oranges mid voyage….Now you have No more vitimin c (which keeps scurvy at bay ) and Because there was No shelter  and other problems on board…  About 45 of them had died ..There is alot of things to cover with the pilgrims.But It is the main group who made it to America and made nice with the indian tribes.. Which they showed each other  there own unique skills, Amongst One other. Once they made a loose trusted community with the Indians, In November 1621 Thats when  they  ( The inidans and the pilgrims )all sat down and had a dinner.. Which they gave Thanks to God  for all the riches that they had experienced throughout their time with the indians.They were happy to have made it to America ..The Pilgrims were happy to learn from the Indians and  vice versa .. They all decided to have a dinner to give thanks and that is why we have Thanskgiving Today..Now lets fast forward ot the turn of the 20th century..It is now 1900.America is in what you would call the industrial age .With that came electricity, throughout the 1900’s You had alot of building and inventing throughout the country ..Boston, New York, Chicago and many other cities that were very rural .. I skipped over the 1800’s becasue it was a bad time within the country we had a civil war , and New York wasn’t a city yet .So Now to the 1900’s alot of the good stuff happens .Now we are in the 1920’s, Which was called the roaring 20’s .Then the 30’s the age of the mobsters .Then 40’s was War time .through the 50 ‘s ..Then you have 60-70’s with Vietnam War  which was another unstable time in this countries history…. Now that goes by. Now we have the 80’s Oh boy Here is the fun part …Well This is the time Ronald Regan was elected  to the Presidency ….Ronald Regan, was  Good Man Good  and a Good President.. ( Which they don’t make them like him anymore ) But there is One thing he did wrong, very wrong.  He started, What this writer would call The Ficticous Drug war……….The reason I say it was fake Is because it was not a regular war, like the Gulf war , Iran/Iraq war ..Where you actually send thousands of soliders  into battle. All the drug war was and still is today is …….The Governments way of controlling what a person can and cannot put into their bodies ..It took me alot of digging and watching to truely find out what I am telling you.. Now You See the Drug War is still going on.. They want all of you out there to believe Your fighting against something .. But What are we Really fighting against ?Plants … ??? Cocoa is a plant, Cannabis is a plant ,Poppies are a flower…. Which is a plant.. What comes out of the poppy? Medications like Morphine, dopanine , Thebain, and many many others …Anyways this part of The Drug War has been Nothing But A  Lie…and A Failure..( What this writer believes is nothiing more Than Lies  from Our government ..Who let these things into our Country way back then ..) If it was a war at all…Now Our Government wants everyone to believe in this shit …But I say Don’t Believe it ..Do Your Own Research and You will find out the truth all it all .. There is to much to cover and With  the lies I’d be here for 3 days ..So  Now Here we are today …..America is supposely one of the powerful country in the word ..Don’t be fooled …Now lets go to today  2018  … lets talk about the Immigrantion Problems ….People come into America everyday.. They Want to be  an American…Which I am All for letting them come in…As Long as They do It Legally ..Our Great Grandparents and  Some grandparents Had to come in through Ellis Island , And They and to follow the rules and laws in doing so,…With the first one being they had to Learn the American Language which Is English ….Yet Many Immigrants today Don’t ..They come in anyway by any means possible .Yet They don’t learn Our Languages ….Nor Do They Want to learn the English Language ..They Don’t  want to Learn About Our Country’ and The history of it.. They Have Had No Hand In the Building Our Great Country But want  to come in and Make Our Country Bend to their will .. Instead of learning Our English Language…. We Have to spend tens of millions if not hundreds of millions  of dollars to Employee Translators  Just So That They can Communicate …Then a bigger problem within the immigration is that these people take jobs and send the money back home to their families in these other countries Which in return takes money from our Ecomony. The Immigration Problems of today Is that They want America to bend to their Will … We All Came from an Immigrant, Some How.. Some WayThrough Our Family History ..America has come so far and Has So Much to be Proud of … I know I am proud to be an American … America Needs to bring back the days of old…When People who came into America …Adapted Our Ways ,Our Customs and Our Language ..So When President  Trumps says he wants to make America Great Again.. What  He Doesn’t  Realize  Is America is already Great…… It needs to come back to the way of Our Fore Fathers ….

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