Troubled Times In America

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening Or Wherever You Maybe At This Point in Time….. Well, Here we go again…..This Morning I woke up , and picked up a newspaper and what is on the front page ? Florida , The shootings ….Now Let’s forget about Florida for a few minutes and let’s talk about all the other states especially the ones on the other side of the Country , Whom are thousands of miles away …..Take myself ..I live in the smallest state in the union Little Old Rhode Island …..Which most people have Never even heard of it ..It’s That funny… Now my state , Rhode Island …From what I gathered from Our local newspaper, Seems to be Really going over the Deep End over this …..Why ? It did Not happen here…. I think Rhode Island has Only has a few incidents ,But I believe most of them were minor altercations …. However Our Dam Governor and Our House speaker Are trying to gear everyone in the house and senate to pass All Different kinds of Crazy legislation……Which Is Not Going To Do Anything ..Except Start Alot more Trouble ,That the State doesn’t need ….Does Anyone Have an Idea of What They Really want to do ? I have Read the whole purposal which basicially says ,That They want to make it so if Anyone Sees another Person Anywhere ( On the street… In a school ….at the market) Especially in schools …They want people to watch and If they think the person is going to be violent and you think they have a gun to call the police …(without due process )the police will come search you and your belongings…And Let’s just say you had a small pistol with you and you have a carrying permit ( a consealed weapons permit) Well They will still arrest you seize your gun and when you have your day in court..This is where their new little laws get dicey because all it would take is to have one person to call The court while your in court and tell some lies or maybe they already have someone who is in the court room and willing to lie against you ..So  Do You see, You Would be made to look like you are crazy …..Just so they could sieze your weapon ( as they say to take guns off the street … Which Mind You Your Gun was Legal ) ..Now for those of you who have an illegal gun or carry illegal gun(s) or sell an  illegal gun(s)…. YOU ARE THE REAL PROBLEM……People like this are the reason you can get any kinda gun/weapon on the street …I know all of Us in this Country (Well at least this writter anyways) Are Outraged By This Incident In Florida.. As My wife and I are..But We Aren’t sitting at home blaming the leaders , the schools or the teachers , Why can’t this country truely understand where the Blame belongs……………..The blame Belongs to the Person Who Pulled the trigger ….Period………I understand , How this statement will feel ( Hurt, Angery, Confused,Upset ) and I would properly feel the same way , With such a terrible act of violence…There is something here you must understand ,This Is Not About The President, It’s Not About Guns,It’s Not About Crime ,What It is Really About , ( I Believe )It’s About God …How angery His is and I am not saying he himself made this happen , But He did n’t stop it DiD He? For all of You Who may Not KNow or Care much about God ,He who has the ability to take a life or give a life and Only he has that power ( No Human has that power )This writter knows all the bad things you see today that keep getting worse and worse and why? Because they are going unchecked ….Just Like if They passed 1000 New Gun Laws Tomorrow , They to would go unEnforced …. UnEnforced , let’s talk about what it means… Especially with  the importance  Of Gun Laws…It Means The laws themselves will sit high on a shelf collecting dust ..While Guns Just keep pouring in..There is one thing People forget …It was an American Name Samual Colt… Who Perfected the firearm ….Like I said before Our Country has Many Emenies ….. So What would you kids like to do next Stripe the miliarty next too? If I had the power myself ( like God ) I would come down and I would wipe away all the bad stuff and the violence ..But Until God Decides to do it himself…..  Which He has promised …But all we can do Until that time , Is to hold on to Out faith..But it seems to me from that display in Florida , That people In America Especially youngsters Need a good Ass whooping and need to know guns don’t kill people…People kill people ( with Guns ) Guns are not the main issue here it is disciplining of Our children …Making them know Right from Wrong, Good from Bad … and Teach Our Teenagers To Stop Bullying and Stop the abusive behaviors that they do to bully .. Teenagers today have gone a Muck  and are running around causing pain in suffering  in Our Schools and It is causing The children who are bullied to lash back ( and In most cases It is with a gun .. ) Our parents need to make their children understand at an early age to never bully anyone ….As they would not like it done to them…..However Parents today are not teaching their children any morals and values..Parents today who own a Gun or Guns Aren’t Teaching their child (ren)  shit about not touching them that  Or they are Not to touch them or take them out of Their house ..Never to point a loaded Gun at anyone . Let alone never take it to school .. Never use a gun in violence… Make children Go with their parents To take gun saftey courses and actually make them know ….That a gun in the wrong hand is the problem….. Not the Gun ….. People kill people .. A gun can Not fire itself .. It takes a person to pick it up …..To Put a bullet in the chamber…..To Point it….,  to Cockit…. and To shoot it … Plain in simple ..That is really making your brain work… Believe it or Not .. It is .. The more you do it the more aware you become of it ..and in the end you become a responsible gun owner and gun user … WHich is what anyone who owns a gun or guns need to do and to continue a course yearly to make them aware of the gun laws .. As We Have Said Before We Don’t Need More Gun Laws……. We Need The Ones We Already Have To Be Enforced .. We also Need Parents To Be Responisible…. Lock Your Guns up and Away from Your child(ren) …Talk to your children about the use of a gun to committe an act of violence …Let Them Know it is Never  the answer … .. Know your child and know if there are signs of something wrong with them .. Like if they are distant or upset … or withdrawned … and talk to them about it ….Let Your Child(ren) know you care ..That you love them and want to help them work it out .. ( I know No Teenager wants their parent to work out their problems for them …But Sometimes it is Necessary ..To help Your children to deal with it so it does Not Escalade into Violence ….) These acts of severe violence  In Our Schools Accross America Should Not Be Happening ..Our Parents, Anyone in the school such as  Teachers, Security Officers ,Even Another  Student Who Sees something is Not Right …..Tell Someone…. Tell Anyone ….Who WIll Listen ..To Be aware is to Be Alive …These Children in Florida Did Not Have To Die … I know Everyone is saying To Put Guns On Our Teachers and in the classrooms But What Happens When A Child Over Takes that Teacher Who is carrying a gun and takes their Gun and turns it on Someone, Well  Mr President How Are You Going To Feel Then? Hun? Everyone is missing the Solution To The Problem .. Hello To All Politicans… We Already Have Enough Gun Laws …ENFORCE THE DAM GUN LAWS WE ALREADY HAVE …  MAKE THE DAM PARENTS RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING DAM SURE THEIR CHILD DOES NOT TAKE THEIR GUN OUT OF THE HOME AND ESPECIALLY MAKE REAL DAM SURE THAT CHILD DOESN’T BING IT INTO ANY SCHOOL .. WHEN WE STOP THE NEGLECT , THE ABUSE AND THE BULLYING WILL WE STOP THE VIOLENCE ..Parents Aren’t even aware there is a problem …Until something like this shooting in Florida happens.. Many children who go through such abuse , and neglect at the hand of another child or even an adult  and Think that violence is the only answer …But It Is Not .. We Need to Teach Them There Is  a Better Way of Dealing with a Problem And That Guns are not the Answer …When we start to deal with the Problems within our children ( Whatever the cause – Bullying ….Teasing or What have you )…  Will We Be Better Equipped  to Help them deal with Their problem(s) .. Instead of Ignoring them and Making the situation  Festor into Viloence and Even Death …

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