Stop…. The Abuse and Neglect Of Our Countries Police and The Politics that go along with them..

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Or Wherever You Maybe at This Point in Time ..I want to take a minute to talk about Police everywhere, especially here in Rhode Island .Anyone who lives in Rhode Island and reads this and wishes to start something as to putting an end to this kinda behavior for once and for all .The Hell with what the Governor thinks ,The Hell with what the State Police  and Our Local Police departments as well .. Certainly We Have to do something about this and stop talking about it .Lets delve into what happened with a man who stole a police car and another man stole a truck and out of those two incidents lets get to the real meat there was so much Dam confusion amongst the police departments involved and They had opened fired on a man who they thought was Someone else ..Then you had What I like to call the stragglers – You know the police you see hanging around doing Nothing ..As .There is a probelm in their own right , Because in my eyes If people don’t watch them,They don’t even do the job. They hide where they can just to collect a pay check. I dont know if many know but the police here like to step all over anyone they can.I believe the freaking police  in this state at least 80 % of them are only really looking to start a fista cuffs ..( Fight ) With anyone that is weaker than themselves. Do You want to know How I know that ? First hand experience.I have Not meet one cop in Rhode Island That Doesn’t have a fight look in their eyes .. You Know the look of thinking someone is doing something wrong,When they are not! ..Then there is the one thing that Rhode Island Cops are famous for, That is ruining lives … Which  they ruinned many many peoples lives for basicially minor infractions  and things that a community could have and should have  dealt with as a whole . Which We are all guilty of letting these People of Public service  Run Rough shot over the community and the state in which they are supposed to be servering ..Cops today Especially In Rhode Island …The local Police Do Not Care about the community in which they work in …Now take this all the elderly folks in Rhode Island who are the ones who put these cops in postions of authority .. The Police in the community use local and state  politics to do their bidding .Has anyone  Ever noticed a police officer can get as nasty as they want to with you? But the second you defend yourself ,Whether  it is verbally or otherwise, The Police Officer gets more irate .. I swear if the law allowed it most of them not all of them ( Because they are all Not bad )but most  them of them Would rip you out of your vechile , hand cuff you and arrest on something stupid just because they can and or because you contested what they are saying .Cops everywhere Hate to be confronted or contested .. Who Do They think they are? Gods ..??? Well, There is Only one God I know of….And he doesn’t wear blue …The Police across the country have become so increasenly Apart from the communities they are supposed to serve and protect  .. How is that supposed to work ?Well That  tells me that the way they are being trained is like the military ( Even the military knows it’s enemies). However the police seem to make enemies of the community instead of bringing people together they break them apart ….States are  building  more prisions to put in people.. Who don’t conform to their ideals ..So Remember If this happens to you  and the police officer that pulls you over and is actually nice to you and maybe even cuts you a break  maybe You could let him know That You Appreciate Their kindness ..Because   other police aren’t so nice as they are …

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