Religion …Our President and the Rich ……Stand Up For What Is Right.

Good Morning , Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Or Wherever You Maybe at This Point in  time .. I want to talk about  Religion… Greed.. and the Rich .. In Our Society  ..Most People today Just Don’t care about another human being…But… If you offered them anything they will  take it regardless of what it is or How much it costs .. This is where it leads me to believe it is a very rampant Part of the entire world .. Now I’m Not calling anyone bad But What I believe the reason Is Because So  Many of people  Have walked away from Their Religion ( You Know -the man who created us ) God….. Yet …God has so much love and compassion and I am sure he sees all even the bad in us ..and He still waits with his compassion and hoping the people who walked away from him to come back to him and his way of being .. Most People  Today Think because they can’t see him or feel him and he doesn’t answer their prayer right away and don’t believe in him because they didn’t get what they wanted right away .. Has everyone forgotten God? Or is it just a total disbelieveth in god .? That is what it is starting to look like….Come on people really think about it …Since my wife started this business I know she prayers to god and I  know she has Faith, Trust and Beliveth In God …But her relationship with god is different then mind .. As Everyone else who belives in God …Does so in their Own way…Let’s use her for a minute.. This business she started… savasta enterprises .com is a Young company , Yet she has managed to build it …design it …and have a pretty decent business in doing so … We are Not rich Nor are we looking to be so .. Just Comfortable … Which We all deserve to be comfortable .But with So Much Dishonest and Greedy  People Out there  It is difficult to do so … I don’t see Our Country lasting another 8 years Especially with President Trump at the head of the table .. We are Doomed ….So Here is a question…. Why…. Did all the people out there in Our Country Vote for this man? Really …WHY?? I know alot of you were under Mr Trumps Promises Of Making America Great Again …Spell ….But… Tell Me …How Is He going to make America Great Again ? When He is Already A Billionaire Three times over And In My Experiences this type of person will and does step all over god’s people especially the poorest among us … President Trump was talking about putting the Christ Back In Christmas Yet No One knows How He really feels About Religion ..Or Even If He believes In God ….President Trump thinks ……What He is Doing is Right and that He Is Right by it ..So He thinks he is the only one that matters.. That  sounds like  he is a dictator to me… Not a democracy  …..Really…. He is….. Because Whatever he says has to go ….No Matter What .. Mr Trump is always Right ….. President Trump Degrades anyone who does Not agree with Him …..Especially When He is Wrong …..Which is most the time and then some .. Especially  With the Media…..( As He Calls The Ones He doesn’t want to answer Fake News ..)As Our President, He is More Of A Self Indulged, Self Centered Indivdual…Who is Over Infatuated with Himself … He Fires Anyone who does Not Agree with him or Has an Opinion of their own ..He doesn’t like Anyone who disagrees with him and his views ..He Makes $400,000.00 a year …To Which He  said he has given his pay checks to charity and not to get a tax break for it ..So This is What This writer would love to know..If He considers Himself Good ? .. Then Why with the money he has now…. He Could More or Less End Homelessness and Hunger ….Here In the United States….He Would Not Miss the money…. So Mr Presdient… Why Don’t He Do It ? Well …. President Trump Would Not Give You A Penny If You Were A Homeless Person  and On The Street ..Then There is the Fact That he is 71 Years Old .. and acts like a Real Jerk…. ( Is This what America Wants For Our Country ?) Hell No ..As America Has seen first Hand  time after time , Over and Over ,That The Rich  Don’t think The Rules ,Laws and and being a decent human being Apply to them …..They treat people with total disregard …They  Make their children think they are better than everyone…. They think because  their family has money they can do anything or say anything they want to…and Believe Me…. They Do… .. As Time and History has Shown Us…. Is that This is True… Because People Who Have Money and ALot’s of it… Show Us That The Laws Don’t Apply to them and their families ..That They Can Buy The Law and Can Get Whatever they want and the way in which they want it……Throughout History….. The Rich Have Controlled Everything in Society …  They continue to make money hand over fists and at the hand of decent human beings…The Working Class Americans Need to stand Up For What Is Right and For What Is Just .. Let’s all stand up to the Bosses of  Coporate  America and Stop them in their tracks .. Only when We Make them know We Are human Beings not some piece of property and that We have  earned Our Respect and Our Money…. That We want to have what we all deserve ….Respect,Decency and A Better  rate of pay ..As They Line Their pockets with whatever it is they own ….Whether it is a food restruant or Trump Towers …That They are only making themselves richer at the hand of Our communities .. only when we stand up for what is right will these people know they are not better than anyone ….They just have more money ..When these people ( The rich ) start to treat people the way they want to be treated then they will begin to have alittle bit a  decency and become a person someone would want to work for Not someone who you have to  work for .. Then We all will become Better people for it ….

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