Rhode Island Politics…..Who Do We Really Vote For ?

Good Morning, Good Afternoon ,Good Evening.. Or Wherever You Maybe at This Point in Time …. I would like to take a few minutes to talk to you all about The Up and Coming Election For Governor Here in Rhode Island …You Know the Same Old People Who have already tried to run But Just Could Not Get Elected….Well Let’s start By Naming the Candiates There are Many People running for Governor in Rhode Island .. #1.. Gina Raimondo  who is running for re election ..#2  Allen Fung ( Who Is the Mayor of Cranston ) Mayor Fung Has done a wonderful job as Mayor and Can Be an Excellent Governor given the chance to do so …As we have seen what he can do as a Mayor ….Will the people of the state Of Rhode Island  Give Him A Chance As Our Governor to Show the People of RI THat He can Be A Great Asset To Our Wonderful State….Maybe Just Maybe The empty promises that Our Former Governors Have promised But have Come short on Delivering will end politics as usual …#3.Matt Brown  #4 Spencer Dickerson  #5 Patricia Morgan Who Is already a Politican in the state…. She is Representive Of the House And is the Minority Leader and Conference Policy Chair … and it seems she has done a decent job for the state…  Ans may just be a good Goverrnor For Our State .#6 Robert Nardillo , #7 Joseph Trillo and  #8. Robert Flanders … So Our Primary Election here in Rhode Island will Be an Eventful One…. One  of Who Did  what and Who is going to do what and for whom? ..It seems like during an election ..All the gossip and wrong doings come out of ….Who did what and How they did or did not do what they were supposed to do ….. As they say The Mud slinging and unhash all the bad and wrongful doings .. Where a politican will promise the world and say they will do this and they will do that and then when they are elected they sit back and Do  Nothing …. Then they come up with an excuse ….Oh it was Not the out come we hope for ..Or They ( The Politican )  Was Not  able to do because of the red tape or some other excuse that we as citizens of the United States ,Hear all across the country …Esecially Within Our state politics…. State politics are The Worst.. They are  hush hush and they try hard to put it to bed so it will not come back to  bit them in their butts..Then they don’t have to answer for their lack of doing  their job or that they do not do what they have promised to get elected in the first place… Then You have the same old Bullshit  and empty promises …When you have the same old politicans running and being elected  to the same office  they tend not to do the job at hand and are quick to say they have done a huge service for the state in which they are elected in ..Many Politicans Have people to hide their lack of doing their job and then when it comes to the media they tend to screen what is asked or even said ( What happened to free speech? It Really is Not Free because there is a protocal as to what can be asked ? Or what can be said ? What can not be asked or said ? Which is not Right….. Nor Fair …Then you have the ones who just ignore the press and have someone run interference  with the press to Block the questions from even being asked … so you can see freedom of the press is not really free press…) So Local Politics Here in Rhode Island ( And I am Sure it happens all across our country) At best …They Are OK and at the worst should be totally over hauled …. We should all start Over…  We should Go Into Our Political offices and Fire every Single one of them…. From Representives, Senators and congressmen .. To Our Mayors and our Governors and even our city councilmen and women ..and Completely do an over haul of All Our states Governments..Start By stopping  these lifetime committments and appointments to an office … To Make term limits as to give someone a chance to do a better  Job …Because When Someone ..Anyone continues to serve in the same office and No Change comes from it..Then it is time to say Good Bye .. A Time to end the same old same old ….To  Give someone else a chance to change things and to give different opinions and Maybe We all would and could  be better off… ……..Our states Within  Our Country As a whole Can And Will be better off ..In doing so ..There is an old saying that Familiarity Breeds Contempt  ..Believe Me Many of Our Politicans Have contempt for the people to  Whom  They serve .. Many Politicans Think that They are better then the people whom put them into Office ..They are elected into .. It seems the minute they are elected .. They are off and running and no one hears from them unless there is something happening within The state.In Any Election year  there is always someone asking for donations and asking for your vote .. So Before You think about What candidate you want to vote for this  Primary Election On September 12, 2018.. Here in Rhode Island…Please take a good , long Look at each canidate. See What they really stand for…. Look into if they have a history in politics and How they did in that Position ….Then Think and Ask Yourself…. Is this person The person You Really want to run Our state ? Think about How and What this person is going to do For Our state .. ..Take a good long look especially at Gina Raimondo and the lack of Doing what she had promised in her last Election ..Now she wants to be Re-Elected ..For What Another 4 years to do Nothing Again?She has Had Numberous Donators from all across Our Country.. Which she has over 3.3 million dollars in her campaign fund alone ..In which Is wrong on so many levels and just should not be allow ..Because What does a person in California  Have to do with Rhode Island Politics ? I say absolutely Nothing … Unless She is promising them something for it  and that in itself is morally wrong and should be illegal .. Now Mrs Raimondo has done a few things but She states she ahs brought 17,000 plus new jobs Well Governor Where the Hell are they?   Because.. There is Thousands of people, Who are looking for a good ,decent paying job? One they can support their families with… Yet  many Good People can Not find one dam  good paying and decent job to keep ….. Take a good look at everyone running for governor and then think to yourself and think what you would do and think if their Say something Will they follow through with .. Politicans should be able to be trusted with the office in which they are running and Elected for… Many times over We the People of Rhode Island Have had one candidate after another Who Promise One Thing and Does Another ……Take a good Look at Governor Raimondo…Take a good Look at all the candidates and what they want to do and what thy say they have done and then and only then can You make an informed decision of What Candidate will be the best for the job at hand as  Governor ..Then there is the  Rich people Who run for Offices within Our Government Tend to think they own the office they are elected into and Think That Only what they say and do matters… They have the tendancy to have get together and functions with the rich communities… The poor are left on the side due to the amount of money they ask for for a party or function…. When it should be the best interest of the people within the postion you are elected into .. Like a mayor should be worring about the people in the city or town they are Mayor in…. Governors should be worried about the people within the state they are elected governor into..Not Just The Rich ….Whenever someone sends a Governor an email She does not even have the decentany to respond… Yet during an election they would ….  Which any decent person who is in a postion of governor or even a Mayor should have the time to answer a simple email on their own and not ignore it or have an aide or volunteer do it … and let the people Know that everyone matters and in doing so You All Will Gain The Respect of the people in which Your trying to gain votes from …So With that I will Leave you all to think about this matter and Think about The person you want to vote for and think about what it is You want from Our Elected Officals …With that I bid you Good Day ….

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