Greed ….Part 2…

Good Morning , God Afternoon Good Evening, Or Wherever You Maybe At This Point In Time …Seeing that here in Rhode Island The primary will be creeping up upon Us  . before we even know it… Dam the summer is not even here yet .. It Looks Like another Lousey  summer of listening to all the Rhetoric of all who are running for a elected post..I don’t Know about any of You …But The Reason I chose to write about Greed again is Because of where we live and whom I live around .But worst of all and I don’t think many Rhode Islanders  Really get it ….They seem to just like everything to stay the same status quo..Well Myself , I would love to be able to get involved some how, someway ,To make this State That I am Always railing on Better …But alas, Because of Some Youthful indiscretions, Which is what they use to call them..But In Little old Crupt Rhode Island…No Matter what you do Or How much You pay or How Long You Stay out of trouble and do everything right ..You Still can Not get Your Life Back …Now Talk about Greed .. Let’s look at this in another Point ….This is the biggest point of greed I have ever seen … Why You might ask? Because They are playing with Human Lives ( with all the potical stunts and the laws that are already on the books today they make more laws on top of laws we already have and don’t use , Or enforce Them..) That kind of Governing Is Very greedy and very danagerous for the poor and working class ..Because all it does is Keep the Rich at the Top Picking the Elderly pockets for their money and votes While You and I The regular working class people are left to languish…..This is not Political so please just bare with me …I believe Greed is one of the worst symptoms of mans existence since the beginning of creation,But Greed to me is nothing more than someone wanting something they can Not have ..and therein lies the problem ? What would it take to make Everyone happy ? To Control everything , to have everything ? It Just Can not happen nor would it ever happen….I look around in todays society, Not that I’m being nosey, But when you hear people speaking to their chidlren you know getting into your car at the mall or market etc, you hear things .. Which alot of what your hearing is what I am trying to tell you about it .. Many parents are making their own children greedy by using the excuse which I believe is an excuse ( Because my dad did it to me too ..) Anyone hear this from their parents?… I only want the best for you ? Then What happens when we turn 40 ? They have lived a wonderful life and Now are gone..They leave their childen to languish …And struggle for whatever they need .. I have also noticed that Like I said before …The people born between the 1950’s and early 1960’s Who Are Really Guilty Of This ..They Seem to be the worst and the greedest ….. Never mind their children..and You know How Much People can Come down on me? ( Because I had a child at a every young age.. The oldest among my family decided to be greedy because they always wanted a sister But Got Me ..Then I have a daughter and what did they do ? One Part of the family hated her because she thought took time away from his children with my dad spending time with her all the time and then the rest Loved her …  See This is Family Greed ..The first one was a child of war which is a baby boomer .This type of greedy is What I like to call it the all about me… In.. family greed .Now let’s get into some Real Greed .. Who shall we start with or better yet where should we start?..Boy This is excitting …Just thinking about this …It is exciting Isn’t it ? Let’s start with the 3 .1 Billion Dllar Man …Anyone Know Who he is ?Come on…. He is Your President ….There is a perfect example of Greed … Right there .. The trump family in itself …I bet they were responsible for creating the word greed ….hahahaha really thou…. Do You Think…. If Donald Trump snuck out of the white house to drive one of the old fancy cars they have and he took off at night without anyone seeing him..Now he is on his way back the sun is just starting to rise and there is 5 homeless people on the other side of the road with Nothing … What do You Think President Trump would really Do ? I know what I would do …. But I would like to know what You think Our President really would do ? Then I would like to know what you, Yourself would do? I realize that is blog Maybe alittle distrubing to some……And Maybe Great to others …But know My Intentions are Not to compare Anyone …We All Struggle with this problem ..and No one is perfect …..Then there is this kinda greed I really hate ..Which is Known When Someone is supposed to be your really good friend… You both work together at the same place for years even decades .. You may even go out with the wives together..Then Your Out one night and you forgot your wallet which was a simple mistake… Really, Which of course Your going to feel embarassed …So. You have your wife tell his wife So he does not make a big stink about it ,Now of course You have every intension to repay him the second you get home …But You all know the type, Even if you have been friends for 30 years… He wants his money Now or he is going home….Which can and usually does lead to this good friendship now being torn apart…. By what ? Money…As an old saying… Goes Money is the root of all evil … it can make or break a relationship even among families..More So…. Within A family ..Which is So true and leads me to the end ..Money is the Root of All Evil… But Greed is the motor that keeps everything going…. Like the Bible says You Can Not Serve Both God and Money..Which I Don’t understand all the problem that go along with greed but Maybe We Just Weren’t supposed to Know these things ..Who is the All Knowing ?It is Not You and certainly Not me …So If It is Not me… and… It is Not You ….Then I invite Anyone and I do mean Anyone in The world To come tell Then… To Prove to me that you are the One …..But Remeber if You come diguised as good and Your really evil I will see right threw you… Because God will allow me to ..There are millions of ways to be greedy..Any Everyone of them Leads to Some Sort Of Evil.. So Now sit down and really think about the word greed…How people really are greedy? Why they are greedy ?Which You Really Can Not Put a Why  to this because it is an emotion that all of us as humans… Who have self control…. have..We All have Self control ….What you do with it Is Up To You ….. Look around the world ..You will see People doing what their  are Really Supposed  to  and can use Self control to  get rid of Our greed …Which we all have To…. Also remember this…When You meet someone for the first time and I am not talking about man and woman encounters.. I am talking about everyday encounters that could lead to a good friendship but most people just let them fly by ..When you first meet a person an you go have coffee and you two hit it off and Now you become friends and 6 months down the road and something happens and that’s the test to see because you should never wear your heart on your sleeve because Greedy people will see it and use it to their advantage all the while smiling in your face ..While they will jump on it in a minute and use you for whatever they can get ..So You see there can be many forms of greed ..with that I bid You All good day………….

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