China….. A Country To Keep An Eye On?….

Good Morning ,Good Afternoon, Good Evening Or Wherever You Maybe At This Point in Time ….. I wanted to take some time to talk you all about something different or better yet a different country all together .. That is China..Now I dont know all that much about this country But from what my wife and I were just reading in a local paper from china ( Which is in English) .To Our surprise and my wife was extremely surprised .Now according to what She and I read .Did You know That most of the poorest chinese live on a dollar and 25 cents a day, ($1.25)Then They seem to have another whole set of people who live in rural  parts of China and those poor people in the world who  live on a dollar a day ?Could you imagine Living on a ($1.00 )dollar a day ? Boy thinking about this and How lucky we are here in America..Now we were also reading that there is a huge gap between the rich and poor in china.To every 10 chinese at least 2 are millionaires and this trend is projected to double and tripple in the coming years and the poorest will stay the same .. there might be a couple who would and could be coming out of poverty into the lower middle class in china .In china they have classes of people  like the ultra rich is the highest class then you have the billionaires and then the millionaires.Then you have the higher middle class and then the lower middle class and then you have the 2 lower ends of poor  and I do mean Poor ..Oh Yeah Let’s Not forget they have a very big counterfiet ring of more than 3 billion dollars  a year in trading in counterfiet goods..That includes countfietting Our Money ( United state -American Dollar)as well .. So The next time you go looking into your refrigerator for that midnight snack , Just do god a favor and remember before you grab that snack think about the people that at that time Who are sitting around an iron pot waiting for it to boil So they can eat their tree bark soup …Doesn’t sound to good, Now does it? .. Well Gotta go for now…..With that  I bid you all a good day

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