Good morning , Good Afternoon, Good Evening , Or Wherever You maybe at this point in time … I want to take a few minutes to talk about How out of control and Arrogent and Also How Belligent Our Police  have become .. ( Kinda the same words but have varring degrees of meaning)  Where the Police are concern the word doesn’t apply to them … This morning my wife and I were talking about something but the TV was on and the show COPS came on ..So now her and I were talking and the next thing you know 3 hours have gone by and 3 hours of cops ..Now Here is the important part ….Please pay attention Especially if Your A Police officer or Know one ………. Please pass this along …. Ok? let’s get down to it .Do I like police ? No I don’t.. But I do Respect them ..Do I believe the police are the new mob? Yes I do .The reason I say this is Because, Haven’t any of you been pulled over and seen first hand… How Rude they really are ? Or Can be ?Now I can Understand the danger Part of their job…. But let’s look at it from a humans stand point….All it takes is for a homeless person , or a woman screaming ,Or a young teenager calling about their boyfriend which all of this is just a taste of what people do to misused the police stations for their OWN purposes…The Police are more rude then the so called criminals ..I have been watching COPS now for 3 hours and it seems every single officer who was called to a complaint all tried to make that complaint 10 times worse then it really was…Not to mention ….How much they want to jump on the suspect.  Who really isn’t nor wasn’t a suspect..How can you be a suspect of a crime…When all you did was rolled  through a red light? But the cop pulls you over takes you out of your car and handcuffs and then asks for your permission to search your vechile ..When the real truth is more so then not The person was late to go to work and rolled through a traffic light now he is in a police cruiser and being detained  just because of what this police officer was told ….and most likely it wasn’t even this man he has in cuffs..Then there is  another thing poilce do today and We The Public Should Not Stand for it  seeing we all Pay their Saleries as tax payers .. Well we could go on all dam day about the police across Our country… but this is what this writer would like to see is …Why can’t all the police, city ,state and federal, Cheifs have a once a year meeting to discuss new and helpful non lethal techniques..The Most Important thing the police Should do is  get rid of the militaristic ways and thinking, That way we will be able Not to continue to judge everyone as a dam criminal unless it really warrants it .  If Your A Police Officer Today, Please, Please, Please Remember If Being a Policer Officer was your dream and you now have furfilled Your Dream Please try to Remember that their are Millions of us all across our country with the same dream  But because We Choose what is Now legal in many states ( Which Is cannabis ) Which is What 90 Percent used in the 80’s and the police really acted like Nazi’s..And where do you think the swat teams all across Our country Learnt their tactics from? THEY STOLE THEM FROM THE GERMANS IN WORLD WAR TWO … In WW2 , The germans had what we know as SS..BUT WE STOLE IT AND CHANGED IT TO THE SECRET SERVICE …HITLER WAS THE SSS.. WHICH IS THE SCIENTIFIC SECRET SERVICE IN GERMANY IN WW2..SO YOU SEE ALOT OF OUR WW2 VETERANS WHO CAME HOME ALIVE , MADE THE POLICE DEPARTMENTS WHAT THEY ARE TODAY ..NOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS MAKING IT A FAMILY BUSINESS BY PUTTING THEIR CHILDREN , THEIR GRANDCHILDREN AND THEIR GREAT GRANDCHILDREN WHERE IT FALLS DOWN THE LINE OF FAMILIIY AND IT MAKES OTHER WHO ARE NOT UNABLE TO ENTER THEIR WORLD IN WHICH THEY HAVE IT THAT WAY..WHERE THE POLICE DEPARTMENTS HAVE BECOME A FAMILY ONLY BUSINESS AND IT IS AGAINST THE PUBLIC AND WHAT OUR COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON ..THE POLICE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO TREAT YOULIKE A DAM CRIMINAL JUST BECASUE YOU HAVE A TAIL LIGHT OUT..I UNDERSTAND THAT THEY TRY TO MAKE THE WHOLE COUNTRY BELIVE THAT IT WAS THE CRIMINALS FAULT FOR DOING THIS AND THAT .. WHEN IN REALITY THAT OFFICER HAS A LOT OF DISCRETION ON HIS SIDE … WHICH MEANS HE DOES NOT HAVE TO ARREST YOU FOR RESISTING ARREST OR MINOR INFRACTIONS LIKE ARUGUING OR NOT OBEYING A LAWFUL ORDER WELL WHO DO THEY REALLY THINK THEY ARE GOD ? I THOUGHT ALL MEN WERE CREATED EQUAL ? SO AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED JUST BECAUSE THEY CARRY A GUN AND WEAR A UGLY UNIFORM AND HAVE A TIN BADGE DOES NOT MAKE THEM ANY BETTER THEN ANYONE .. BUT HOW MANY OF THEM ABUSE THEIR POWER ( IN WHICH THEY REALLY DON’T HAVE MUCH ..A POLICE OFFICER’S JOB AFFORDS HIM THE RIGHT TO BE ARROGANT TOWARDS ANYONE BUT GO TO THE BAR WHERE THE POLICE HANGS OUT AND WATCH HOW MUCH THEY ACT LIKE JERKS AND THEN WHEN THEIR DRUNK THEY GO HOME AND FIGHT WITH THE  WIFE ALOT OF THEM DO THIS .. FROM WHAT I HAVE READ … AND THE CAPTAINS AND COL. ARE THE WORSE BECAUSE THEY SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG ( AS THEY SAY ) SO IF YOUR A NEW  POLICE OFFICER AND YOU JUST GOT YOUR BADGE AND YORU FEELING LIKE YOUR SUPERIOR TO EVERYONE ON THE STREET … REMEMBER THERE IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE THAT ONE PERSON WHO WILL STAND UP TO YOU AND FIRE BACK… I MEAN TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS ACROSS THE COUNTRY BETWEEN VEGAS , FLORIDA, CONN., MICHIGAN, MINNISOTA, PENN. AND OTHER STATES….  DON’T FORGET THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE WERE TWO NEW YORK ROOKIE POLICE OFFICERS WERE EATING THEIR  LUNCH AT THEIR FAVORITE PIZZA SHOP AND WERE SITTING IN THEIR CAR AND A KID WALKED UP ( HE WAS NO OLDER THAN 15 YRS OLD ) AND HE SHOT ONE BULLET THROUGH THE BOTH OF THEM POINT BLANK TO THE HEAD WHICH WENT THROUGH BOTH OF THEM AND KILLING THEM BOTH WHICH  NEW YORK IS STILL LOOKING FOR THIS PERSON …WHICH NOW 2 POLICE OFFICERS ARE DEAD..TWO FAMILIES WHO ARE SUFFERING AND CHILDREN WHO ARE NOW FATHERLESS ….ALL BECAUSE POLICE OFFICERS PUT OUT A TOUGH GUY ATTITUDE AND THINK THEY ARE ABOVE EVERYONE… WHEN NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW …..WITH THAT I BID YOU FARWELL AND HAVE A NICE DAY ..

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