Human Beings… Greedy People Or Just Takers….

Good Morning , Good Afternoon, Good Evening  Or Wherever You Maybe at this time … Before You read this Know that This writer is very upset ..I am really starting to believe People Just Don’t Care and that many in the world who are Selfish and Greedy ……. I would truely appreciate it If…. All Of You Would Really Think about Not leaving advertisements as comments in the commen section   .. You see my wife and I are trying to give something to the online community . Now ..This is a third part of a series on Greed….I want Everyone Out There To Think ……Really Think ..About How much effort We Put into our Blog and Website and I really DO Not Care Who Believes What I am About to Say I have been Frequently Asked where do we getOur  Information ? I think I have told you all before …It comes from Our  hearts ( From the words GOD sees fit to put there in Our heart )   I know alot of you dont believe that and that is one of the biggest reasons we have so much Greed around .. But really mysef…. I think I would go much Further back … To adam and eve themselves…Right? I mean God Told them Not to Do Something .. Like they could have anything they wanted in the garden except the tree in the middle ..But what do they do? They go Right to the thing they are Not supposed to ..and because of that .. is the reason why there is so much greed and problems in the world  today .Now let’s go forward to about the 1300’s a very shitty century the start of the  medieval  times and you had every Knight and man looking for money and fortune flying to the holy land ( middle east ) and than there is over a hundreds of years of war and  the knights templars who where the military arm of the chatholic church .They were very very greedy and some people say today they know where solomons gold is  hidden….Because they say they are the ones who hid it … Hahahaaa…..This was along time ago and all …  I just mention this to show You all  How Greedy people are because they are still Looking for it ..and to let you all know that even back then greed was so high .Now I would like You all to use Your mind especially if your 40’s or older …Try to fast forward in your own mind about what you know about history?  ..Now run it up to  today … back up alittle and ask yourself….. How Many Greedy People have I seen and know since I was a kid ? You Would be so surprised about… How many people who you’d remember who are Greedy?……The reason I mention this little trick is because I am the last of (4) four Brothers You know the baby, The problematic child and all ..which I was greedy growing up and all… But I was more greedy with myself not other people ..Now that I am 49 yrs old … I’m Not ..Now my closet brother has died and my father is gone and let’s say almost all the people I cared for … except my wife  are also Gone ..Then there are the other 2 so called brothers who are the greedest people you would ever meet .. Thinking they are entilted to something and or everything since my dad died .. GREED IS A LEARNT BEHAVIOR AND MANY ARE DRIVEN TO MONEY ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE . SO Please think about what you do to anyone … .. I am gonna ask you all again …Please think about …W hen your asking someone for something ..So We are asking everyone to please donate something … Anything as a show of support that you appreciate Our hard work and Our site .. One thing for all of us think the next time you get the feeling that you want something You can’t have Remember my wife always tells me….. You Get out of anything ONLY What you put into it ..So if you spend all your time being greedy that is what you will turn into…An Outright Greedy person ..One who Only thinks of himeslf and what he can get from anyone .. TRUST ME I KNOW BECAUSE I USE TO BE A GREEDY PERSON and was only thinking about myself till my wife came along and taught me to think about others and to do something because I can Not because I am getting something from it ….Here is alittle tip… Teach your children How To get along with people even if they dont Like them ….To be civil with people even if you dont like them….  To Respect people No matter what even if you dont like them .. Respect them,….. Also I would suggest ( which I haven’t seen in 20 years ) What’s the deal? When I was 16 yrs old and quit school my father said to me if you dont work you dont eat …Now I see many , Many, Many able body teenagers ( 18-20) year olds ..some going to college , Then when they get out of college I see them  working in a  Dam  7 /11 store ..Know what  the college kids tell me ..They tell me that the older workers ( in front of them you Know the 50 -60   something yrs old WHO WILL NOT RETIRE… SO Now these kids are stuck until they do or until get a break …..or someone gives them a break .. Not very fair Hun? Our governor is No Better ..Here is Rhode Island Our Governor Mrs Raimondo , Claims she has created 17,000 plus new jobs but the real Number is about 2-to  3000 …Which many of the Jobs are High Paying jobs but you need a degree to do so …WHich is what is happening all across our country ..That The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and then When they are done there is no more middle class ..Why because of Greed  …These people only do so to get more money…. Greedy Hun? A Huge differnce Hun? So  I will Leave you all with this…… Don’t ever Believe a Politican … Because They are the greedest people in the world …Why DO You All think They become Politicans For the Pay Check ….HELL NO… IT IS FOR ALL THE OTHER PERKS LIKE MONEY FOR THE RE-ELCETION AND MONEY FROM WHATEVER THEY CAN USE IT FOR AND GET AWAY WITH ..IT GOES FROM OUR POCKETS TO THE GOVERNMENT’S POLITICANS WHO USE IT AS IF IT WERE THEIR OWN MONEY AND FOR WHAT ? THE WHAT IS SO THEY CAN STEP ALL OVER US WORKING CLASS CTIZENS HERE IN THE USA …AND NOT ACCOUNT FOR IT BECAUSE THEY ARE IN A POLITICAL POSTION TO DO SO …. SO  REMEBER BEING A GREEDY PERSON MAKES YOU NOT SUCH A NICE PERSON AND THAT NO ONE EVER WANTS TO BE AROUND.. ALSO THAT A GREEDY PERSON TENDS TO BE A LONELY PERSON  ( Because   then they would have to think is this person my friend or is it because of my postion as a Politican ? ) SO PLEASE THINK AND ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BE KIND …   WITH THAT I BID YOU GOOD DAY ..

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