Why Not Solar – Wind Engery ? Greener engery ?

Good Morning Good Afternoon Good Evening Or Wherever You Maybe at this point in time,I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about solar energy .I woke up this morning ,Like always and once I made my coffee I sat down to eat my breakfast and I opened the newspaper and at the bottom of the front  page there is an article  on solar engery, Which  caught my eye .So I read it .First off , I would like everyone who lives in Rhode Island to read this article and really think about it .Why think about it You may ask? Because as I have stated in prior articles,This state ( RI) the way it allows businesses or people looking to get to business here , I believe is a very shady type of dealing it is what Our Politicans do every day . Now from what I gathered , there was a man name Mark Depasquale who Is a solar developer of windy /solar engery .( Which is Green Engery )Well he came to Rhode Island and had a community town meeting in Exter, in the Metcalf School cafeteria and  175 people from the town showed up. I don’t know how long it lasted ? Now in the meeeting Mark told everyone he owned a company called Green Energy. He also owns 2 other companies related to natural energy…He was looking around in Exter at all the open land So, his idea is to make these huge maga fields with wind turnbine-solar engergy on some of those places and he wanted to put them on some of the farms that are not being used .Now here I have to say What in gods name is wrong with the people in this state ?Here a man comes in looking to do business he spends 2 to 3 hours of his time Not leaving out a single detail , You Know what he got for it ?A lot of the towns People that were there… Laughed at him. Do You believe that ? Only a few farmers thought it would be a good Idea so they could save so money  on their electic on their farms …They told him the state would Not Zoned for it in a residentual area so closed to the North Kingstown electrical grid ..( Most Likely because National Grid wants to do this themselves and keep the money their own pockets and it is coming our All of Our Pockets for Us to pay or their windmills and They want government to give them the money to do so .) So Exter would Not allow it . It would have saved millions of dollars for all Rhode Islanders Not just Exter…..The bottom Line is the people who live in Exter ,Like one man stated it will be a cold day In Hell before he would Put one of those ugly looking things on his land .His land? Ok maybe he has been paying taxes on it .. but he is not farming on it anymore .Now regardless I always thought all our land belongs to God anyways …..It even said that some of the people who showed up , Were talking about , That they were Not going to pay taxes on the sun …Taxes on the sun?Come on Really .Would any of you pay taxes on what God gives us everyday ?  I believe  God gave us everything we needed to subdue this world ( Our planet ) all under our control,But I don’t think God  meant the sun, Because we can’t reach it.. right? and if you could you would burn up in seconds …So does anyone  still believe in what I do ?  That The founding fathers of Our country and Everyone who bleed for it…. for an idea of Our Country.. Now in 2018 it seems like you need thousands of people permission to build anything (Even on your own property ) .In the founding fathers days even if you lived in a big city like Boston there would have been many people to help you build whatever it is you wanted to build , the community would come together … But today where do you see this ? No where I can find … ( Except many the Armish )I have mentioned this Because many of these people just laughed at this man.They  made it sound impossible , that they just did not want it there .. Wow ….They could have given this man alittle bit of respect for what he was trying to do… Because the wind turbines really do work .. They Just Cost Alot to build ..( Which in reallity they don’t it is just the companies who make them and  make huge Profits) .He thought he would and could give these people solar engery to help them cut out the waste of money we all feed the electric company here ( which is National Grid and believe me they charge for engergy that they make from coal…which is dirty engery ) National Grid is even wanting to put up Solar engery panels across of state so they can have the government pay for it and Then we the people pay them for what ? Free engery.?.. So Why shouldn’t and couldn’t we all come together and do it for Ourselves? ( People should be mad at this but they aren’t ..We The People who use their Electric  waste millions of dollars a year on electric which could be done for Nothing .. The sun could and would ( if we let it ) Power the Whole entire world.. Let alone Our Country ( But We know Our leaders would not want this because they would loose the money they take in taxes from it ….Not to mention there would be No Need for National Grid .. ( Electric anyways ) Even some of the weathy already have solar enegery…Because We all know That the rich Hate to lose money…Right?The Rich  all love to gain money… Not Lose it ..Especially  from the people who make them rich ( which is basically  the working class and the poor who are Always Affected ..)   These companies who make the actual material needed for these wind turbines and the electronics needed to actually capture the engery and store it into  a box ..Where you could and would use it for your own electric.. Now these  electric companies do Not want their customers to do this  Because they will loose millions of dollars….So Before You say “Oh No Not Me” ..Think about How Much money you WILL save if You do decide to get one of these wind turbines and You will notice it is cleaner and A greener way for you  to have the electric. ( which You are already using but it will be Greener and help cut the Green House Gases ( From the coal they use to get the electric  we are using – from Our National Grid electric company ) If You ask me  the electric companies around the country Lobby politicans Not to allow People  in their Own communities on their on Properties  to be able to do so ………… As saying that our communities are not zoned for this …So That the Electric Companies can and will continue to rake in millions of dollars each year .. And the politicans will continue to get their endorsements… When we all know that a zoning issue can be over written and allowed .. As It is up to the people in the community to stand up and get it done.. So before You say …..Not in Your community ……..Think about How much greener our communities will be? Then think How much money Us working class citizens can and will save  in doing so ?.The Biggest problem in today’s society  People Don’t want Something/Anything …They Don’t know about ..So Before you say No, Take some time look inot it and you will see it Really is Not a Bad thing and You May Just be surprised  How much Bettter They Really would and could be Not to mention How Greener they Really Are …With that I bid you all a good day…

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