Cannabis church ….Is this Really What God’s word is?

In today’s society people have been trying to push their way upon us.. As I look into thelocal newspaper , I see a woman on the front page of the newspaper holding three little cannabis sticks which she calls her staff… This woman Anne Armstrong who runs a church called the Healing Church…They meet in down town Providence ,Rhode Island ..In the park  Near Kennedy Plaza. They Meet  once a week rain or shine. ( Where the city busses stop  ) Now I really dont believe God believes in this…Well the church maybe , But these people believe it is their religous obligation  to smoke cannabis . They also use a jewish Shofa ( which is a Rams Horn Which is considered a holy object in the jewish rlgiion.It  goes back to the time of moses and probably before that…  ) This so called church is only doing This as a means to get around the Law ..This woman’s house has been raided twice ..Police seized 12 lbs of pot and 60 plants fro Miss Armstrong and mr Gordon’s home in 2016 …This Cannabis Church meets Saturdays at the park and they use the bible scriptures as a means to use cannabis .They are using cannabis on Federal property which should be illegal .This woman is using false doctrine to be able to use the land and the cannabis as an excuse to do what she wants too .. which is smoking canabis  in the name of God…which is sacrilegious .Well After they use a few scriptures and a story or two, They shut the bible and they all pull out their rams horn and light up a joint…The joint gets passed to each other ..They then  blow cannabis smoke  through the shofa ..Which That is Not whatThe rams Horn is for ..It is actually a musical horn that the jewish people have been using for thousands of years for their religous purposes.Who knows? This may  be just part of Gods plan? I beleive God wants us all to come Back to him .. So if we are living in the days of Greed , self centeredness and me is..ummmm…So who knows God works in very mysterious ways ….Right? Maybe God is using his own Drastic measures …But I still don’t believe that this is a bonafied religion…. First of all smoking is a bad thing no matter what it is .. But to use One of God’s Most scacred simple horns and turn it into a mockery all Because the fact that Miss Armstrong has all of You  believing untruth.. In reality I believe and I am sure the jewish community will to and maybe even God Himself  That is kind of  like  Blowing smoke up god’s rear end ..Second  these people  are all lost……. .Third of all  You don’t worship God  by smoking cannabis….. Pagens do this ………….Yes God Made cannabis and He gave it  to the world ..But has Anyone really noticed How Long it took Just to have the Little Bit of freedom to use it now?  Look at How long it still is taking ? .. So You see How the world is changing and it is not for the better. We might be able to do  all these things that I have mention but I Do Not believe it can be obtainable without God’s help . A Normal person would think That something that Maybe 60-70 percent of the American people want we Should get…. But what happens?  They make it a fight between the rich and the poor when it should be about what is better for society as a whole right? The true test will be to see how long this so called religion will last ?……P.s. To Miss Armstrong and to Mr Gordon……I  did not wrote this to Jump all over You… But My father was a very involved in the reall church and I know all the years (Decades )  I  attended there were always people who didn’t think pot/Cananbis was a bad thing …But using it to worship God ? To go further to drag another Religion into society….. by using a horn that many consider sacred ?.So My wife and I are people who try not to lie .or spread false rumors and we always try to help whoever we can …What’s the agenda other than the obvious ? Which is the fact by making a church You guys thought , The Feds and Local Police would Not Bother you?…It is just Another End Run Around the laws .. Does your Church actual Help people ? Or is it all about Pot/ Cannabis ? Well good luck May God be with you all ……

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