Over The Pond Cannabis Seeds ..What A Scam and a freaking Joke….

Good Morning , Good Afternoon , Good Evenig Or Wherever You Maybe at this point in time .I would like to take a minute to talk about Spring. What comes with spring ? Well ….We all have been cooped up indoors and probably can’t wait to get outdoors .Well there is a certain breed of people That Look forward to this time of year ,Like myself …Who…  Can’t wait to get out in Our (my) gardens .. So I can grow all my own vegetables.There are alot of people who can’t wait to grow their own beautiful ladies in their gardens ( Hahhaa Get it ) .First I just wanted to say I hope you all did not loose over $300.00 worth of unviabal seeds , to young, and No Good  for Your garden.Maybe some of You have order from other seed banks and I hope you got what you paid for ?Well I would like to say …..Stay Away From The (TSSC) The Single Seed Center …As Their Seeds Are Not Viabel ..Not to mention…… Your Just throwing your money away….. As they tell you they can Not talk about it due to Their Countries laws…… Yet these companies are making millions of dollars each year on people like you and I……….  I also wanted to say about these tye of seeds whether you are buying feminized or regular to breed Your own and I have to say Even the most Exspensive Seeds that are out there really stink.I believe Most of the Boneheads Who are in the seed bank business in Europe …………….Act Like They are the only Ones that Can Grow Cannabis  or Make seeds?……..Boy I wish I was 20 yrs old again……..Because I would do something on a mass scale …They would Not be able to find enough silver to make all their cannabis cups that would have to throw at me ..But the cannabis coming out of today genetics  Which  they think  they Are the best  strains…………But…Are Not… Yeah It sounds , It Looks Good But…… When it comes to the actual strength of their New strains  …..They Aren’t Always the Best Of Quality …Where are the good growers from America Hidding ? So… That We Maybe Able To Shut Them Up and Bring the cup to America ?……Doesn’t that sound good ?Think of this one …We Pick a Neutral  part of the Country …A Pot friendly state …(Rec/med) Now  Give Everyone a year to grow their best plant to enter into a cup with 3 catagories ..Which are I- Indica , S- Sativa  and H -Hybrid .. The Hybrid Catagory Should also be including an Autoflowering Plant ….Which Alot of Them Do Not Grow the way They should……Because many times the climate is wrong and Because They Do Not Grow Alot…. Which are good for people wanting to grow a plant in their closets…But Are Not Reccommended for People Who Use Alot of Cannabis. They were meant to have something in 60 days…. While Your Regualar Ladies grow ..and people liked them ….Autoflowers  took off as a means to get a quick turn around for personal use …………Now Let’s get to the seed companies out there …….Do Alot of You Out There Don’t Even Know How they create a femenized seed ?Well I will tell you ..There is 3 ways …1..The natural way is to get yourself a handful of different seeds ( male and females ) something good , then you go prepare your spot now you come home and pop the seeds say all 1000 of them now oyu probably wondering how many males are in there ? Many people will say it is 50/50 …But that is Not So accurate it is usually get about 60 perent male 40 percent female . Now the 2 nd way is a substance made from sliver .. you know silver ( Like your jewery ) Somhow They mix the silver with a paste now a days there is 30 different types you could buy ..now What you do is when your ladies are ready ( when you see the little white button like comming from the plant is when You want to pollinate it So you take your tube of colloidal silver paste and now go to each indivdual flower and put alittle bit of colloidal silver on them and then you get female seeds in about 12 weeks the only problem is this method stresses the plant to make the seeds and alot of the times the seeds are so good …The plants leaves get deformities in them and it also makes it more prone to disease and pests . Now the 3rd way is lets say  your ladies are almost ready to be picked well you could let her flower for an extra 2 weeks and know it doesn’t ruin the THC ( this is a myth ) The THC doesn’t start to degrade until it is cut down ..Now you keep watching your buds and within a couple of weeks maybe less you should see on at least one of your plants  a yellow flower on the top of the biggest bud ( it usually is ) That little flower is a male flower which is loaded with pollen Now you could open it and let whatever is in there drip down over  the plant then you would get All Female seeds There is only one problem when your making seeds That is You have to sacrifice the plant because now it is going to flip back into growing seeds This third method you dont get hundreds of seeds Your better off picking that yellow flower putting it in a bag and shake the pollen out of it put it in your freezer and maybe grow some in the house in the winter to make some seeds …I wanted to talk to You all about seed companies and I thought I would tell you How they make them ..They use all kinds of tatics when You See these pictures on their sites and they look blue, pink, purple , lime green or what have you because they are using a color lightbulbs to make them look that color and you think wow that plant is beautiful and then when you get them Boy what a huge dissappointment ….The Cannabis plant is really a population of plants really all to themselves …Because they are wind pollenated,..Or  Unless you put 50,000 seeds in a field you would notice after a month some are taller than others and those are the males ..Unless you want all seeds yank them out ..I still would Like to let you all know Before you buy any seeds from any seed bank…… Think Twice….. Try To get a clone from a friend or maybe even find someone in your area who could help you get to growing because I believe the people in Europe are trying to glean all the best gentics for themselves..Then they turn around and sell the shitty seeds to you .. That is why I say ….Someone with some guts and money should  have the cup in America.. (Against the countries ..)Have a huge test between the American Growers to Europes Growers …..Then it would seperate the real growers from the Fake Ass Growers …..The good thing is we would not have to pay all the money to fly out  there ..Let them come here ..If you Aks me …. I think they are really scared and would probably loose and by the way Derry and Simmon You are Not shit ….These two men When it comes to cannabis.. Think they know more than God Himself ..Come to America and Eat Alittle Humble Pie ………………..Because You All Over the Pond Could really Use some………… ! I Mean Common People …It is Only A Freaking Plant – A Weed.. It doesn’t even make it into …The Plant Catagory ….So I Really Just Hope You  All Would Stay Away from These seed banks that makes Promises ….They Just Can’t and Don’t Do…Now with that I bid You Good Day…………………………….

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