United States ………….Involved Again?

Good Morning Good afternoon Good Evening Or Wherever You Maybe at this point in time .. I would like to  talk about What Our President Donald Trump Has just done in Syria ….Just this week ..Now ….I know most of You Must Have heard of this by Now..Yes it is offical.. Our President Did send over some bombs to Syria………..We Are Not Alone …Because …France ,Germany and England All Backed President Trumps Decision  to do so … Now…. I am Not One for War ..But…… If I were the President or Anyone else who reads this…..( I would feel that I did the right hting for the right reason ) Now  Think about something..Most People I would gather really Don’t even care What the Hell  is happening in Syria right Now…. Right?. So… If a file of Pictures came across my desk with vivid pictures of women ,children and babies choking on poison gases that their own countrymen are dropping on them..  I would feel It would be my duty to act..But Not in a violent way ..First of all None of this has to do any president …These people in the middle east Have been fighting for more than 3000 years .So…. What We are seeing Now… Is Nothing more than God’s word coming true ….. The President claims that  his reason for the strike ( Which I beg to differ) …As you all know The US has been involved in one conflict after another since it became a Country ..Shit We even had to fight the indians before we could settle here ..So I would love people to understand something …….. But some people I don’t even know if they can…  and .I am not sure they will or can  think for themselves Anymore  . Because of the confusion God as sent down to earth. Did any of You think All these mass shootings you have been seeing and The rising crime rates across our country Which in some states a woman can even go out pass 9 pm to get milk without fear of someone hurting her .. and I mean hurting her …..Now here is a question for You ..If You know anyone in power ..A  politican a cop or anyone who can help …Other countries will  Not tolerate this behavior let alone a rising crime rate and it is not just In Rhode Island…..It is everywhere … Even across the world ……. Those are some of the worst spot to be .. Look at Haiti, India , Pakastan , Yemen , Turkey, Russia , China Dam They still eat dogs over there and the people love it is.. take a look on youtube for the videos of dog meat markets in china…… Kinda discussting ….Right? ..Unless you are a Chinese person who has had dog for a meal ..God considers Dog an unclean animal to eat …. .They are Our Pets and part of Our families …. But…People today will eat anything and They are proud of it …… Now…Back to Syria  Some People will Say President Trump Acted Out of Haste……..Because of the pictures of seeing children choking to death at the hand of their Own Country , Which I believe He was thinking of and about those People… Who are being killed… I also believe considering This Countries History that soon  We will be sending more of Our troops over there ….. Which just the other day the President said We should let Someone else take care of this and  Not to mention Pay for it …… Then He strikes …….What else can I say ?…. This is really a Biblical Problem with them ……. ( These people have been fighting over Religon for thousands of years ) If you know the Bible at all …You would know Why This is happening… Because the Bible tells you that …My belief is All People , Especially Our Leaders and their Subordinates…. When God Decides to put his hammer down so to speak I guess then and Only then will people really believe …………Our President has Not update the country of what the Hell is going on ….But You can be sure of this….  Now that We  ( The United States Of America ) Did bomb them …. That is just going to make the Ones Who are Fighting Hate Us  (Americans )…  All the more …..Because the Unites States keeps sticking it’s nose  (Like We are the WorldS Police) Into Foreign Countries afffairs .. Most Countries…. I Find to be so far…. Behind The United States…. I would think that in itself would be a huge Hinderance for any leader to sit down and try to solve problems for their country Like civilized people .. Instead Maybe We should pump some laughing gas through the vents to  make them laugh and try to work things out .. WELL With That I bid You Good Day …….

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