The Business Climate in Rhode Island….

Good Morning ,Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Or Wherever You maybe at this point in time .. I want to take a few minutes to talk to you about the Business Climate here in Rhode Island . I fine today if you live in Our little state of Rhode Island …… If you want to call this a state .It’s kinda small and that fact that it is sandwiched between two bigger states ,Mass.and Conn. Now I have done a personal tour of both states and I have found that compare to Rhode Isalnd They are very opened minded and business friendly to the average everyday American citizen.Unlike Rhode Island….. Where if you wish to get into a business here it is All about Who You Know and How much money you have? I am almost 50 years old and I have heard almost every excuse in the book from every governor , mayor or politican here in public service ,Who promise us everything, that they are going to do for our state and the citizens within it  But take a look around and you will see the best parts of this state is where all the people with money Live more or less. What about the promise I heard when I was about 18 years old, They told us all to follow your dreams and you can do anything you want in this state…. Yeah Right ! Do something so minor like smoke a joint and the cops  will ruin your entire life with a criminal record .. Do something alittle more serious which really should be solved by familiy before you would get a criminal record .. Let’s face it.. We all have Done some stupid things when we were teenagers , Well Most of us have Right?  But you see I Do Not like using Myself as an example , But God willing if it helps than so be it ..Yes I did a few things when I was younger, Well I will tell you as someone who went through it …it is very hard.. Especially when the state you live in wants  to  Crucify You.. But what do you see today ? Do you think the cops are any different than decades ago? Hell No…If  not They are worst. My dad once told me the speed of any business and the workers is always based on the speed of the person running the business ,Right ?  So in other words , If Your a shitty boss than… You will have a shitty business ….That my friends is in  most places You go to…  In RI is How they act………Especially these companies where the workers are manual labor workers .They are extremely  Distructive to your property, Many Don’t speak english any longer . Which many just are there to collect the Paycheck and go home.Especially with all the illegals ….Another huge problem we have here in RI…..Which No One really wants to  Speak about it is ….it is about illegal immigrants …. The Biggest Problem is that Our Governor Calls Our State as Sanctury state …Meaning They can hide here ,They can work here, and Many Who come here to take Our jobs and send their money home to their families…Who Don’t Even Like Americans …. Instead of building a better life here and putting the money back into Our countries Economy ..But ask Yourself a question…..Where Did Your Family Come from? Yeah… Our Families came here legally, Many, many decades ago … We have worked on making Our country what it is today . But When you look at these people,and where they come from poverty and dispare to come here for a chance of having a better life and many Who do come into the country illegally Want the chance to make their lives better and become alegal tax aying citizen ..I believe it is becaus eof all the media attention that this issues is grabbing that is causing all the trouble for these peeople .. Now if we could stop  all  these people from coming into Our country illega…. We Would .. Yes there are some who are bad , But There is good and bad in every race.. Tell Me this …Why does America have the most prisons in the World ? Prisons are about money …I mean when you Can pay a person $3 dollars a day For a job others would get like $20 dollars an hour or maybe More ..But Because they are prisoners..They get paid $3.00 a day for Those jobs …People who do that type of work for a living for about $20- $25.00 an hour is  Outrageous… Right? I didn’t mean to get off topic but believe me it is relevant….Now back to the business in Rhode Island , I would like to know Why like in the days of old , like 20 years ago if You wanted to start a business you could go out into your garage and make anything You felt like making,and if you came up with an idea of something good… Which you could turn into something bigger..Which is Great …  Just take a look at Facebook, Amazon and not to mention the computer itself. But today They want Tens of thousand of dollars just before you can get started … It’s a dam joke .. I really don’t know what else to say about Rhode Island, But I know It is not  conducive to the working class and the ones who want to try to make a business here ….. Unless You have money in hand or Come from Money It is very difficult to even start a business in Rhode Island ……Rhode Island says they are business friendly….. Yeah Right ! It is all about How much money you have ? How much You can bring in new taxes into the state ?…..Instead of Our State making Our cities come together to help the People Who are Born and Raised  Here…  Who have an  idea of business But Can Not get the Backing to even  start the  business, They want to Open here .Rhode Island Should be helping those who do ,So that  the person Can succeed in life , and in their business…… What is it with Rhode Island ?  Come on Governor…. The  People Only  who can thrive in business are The Politicans, The rich and the Cities Police , and fire Who  are able to succeed and take  Your tax money While they keep the Rest of Us  stuck in the Muck and Myer………Don’t You think that cities should Help small businesses begin rather than trying to bring in larger companies who are going to rape it citizens?… Like Our Police departments these Cops Just Can Not wait to shoot their gun off .. To shoot somoene because they can ….. Many cops shoot first and ask questions later …RI , Has had One after another Cop related shootings that has taken a life and Our Governor stands behind them without any special investigation…..Or When there is an investigation  Our Governor Raimondo has it Under her control to have it justified …She just takes the investigations as word and makes it a justified shootings ..Which This has to stop ….. Taking a life is Never the Answer .. A cop shooting a person …One who they think is a Criminal  and killing them …. Is an End Run Around the Death Penality.. Isn’t it ? ..Then there is the people within Our state Who have tried to Open small businesses throughout Rhode Island …. Yet many businesses Do not Last through the first 5 years in the business …Unless they grease a few pockets or Make a donation to a cause or Party. Now as I have said ..It is all about the Money…… Especially in this little state Of Rhode Island .. Where these Politicans  Mayors, Governor ,Senators, Representives ,etc can make Money for their own cause or pockets as donations to their elections campaigns…Which They can use as they see fit too  In the disguse of a campaign cost …Many people have tried to  open an honest business In Rhode Island  Yet Without the guidance and backing they lose their dreams and The money they had invested in the business and with many it is their life savings… That  is a Dam shame . Rhode Island has always been The little state In the country However it has the most corruption . Now take a look at Our banking Crisis .. All the Money these hard working people of RI.. lost all over someone who was greedy and rotten .. Then look at the state contracts – All go to The biggest 3 companies with unions and Do they care to help another person to follow their dreams as they have ? Hell No .. The More money these people have the more money they want … Rhode Island Has Always Been About Who You Know …Not What You can Do ..Rhode Island has had it’s probelms with crooked politicans and corrupted officals But.. All in All It really is a beautiful state with  Alot of beautiful oceans and beaches across our state ..There is So much to offer Someone …. As Long as You are willing to committ to Your  business  anad as long as You have the money to do so ….Rhode Island has many , Many Family Owned and Family Run Business ..But We really could do better.. RI could  offer People who want to open any type of business here a chance to do so  Without all the Red tape in doing so .. Come on RI …Start to care for the people in Our own state and The dreams, They have of opening a business  Here in their Home state ,Instead of targeting outside Poeple and companies to move here … Not to mention When Rhode Island Does target Bigger companies to move here they give them free or discounted taxes and other Fees ..Normally Due to create a business Or Move a Business Here .. Which is So S Wrong Why doesn’t Our state and city officals give tax breaks to the small Business people who are trying to make it in the bsuiness world Here in Rhode Island ….Great things Have been made from a garages and  basements. Take  Look at some of the wonderful businesses that are here in Rhode Island …..Like Lawn companies, Construction companies, Stores and restraunts that are family owned and Operated  and so on Rhod eIlsand has alot to offer…However Some of Rhode Ilsand Land mark companies Like Benny’s ,Hostess, Apex , Ann and hope , Rocky Point and many many others Were here and doing very well then they went out business as they could not compete with these bigger companies such as lowes and home depo ,walmart, target and other larger businesses That have come to Rhode Island and taken Over the Profit from the smaller companies and it is a Dam shame .. Rhode Island Had many many small business That were wonderful . The person to person help and contact are the things of the past .. today it is either you pay for it or dont get it ..It seems that small meat markets and clothing store are the things of the past and these bigger companies come in and take over making the smaller companies and businesses go under and it is wrong .Take a Good Look at big Pharma …Like CVS , Rite Aide , Wal Greens … The little phamacy are A thing of the past .. ( Warwick has 1 small Pharmacy Left …Suburban Pharmacy is One That was started in 1960’s and kept in the family ..First His father had started it and then turn it over tothe son who now owns it and runs it as his father did – Which He will not sell out to bigger pharmacies..He keeps it in his family and in Our community .. He enjoys the human contact of person to person and he does it all with a huge smile..He makes it a issue to know each and everyone of his customers and He helps his community Whenever he can …He is a wonderful  Man , friend and pharmicist to all in Our Community Here in Warwick RI ..I know I as I use it for my family and it is great to know and see something just can’t be bought or sold for a price ..and that His community means alot ot him and it means A lot to keep this pharmacy Which his father had started and Now since passed away..Now the son continues to carry on his fathers dreams and to be apart of our community is a big part of it .. So You see Not all People can be bought with money or promises of money…..  to be able to have a small piece of the American dream is wonderful and very nice as america has seemed to get rid of small business for the promise of more taxes and money from the larger companies which is not right .America was founded on a dream and people just have lost theri way and Money has made many people do some god aweful things and business are no different .. We  need to bring back small business especially here in Rhode Island ..Rhode Island is so worried about bringing big busineses into Our state …They give away, Way to much to do so when these small business who are struggling to compete and stay open should have the cities and state help in doing so .. instead of these huge companies who really do not give a dam about the citizens in the state they are only worried about making more money and saving money from taxes which are charged for running a business and it’s employment…So They Come to Rhode Island and Run their Businesses at a fraction of what it would cost in other states Like New York , chicago , California , Becasu eOur states gives them the tax breaks to do so .. Hello Rhode Isand… Why don’t You Help the people in Our state to Open up a Business here Instead …Bring back the care and decency of Personal contact and Grow Our state For the personal touch of the past and reunite it to the future of Our state economy.. Many people have forgotten about he human contact many small business offer and it seems ot be the thing of the past .Which is so wrong on many levels and it should be brought Back .. Honesty , Trust and value seem to be gone from Our state and the world we live in as big companies come in and lose track of people and it is morally wrong and It affect the whole dam country …. Especially small businesses…..Yes it is wonderful that a company can Grow and Become a huge business, But they are forgetting where they came from and who got it where they are at .. The Working class People .. They  forgot the personal  touch as a hand shake or  giving your word and keeping it … is a thing of the past and it is wrong .. Today Everything is about money ..If you want to start a business any where it is always about money  which Big corporations and Politicans Have mad it this way .. So As I have said before The Rich get Richer and The poor get poorer and the middle class becomes no more …Know if you are a Rhode Islander and want to open a business here …. Do Not give up on your dreams of owning a business…. It can be done ….You just have to find a way to do so without losing your money or Your Dream in trying to do so .. With that I bid you good day .. P.s. I hope oyu can take something from this article and put it to use  and follow your dreams and good luck ..

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