In Today’s world …Are Parents teaching their children the right thing?Are Parents  teaching their children Not to Bully…Anyone? Have parents taught their child(ren ) Bullying is not the answer.?..Especially  Just Because  Someone is  Dififferent for whatever the reason is  Bullying anyone is not the answer.  Because A Child  doesn’t  have all the new clothing ,shoes, sneakers or a cell phone electronics or computer..or Other Things children are doing or playing with today ..Doesn’t make them less than the person who does ..Because Some Parents Just Can Not afford  to buy them for their children..As many single parents are on tight budgets and Can Not Afford the costs of name brand clothing and shoes/sneaker computers cell phones or electronics  for their child..Which Many Parents feel so bad because they just can’t afford to give their child those things they want and the parent feel bad because they can’t… So many Parents do their best to give them what their child(ren)  need and What The parent can afford ..Parents today say Oh it is No big deal… I was bullied as a child.. Or the parents think  it is just something children go through in the growing up process.. Wow Right? Well Bulling is Never the answer and it should not be allowed ..Nor should any parent make excuses for their own child bullying someone elses child… Or That bullying is a way of growing up Because It is Not ..it is not growing pains. Many children had taken their own lives because they simply could not deal with the bulliying .Parent who  make the  Excuses for their own child(ren) Bullying another child should have to answer for their child’s behavior and actions as It has a toll on a child.It is a horrific thing for a child to go through Especially on a constant basis .No child wants to be bullied or picked on for any reason Especially Because of what they wear  or What they look like….. No child wants to be Bullied because of their gender, or ethnic group let alone because of what they wear or have… Now parents should be responsible for the actions for their children by Law Yes they should . When We as adults and as parents and grandparents stand up to What is wrong.. We make Our children and grandchildren know it Wrong and will not be Tolerated by No means. It is a Dam shame that we have come to this and that many communities and states are now making it illegal to do So…..Parents are being arrested for allowing this behavior with their children as bullying has lead to children taking their Own lives and it is Not Right that it is going to  far..As to Make these children take their own life but these children feel..They have No other choice… THERE IS AN OLD SAYING THAT WHEN GOOD MEN SIT AROUND AND DO NOTHING EVIL WILL FLOURISH… WELL WHEN PARENTS SIT BY AND MAKE EXCUSES FOR THEIR OWN CHILDS BEAVIORS OF BULLYING A CHILD THEN YES THEY SHOULD BE CHRAGED FOR THOSE ACTIONS… BULLYING IS NOT OK ….BULLYING IS NOT A PART OF GROWING UP.. …BULLYING IS MEAN…IT BREAKS ONES SPIRIT.. IT CAUSES HEART ACHE AND PAIN….. IT DEMORALIZES THE CHILD TO FEEL THEY ARE NO GOOD OR NO ONE LIKES THEM ….NOT TO MENTION BULLYING CAUSES SOME CHILDREN TO TAKE THEIR OWN LIFE AS THEY FEEL NO ONE CARES AND IT WILL NEVER END ..Hello parents if your child(ren) are being bullied Please Sit Down with them and talk to them about it..So That You can work through the situation and Help your child understand it is Only words.. That it is wrong for the child who is doing the bullying to them.. Then go to your child’s school and talk with the principle at their school at them know what is going on and let them know you want it stopped right away . Let them know it is affecting your child and It is causing them pain. Then find out who The child or children are and ask the school for the parents information ..If  they give it to you try to talk to the Parents of the child who is doing the bullying .. If The school will not tell you the parents name and phone number so you may try to solve the problem …Then go to your Local Police department . Talk to the police officer in charge about he situation and let them know your concerns and that you Want it stop Right Now . Then contact the school departments higher up like the superintendants office to let them know How you feel, and What your child is going through……..Tell them you went to the police department and You have called the school principle and you are now calling Them to solve the problem before it gets any worse…. Now Things should get straightened out.. AND SHOULD OUT RIGHT STOP….. BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO HAVE THE POLICE BROUGHT INTO A SITUATION. NOR DOES ANYONE WANT YOU TO MAKE DRAMA OVER IT ………..BUT……. SOMETIMES IT IS THE SQUEEKIEST WHEEL THAT GETS THE GREASE AND YOU WANT THE SITUATION TO STOP AND YOU WANT TO PROTECT YOUR CHILD…. THEN SIT DOWN AND TALK TO YOUR CHILD………….. LET THEM KNOW YOU CARE AND YOU LOVE THEM NO MATTER WHAT YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR THEM AND THEY CAN ALWAYS TELL YOU ANYTHING ESPECIALLY IF SOMEONE IS HURTING THEM ( LIKE BULLYING )……………….WHEN WE TAKE THE TIME TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO RESPECT OTHERS AND TREAT OTHER  PEOPLE AS THEY WANT TO BE TREATED AND WHEN TAKE THE TIME TO NOTICE SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT WITH OUR CHILDREN, WE FIND THAT SOMETHING GOING ON THAT IS HURTING THEM……..THEN WE CAN ACT TO HELP OUR CHILD(REN) FEEL BETTER AND DEAL WITH ANY SITUATION ….SIT DOWN AND MAKE YOUR CHILD KNOW THAT TAKING THEIR LIFE IS NEVER THE ANSWER………..MANY , MANY, MANY CHILDREN HAVE CHOOSE TO TAKE THEIR OWN LIVES THAN DEAL WITH BEING BULLIED AND THAT IS SO WRONG ON MANY LEVELS…… AS OUR CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE.. CHILDREN CAN BE MEAN IN WHICH ALOT OF THE TIME IT IS BECAUSE THEY WERE BULLIED OR HURT BY SOMEONE ELSE THEMSELVES…AS IT WAS THEIR WAY TO ACT OUT TO TELL SOMEONE ABOUT IT BUT DON’T KNOW HOW TO .. AN IN MANY CASES .. CHILDREN ALSO LEARN FROM THEIR PARENTS… IF THEIR PARENTS ACT LIKE IT IS NO BIG DEAL… THEN THEY WILL CONTINUE TO BULLY …SO PLEASE SIT DOWN AND TALK TO YOUR CHILD(REN) ABOUT NOT PICKING ON OTHER CHILDREN AND NOT TO BULLY ANYONE.. THAT BULLYING  IS WRONG AND IN MANY STATES NOW….. BULLY IS ILLEGAL…THE ONE WHO IS GOING TO ANSWER TO AND FOR THE BULLYING YOUR CHILD HAS DONE MAY JUST BE YOU…………..THE BULLYING THAT OUR CHILDREN ARE DOING TO OTHER CHILDREN NEEDS TO END AND IT SHOUD END WITH YOU THE PARENT .. PARENTS ARE SUPPOSED TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE AND SHOW OUR CHILDREN FROM RIGHT AND WRONG.. NOT MAKE DAM EXCUSES FOR IT BECAUSE IT IS WRONG . YES I AM SUE MANY PEOPLE HAVE GONE THROUGH BULLYING AS A CHILD FROM DECADES AGO BUT THE BULLYING TODAY HAS BECOME MORE TOUGHER , MEANER AND OUT RIGHT NASTY AND NO CHILD SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH BULLYING … WITH ALL THE PROBLEMS IN OUR WORLD TODAY BULLYING SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED AND OR EXCUSED .. IT CAUSES MORE HARM AND IT IS JUST NOT RIGHT … SO PLEASE TALK TO YOUR CHILD .. WHETHER HE OR SHE IS OR IS NOT BULLYING ANOTHER CHILD ….LET THEM KNOW IT IS NOT GOOD…. NOR WILL YOU AS THEIR PARENT TOLERATE THAT BEHAVIOR.IT IS OUR JOB AS PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS TO MAKE OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN KNOW IT IS MORALLY WRONG AND ILLEGALLY WRONG TO DO SO..NOT TO MENTION IT HURTS SOMEONE..

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