Gay and Transgender How Wrong it really Is ?

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Or wherever you maybe at this point in time …We want to take a few minutes to talk about People in the gay, transgender and lesiban group and The big problem they  create in society .. How do they create problems within society ? Well I will tell you … First of all let’s go back in time alittle bit let’s go back to Our father’s , father’s time around world war 1 Era… Did this kind of behavior exists? Of course it did.However it was always kept quiet…Because of the fact that in those days people were still very much closer to God than today and they knew that is was one of the biggest sins of man that God would hate .Now fast forward to today, We Have women turning into men and men in women ….. Do You Think it is right ? Let’s look at another way … Would you want to be out at the park playing with your children or grandchildren and just 20 feet away there is a group of people buck naked doing their thing, Now a ball you were playing with your child or grandchid had gotten away and landed in their sex circle what would you do ? How would you react? What would you tell your child or grandchild? While the child is staring with his or her mouth wide open now the child runs back to you and asks you what are they doing? Now really think about this .. How would you answer them? Would you lie to them ? Or would you do the right ?What is the right thing you may ask ?The Truth .. and Nothing But…..I think You would be very impressed as to How your child or grandchild would understand ?Now I believe later on in their life ..They would always have that experience to go back to …Who knows they might be able to help other children Who don’t know what it is. Whether it is  right or wrong or even what it is …Because let’s face it Our society has told our children it is ok …Because Our leaders ( the politicans) Say it  is ok and let’s face it some of them  are gay … There is one big thing that everyone seems to just ignore these days and that is the little book called the’ BIBLE’ Where did America’s Faith go ? To Donald Trump ?Well if you put your faith there good luck to you …But there is good example if he told everyone tomorrow to go out and by an automatic weapon I would have to say a good percentage would …So if he told everyone the new Law is everyone has to be a hetrosexual ,I think everyone would be .. I am getting off the topic please forgive me ..Lets start with trangenders .. Is a person who is one sex and wants to be another ( Which many have a sex change to do so …)From what I understand Before You can talk to a surgeron ..You have to live as the sex you want to become ..You would ahve to live as the sex oyu want to become for at least 2 years but could be longer and they have ot go through a psychiatric evaluation to make sure you are mentally cappable of dealing with the Life change .You have to be totally committed and totally aware of what it is going to do and how, it is going to affect You and the people in your life .. Now once you have the operation You will be on anti-Rejection drugs ( From what I understand about this ) forever …..Now the big question is Why would you or anyone want to do this ? Well I can give you a few reasons why #1 They were born more like the gender of the opposite sex  hormones and when they get to their teenage years and they dont see themselves chaging into their proper gender and believe me they will They Just think they won’t .. Doesn’t anyone remember Being a Late Bloomer ? #2 Because they want to and the opposite is glamorizes with models and actresses and all.. #3 Their a victim of abuse and think it is the only way to be .. when it is not …Now I can’t Say much more about Transgender People Because I personallity don’t believe in it as my regilon doesn’t allow me to …As I also believe changing your Sex and appearance  is not going to change Who you are and who you were born to be ..Even though most will believe this .That is Why I believe all these type of cases are wrong, Which the Bible tells us all it is wrong.. I Do Not Know Why People have become so complacent and Everyone Just ignores it.. Now the let’s talk about Gay people in general .Now I believe Alot of people who think they are Gay or Lesbian Were problably molested at a very young age and the abuse most likely continued into the point they thought it was a normal behavior and that it was normal to be with the same sex.. Now Look at what we have ….A whole Bunch of people who have manged to create a whole sub-group of so called different people, Than You and I .The reason I say this is because take a good look at these people they have made Our whole country have to deal with their choices of sexual choice …Which I do Not believe we should have to be subject to their choice of life ….It affects children and teenagers who are getting into young adulthood and are getting confused or Should we say they use it as an  excuse for their own sexual misconduct…Now let’s get to the One true Fact that is…. No One is born gay or transgender ..However there is a very rare instance where a boy might be born with a vagina or a girl may be born with a penis or someties both which they remove the penis and keep her a girl .. In which she will grow up to be a Normal beautiful Young lady … Or the boy will grow up to be a normal young man.. Now There are incidents where people have used fertility drugs themselves to have to have a child which has ened up with these children coming out with sexual defects which all can be grown out , and If they can’t…. Then there are ways to live with it or In some cases it Has to be medically Altered …Now back to the whole idea of this .. Men and Women have been burning with  passion for each other since the beginning of time … Now I am Not Judging Anyone ,Who calls themself a Transgender or Gay  person …..I am Just Saying I do Not believe in it  Myself .. Which We  Are All Entiltled to Our own Opinion.. .Just as You may have your own opinion about Me  …..Think about this .. This is so much more than just a belief ..What this is , ( all this behavior ) Is a big slap in the face against God himself… Laugh at me Now  If you wish…Because When the day comes ..You will be Judge for your life on earth and God knows what you have done and gone through throughout your life and You will be judged on those things.. Your life works are Who you are and What You will be juged by and living in sin as the Bible tells  this is a Sin and it  is wrong …. Now We are Not judging Anyone Nor Do We Want to offend Anyone .. It is just Our Own Opinion as Christians .. We were ask to write a short Article from one of our readers about this topic So We Obliged her request …In No Way Does Savasta Enterprises Want to tell Anyone How to live their Lives ..Or  That we are Against Anything Or Anyone For their choices they make within their lives  But if those choices Affect the community in Which you live Maybe you should try to not make it so much out there for everyone to See …….With that I bid You Good day …..

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