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In today’s world People are so quick to ask someone for something for nothing or They are trying to steal it ……One way or  Another……. They think they can do whatever they want to do so . Many people go onto another Person’s blog and tries to put their Advertisement for their own online business On Another Person’s site’s comment sections of their Blog thinking it will get published . ( As Many People have Tried to do so to Our Website/Blog…)However Most Sites Delete these Advertisements and willl Not Publish them… ( As We  Delete them daily )ALSO AS THIS IS NOT WHAT THE COMMENT SECTION IS FOR ANY BLOG IT IS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO READ THE ARTICLE TO BE ABLE TO  RESPOND TO IT ….NO FOR PEOPLE TO PUT ADVERTISMENT IN THEM .. ADVERTISEMENT IS A COST OF DOING BUSINESS TODAY ESPECIALLY ONLINE …Yet these People continue to go onto a Blog and Continue to try to Steal Advertisement. This is So Wrong On many levels…( It Is time comsuming.. Annoying Not to Mention It is so very Wrong, It is  also Bad Behavior and On the line of criminality ) I am very sure You Would Not like it if It was done to You and Your Blog…Right? So Why Would And  Do You Continue to do it to others? Now We at Offer Paid Advertisements at a Very Reasonable Rate .We Would Greatly Appreciate You Stop Putting Your Advertisements On Our site As We Have Said Many Times We Delete them Daily and It is just wasting Your Time and Ours …. Savasta Enterprises Will put together Advertisement for Your Business and Market the Community to do so ..  We Offer Paid Advertisement that will target the People You Need to Sell Your Services or Products …And At A Very Reasonable Rate…. So… Please contact Us at email site at or Or You May Call Us directly at 1-(401)559-7489. We Really Appreciate Your Business and Hope We Can Help You in Your Advertisment and Marketing Needs ..

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