Donald Trump …..Our Country Economy …..Is President Trump Really making a difference ?

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evenning Or Wherever You Maybe at this point in time …….I would take a few minutes to talk to You all about President Trump. I was watching President Trump doing a speech somewhere in Michigan , He claimed that all the automobile makers  are coming back to Our Country..Even foreign cars.. So There is one thing He thinks he has accompliished for Our American Economy . I was watching all the people in the crowd and I have to  tell You is it really is true That people today can’t think for themselves? Because that is exactly what We saw and President Trump Knew it. Because His eyes Don’t Lie…It seemed like the whole room was hanging on his every word ..which I am Not saying  He isn’t doing good things Because He is …. Or so He claims .But for Who ? Most Likely the rich… I Believe By the time anything from His tax cuts reach those  who are disabled or at the bottom will not see anything from those tax cuts …Not One dime.. So it kills me and angers me as a person who loves his country and Now  Due to all this is it making many Americans Despise Their Own country …Because of what it is standing for today … I am also very upset at the fact that most of You aren’t standing up for this country either it seems to me that all Anyone wants from America for  is What America can and will give them .. John F. Kennedy Once said Ask Not what your country can do for you But ask what you can do for your country … And I don’t see it happening….. I hear alot of talk but nothing going on.I believe today that if Your Not the President ,Bill Gates , Warren Buffet, Willie Nelson. Or any other Rich or famous person ,You Do Not Even Have a chance to Follow Your Dreams … You see these People I just mention were all born in a time When You could follow Your dreams But… Now that The ww1, ww2 ,Korean war generations are almost gone and They are the Ones Who Took Alot from Our country and Didn’t  Replaced Nothing …  Now this is just my opinion and I could be wrong… I respect All Our Military Veterans… But Now their sons and daughters are in every aspect Of Our Country , taking it over Like they are the Only Ones Who Exists and Everyone else doesn’t ……Maybe because we live in a small state and We see it more but I don’t know … So Let Me End it with this… Our Country Now Stands Divided In Many  Different Areas .. You have the President and His croonies Who Follow Him….Then You have All the states who are doing their own thing…. Then their Is most people Including the Police, Fire who are only doing the job for a  pay check from what I see ..I am very sorry if this Article sounds harsh… But this is the way my heart feels .. I am tired of seeing People sitting on their butt while people talk trash ….I am so tired of everyone saying they are going to straighten out everything and it turns out to be all Lies …..President Trump says He wants to drain the swamp and He keeps saying He wants to make America Get Again.. Well America is already Great…. We just need to make the people in America Know It ….When We as American Citizens Come together We can Accomplish Anything.. So Before You Complain About Our President and What He Is or Is Not doing …. Think ABout What you did to make Our Country Better .. Than Think about How You Could make a difference and what you could so to make it great  again .. With that I bid you good day ….

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